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    1970 240Z Ser#HLS30-00029 Now in the loving hands of its new owner Les Canaday, Original owner 1972 240Z Ser#HLS30-93606 Origianl owner IZCC registry #105 back in my garage following a total restoration by Classic Datsun Motorsports. (Les Canaday), Purchased HLS30-04575 July 2017 from original owner in Indianapolis. Currently White with Blue interior. 1972 Toyota FJ40 fully restored.

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  1. Yes, Just on the other side of the TAXA Tiger Moth trailer in my garage.
  2. I am still chasing my hard pedal / brake locking up issue. I have taken the brake system apart so many times I am now need to replace a couple of lines. I plan to just go ahead and replace all of the lines. What is the best pre-bent line kit out there? I believe I will go with steel and find someone to zinc plate them for me unless someone is selling a plated set. Thanks in advance for your input on this. Jerry Purcell
  3. JLPurcell


    He said that he can meet you close to the Interstate on Sunday, if that works for you.
  4. JLPurcell


    Yes, thanks I have corrected the post. Thanks again.
  5. JLPurcell


    Does any of our club members live near Ellensburg, WA? I would like to see if someone can inspect a possible purchase for me. Thanks Jerry
  6. I purchased a set last year, those along with color tune kit made for a super carburetor tune last winter. The car runs the best it has since being restored.
  7. Does anyone have the name and contact information for the restorer of the Franklin Mint 240Z? Thanks JLP
  8. Thanks Kats, Mike is looking for the bracket. I am sure that he will pick up on this post. Thanks for the information I guess I just thought it made sense that the removal cap would be at the top for access. After a little research I found that I sourced the two parts (pump/bracket) separately.
  9. Mike, I can take the pump off and photo the bracket and give you details if you like.
  10. HS30-H gave me the following information when he saw this post. "17033-E4200 is the stock 432/432-R pump mount bracket. Nice find! I have one on my 432-R replica. Does it have the original type Jidosha Kiki KK pump too?" And yes the pump is a kidosha Kiki pump. JLP
  11. I was looking hard due to stall problems on my car. Found this, I believe out of Japan, this last year, but over the winter found and fixed my stall problem.
  12. NO, my email is jerrypurcell@frontier.com
  13. The number could vary for each door and each hinge. I don't know if measuring your difference in the gap front and rear and halving the difference would work, but seems to make sense.
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