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    I bought my Z 1985. Was my first Car. Had rust problems end of the 80's and putt it in the Garage till 2012. Now complete rebuild.
    the other Cars are 1959 Corvette, 66 Mustang, 68 Alfa spider, 74 Lamborghini Espada and the DD is beside the 240z a 2006 BMW 335XI.

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  1. and good luck to pass the inspection in Switzerland. the triples without Veteran status yes. the filters and max 73db no way. At least not in Zurich.
  2. we have a heavy inspection but never had a smog pump then. So this would be no problem.
  3. This should be a complete kit.. Does someone know it? https://autoacsolutions.com/products/ac-kits/1970-1971-1972-1973-datsun-240z-air-conditioning-heater-defrost-complete-add-on-kit/ Thanks Marcel
  4. Hello

    Did you ever finish the Spitronics Mercury 2 ECU installation?
    If yes, what do you think about it?

    Thanks Marcel

  5. munters

    Duals do-over

    That's an interesting one. Will the Performance cat act like a resonator (do you hope that)? Do you have in mind to use 2 lambda sensors? I'm curious about the autcom. Could be also something for me.
  6. It can be to snappy(10.5lbs)... I used the 240 clutch and pressure plate. It was drivable but to sensitive in traffic I find. After 50miles I burnt the clutch with the power and went with the 280 clutch and heavier 280 pressure plate and this made the difference in traffic.
  7. Yes especially the brass bearings in the housing. used and no longer avail.
  8. Just a hint if you plan to use AFM, RPM and TPS don't go with the LM-2. It works perfectly fine with AFM and RPM but when you add TPS it's unstable. The LM-2 frezes and you have to restart it every few minutes, sometimes it is stable. Its quite random (I'm not the only one with this problem). The LM-1 works perfectly fine but not the LM-2.
  9. As an example this is all the same color. You need samples to choose.
  10. Yes tell them we are watching. I'm also thinking since a longer time to use their system. They could offer diy HW kit for the controls (I'm in Europe and sending it would be complicated)
  11. Yes it is a peace of art over 300 HP. Below the build And sorry its an RB Crank not LB. https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/15125-l24-stroker-build/
  12. If you go to stroke your engine, you have to calculate everything. If you just putt an ld28 crank I guess so. Use a engine calculator to see the deck hight. There are several. http://www.ozdat.com.au/ozdatonline/enginedesign/ For example. I did stroke a l28 with longer pushrods and shorter and +1mm pistons to have a good geometrie.
  13. Both work. You can use a l28 crank and stroke it further by asynchrone cutting the main bearing eyes(sorry about the English description) I hope you understand what I mean. (This is what I did.) Or you can use an ld28 crank in australia Les Collins is doing that. He gets above 3 liters aut of a l24 with it.
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