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    1970 240Z Ser#HLS30-00029 Now in the loving hands of its new owner Les Canaday, Original owner 1972 240Z Ser#HLS30-93606 Origianl owner IZCC registry #105 back in my garage following a total restoration by Classic Datsun Motorsports. (Les Canaday), Purchased HLS30-04575 July 2017 from original owner in Indianapolis. Currently White with Blue interior. 1972 Toyota FJ40 fully restored.

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  1. JLPurcell

    1972 Z Brake switch / valve

    Still fighting this problem. I pulled the booster this evening and am sending it out to Brake Power Booster Exchange in OR. for check out and possible rebuild. I have also pulled the brake master cylinder and found that it is not the correct part. It is for the 70 - 71 models. I am looking for a NOS 1972 Master Cylinder if anyone has any leads let me know. I would like to have an original, if possible. I will be checking out the other components as I go through the complete system.
  2. JLPurcell

    Door Hinge Shims

    Joe, I still have not been billed for them. I do not profit from these obsessive projects of mine once I get the bill I will sell them at whatever it cost me to have them made.
  3. JLPurcell

    Door Hinge Shims

    Yes, I knew that he had them. Norm will no longer sell to me.
  4. JLPurcell

    Door Hinge Shims

    I took a look, I see the door striker shim but not the hinge shims. LINK?
  5. JLPurcell

    Started on the restoration of my FJ40 yesterday.

    The restoration of my FJ40 was at a stand still for a while, but with the installation of the top it is complete. I am considering installing an Gobi roof rack and a Warren winch. The procrastination is taking it away from it's basically stock restored condition.
  6. JLPurcell

    Door Hinge Shims

    Charles, just let me know, I am sure I will have plenty. JLP
  7. JLPurcell

    Door Hinge Shims

    I needed door hinge shims and could not find any. I had a vendor laser cut some for me, fifty to be exact. I had an original for them to use to set up the cut. Does anyone else need any? I still plan to have them zinc plated before install.
  8. JLPurcell

    1972 Z Brake switch / valve

    The brake pistons are 1.63" each total of 8. The master cylinder is the stock 7/8". The stopping force is limited but the vehicle will stop when the brakes are applied with hard pedal force. The pedal pumps up almost immediately and is hard with no give. When you pump up the brakes, engine off, and then start the engine you can feel a slight give in the pedal. The booster hose removed on the master vac side of the one way valve is holding vacuum. I hope this is a better explanation. My explanation has gotten mixed in with answering other queries. thanks
  9. JLPurcell

    1972 Z Brake switch / valve

    The pedal is hard with very little braking force. I currently have the car on jack stands and will get someone to help me test which wheels are locking etc...In the past I ran a MK63 non-vented rotor set up on the stock master cylinder.
  10. JLPurcell

    1972 Z Brake switch / valve

    I am at wits end on the brakes. I have not started randomly replacing parts, but don't know how to continue in trying to diagnose my problem. A few months ago I found a set of NOS MK63 calipers (for vented rotors). They had been sitting for years. I found rebuild kits took them apart had them cleaned out and reassembled them. I found a set of vented rotors and installed the upgrade. My complete brake system was gone through in the restoration completed in 2012. The system worked well prior to the upgrade. The car has a stock 7" mastervac and TOKICO 7/8" master cylinder. Since installation I have a hard pedal. When I pump up the brakes and then start the car. the pedal moves just slightly. When I removed the hose to the booster is was holding vacuum. I have re-bleed the brake numerous times with no change. I am ready to put the stock system back in place and drive the car! Anyone have any ideas on how to continue to look for the answer? Thanks JLP
  11. JLPurcell

    Mikuni 44's

    I am looking for a set of 44 or 40 Mikuni's preferably on a Datsun Comp intake, but not absolutely necessary.
  12. JLPurcell

    Calling All SU Experts

    I have a couple of Uni-sync tools. I always switch between the two to make sure I am getting good flow readings. One is new and the others I have had for over 40 years.
  13. JLPurcell

    Calling All SU Experts

    I pulled the banjo fitting tonight and the filter is clean. I will order a set for future use but that is not the problem.
  14. JLPurcell

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I tuned my carbs the normal way, but the addition of the "color tune" plug gave me a way to confirm the tune by being able to see the combustion color. Blue with a slight yellow pattern is preferred for performance according to the color tune guide.
  15. JLPurcell

    Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    I just completed the refresh of one of our members antenna. It was great to have the rubber parts available for this project. Thanks 240Z Rubber Parts.com for these great reproduction parts. The latest being the drain tube and grommet.

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