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    I bought my Z 1985. Was my first Car. Had rust problems end of the 80's and putt it in the Garage till last year. Now rebuilding.<br /><br />
    the other Cars are 1959 Corvette, 74 Espada and the DD is a <br /><br />
    2005 BMW 335XI.

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  1. A side note. Europe 98RON =94us (Ron+MON/2) and 95RON =91us.
  2. munters

    Storing Emrty Fuel Tank

    I put several layer masikin tape stored it for 26years in cellar, outside garage box unheated and stockage room it was still blank metall inside. (It was empty and dry.) Nothing more needed.
  3. munters

    Leather seats yey or ney?

    I went with leather everywhere in the car except dash and floor. I love the smell and would do it again.
  4. munters

    steel panel required?

    In europe we didn't even have a vapor tank. I like the maple sirup gas idea. I guess as well security layer between vapor and interieur.
  5. munters

    Very Cool Ignition Upgrade

    Its actually a multiple spark system below 2000 rpm and above its a long duration single spark. My 123 is already auto dwell current limiting.
  6. munters

    Very Cool Ignition Upgrade

    I am using the Crane HI-6S with a Lx91 Coil (Crane 6000-6305 ) system with it (before the MSD but the MSD died) It is a big difference with the Crane/MSD compared to the 123 alone. With my Triples the warm start was crap. with the Crane it starts always perfectly and the spark is now a real one and not a weak little glimmer as before.
  7. munters

    Observation about the speedo!

    What i learned was many cars had this and when people manipulated the milage they used a drill and thy could just turn in 1 direction. This could then be detected because of the 100k number. This has been told in the mechanic scool in the early 80s.
  8. munters

    1972 Z Brake switch / valve

    If you push hard and the braking force is not enough you need more vacuum suport. Air in the system gives you the same force just later (the warmer the brakes the later the force because the air expannds). Bigger caliper piston=more force needed. Pumping brings pedal higher up but does not change the force.
  9. munters

    5 speed swap

    Remove the spring and ball out of the hole with a magnet.
  10. munters

    S30 aerodynamics

    Facebook? What is that?
  11. munters

    S30 aerodynamics

    Thats a good one. You are impressive as always with your never vergetting anything and finding the proove as well
  12. munters

    Stock front speaker panel restoration

    Then you need to shop for speaker and measure first. Thats what i did.
  13. I went as well with the S12W not drilled not slotted. (btw i would not pass with a prop valve in Switzerland) Steel braded hoses i had to take off. (Again no way to pass inspection)
  14. I went with the vented toyota and drums. (I didnt pass the swiss inspection with 4 discs)as you mentionned. I changed also to 15/16 MC and a 280z brake booster the rest i kept stock. Passed Inspection and bias is spot on all 4 wheels block at the same time.
  15. munters

    Should I be concerned?

    Turn on the engine its not ideal but you hear it, if the pulley spins. Turn on all power consuming devices and if you dont hear a whistle noise its ok. I drive my car with the same thing on the alternator side and it works fine since 3years.

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