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    I bought my Z 1985. Was my first Car. Had rust problems end of the 80's and putt it in the Garage till 2012. Now complete rebuild.
    the other Cars are 1959 Corvette, 66 Mustang, 68 Alfa spider, 74 Lamborghini Espada and the DD is beside the 240z a 2006 BMW 335XI.

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  1. Ok thanks for the effort. I will try that. Maybe it clears with the OEM manifold. The wiring is the point. I rewired the dash myself and don't want to mess it up.
  2. What bothers me the most is that this u-joint is the only thing not new or rebuild on my car and now it failed.
  3. You nailed the question. I have always difficulty to express myself in english.
  4. Yes I know I have to take shaft off. But can I take the shaft out without taking the column off? I bought already the quad u-joints.
  5. Is it possible to take the 240z lower steering shaft out of column without dismounting the column and steering rack? Engine mount interference? I have to change the u-joint and did just find in another thread from CO it could go. but does it?
  6. I'm with zed head here. The reason of engine failure has been put without evidence directly to 123. (I did read the emails) . they tried to help. Don't trust instructions except special points like the led in the 123 case. When you need them to do the job, then maybe you should ask someone to do it for you.
  7. One thing to add. Outside us diff 3.7 5 gear first 2.9 and fifth 0.83 I think
  8. It is possible to operate them without any springs but it depends a lot on your linkage. It looks like you need one in the state it is now. Popping is lean not rich.
  9. I also went through a whole restauration and didn't have any cracks. Never more then 2 hours in the sun after a month the cracks started and keep coming... I believe it.
  10. Vintage connectors sell this tools for the 6mm and 3mm connectors.
  11. munters

    Engine mis

    Driving around is mostly the transition between idle and main jet. Gray plug means to lean mixture. Bubbling/shooting means also to lean mixture. Do you have an afr meter?
  12. Take the whp... 200whp l28 6000$ would give 4500 for yours. Just an idea
  13. A side note. Europe 98RON =94us (Ron+MON/2) and 95RON =91us.
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