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    1970 240Z Ser#HLS30-00029 Now in the loving hands of its new owner Les Canaday, Original owner 1972 240Z Ser#HLS30-93606 Origianl owner IZCC registry #105 back in my garage following a total restoration by Classic Datsun Motorsports. (Les Canaday), Purchased HLS30-04575 July 2017 from original owner in Indianapolis. Currently White with Blue interior. 1972 Toyota FJ40 fully restored.

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  1. NO, my email is jerrypurcell@frontier.com
  2. The number could vary for each door and each hinge. I don't know if measuring your difference in the gap front and rear and halving the difference would work, but seems to make sense.
  3. I don't have a problem helping out a brother across the pond!
  4. The shims are finally back from plating if anyone is needing some.
  5. Got side tracked on the sorting. Had the cabinet for the Series 1 seek radio plated stopped and put it back together and boxed it up. Now back to sorting.
  6. On the FJ40 restoration I relied on photos of each area and each item. On the Z cars I recognize each part from the 40+ years of owning, racing, parting out etc... When I take a particular component apart, if it is not going back together soon, is photographed for reference if needed.
  7. 🤩 Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is! It's Sort Day! Sorting all of my newly plated nuts, bolts, brackets, parts, etc.....
  8. My test drive last night, 10 minute test drive turned into a 1 hour cruse! I forget how much fun this car is to drive over the winter months.
  9. I am happy to report that the brake problem is resolved. That is the good news. The bad news is that I have no idea what fixed it. I got so frustrated that I took each and every brake component apart and rebuilt it, flushed and blew out all of the lines and last night took it out for a spin and the brakes are working great. 🤔
  10. Mine seems to be missing the "larger" washer. Could you give me the details (measurements) for the washer. I will have try and match something up or does anyone have a complete valve or the washer for sale. Thanks jlp
  11. I want to make sure I reassemble the proportioning valve in the rear of the car correctly. I know that it is actually more of a delay valve, but known as a proportioning valve. My question is which direction does the inner (red) seal go and on the other end what is the order of the washer (blue) and seal and direction of the seal (green). Thanks for the help.
  12. Hard days work. Excited to get the outer rims polished and the Gibbs Oil on them and watch them become naturally beautiful!
  13. As A career firefighter, I understand why! I would have to bring my own Class D extinguisher. These are for nostalgic reasons and will show great on my street car. Thanks. JLP
  14. I have ordered the Gibbs oil and am going old school. I have all four wheels stripped and three bead blasted. Next will be the polishing of the outer rim then Gibbs oil. Thanks Carl. JLP
  15. Carl, Gibbs has a number of lubricants, is this the one?
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