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    1970 240Z Ser#HLS30-00029 Now in the loving hands of its new owner Les Canaday, Original owner 1972 240Z Ser#HLS30-93606 Origianl owner IZCC registry #105 back in my garage following a total restoration by Classic Datsun Motorsports. (Les Canaday), Purchased HLS30-04575 July 2017 from original owner in Indianapolis. Currently White with Blue interior. 1972 Toyota FJ40 fully restored.

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  1. Found the specifications, one beast of a racing cam.
  2. Can anyone identify this Electramotive Cam? Specifications? Thanks
  3. I am so confused. The car I have posted is HLS30-00869 pre 1970 production date. It belonged to a William Taylor a Coronal in the USAF. Abandoned at a body shop in 1988 in Fairborn, Ohio which boarders Wright Patterson AFB. So Robert Hertel, Jr was the first owner of this car? Who was his dear friend that he sold the car to? There is no Campbell in the line of ownership mentioned in my post. Signed Confused
  4. Bart, which car are you referencing in the first owner was Robert E. Hertel?
  5. I installed my Libre wheels to get it off the trailer looked great. It is now on stands, the engine is out and on it's stand and the parts are bagged tagged and on it's cart. Anxious to get back to it tomorrow morning.
  6. No, I picked it up for a friend in Europe. I am going to pull the engine and build a period correct race engine with this early engine for him. I wish it were mine!
  7. It took an enthusiast from half way round the world to let me know that his was less than 60 miles from me. This is HLS30-00869.
  8. Is this car still available?
  9. I cannot find the original torsion spring for the fuse door on the console. Does anyone have one or know of a specific torsion spring that can be substituted? Thanks for your help with this. JLP
  10. I am in the process of restoration of a set of Logan Blackburn's American Racing LeMans magnesium wheels. This is a set from his championship winning Z. I purposefully left his "trademark" yellow over spray on the inside of the wheels.
  11. The only experience I have had with Ferrari is driving my brother-in-laws Dino in 1973 or 74. Beautiful sound!
  12. I am a purist, when I saw this on BAT I couldn't help but think what this would be like in a Z! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-ferrari-328-engine-9/?fbclid=IwAR0gOl4XkppvFz0D-TVKCxN8DYh67iZDCBVHHFUnD1Dfc-RWjEYdF-km4tE