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    1970 240Z Ser#HLS30-00029 Now in the loving hands of its new owner Les Canaday, Original owner 1972 240Z Ser#HLS30-93606 Origianl owner IZCC registry #105 back in my garage following a total restoration by Classic Datsun Motorsports. (Les Canaday), Purchased HLS30-04575 July 2017 from original owner in Indianapolis. Currently White with Blue interior. 1972 Toyota FJ40 fully restored.

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  1. It seems that clear zinc is correct. At least that is what is on the 70 - #00869 in my driveway. JLP
  2. Zup, thanks for the lead!
  3. Honestly I don't know if yellow or clear is correct? Anyone?
  4. I am in need of the fasteners for the rubber bushing retainers for the brake, fuel, and clutch lines. Does anyone have or know of someone who might have a set. Are they still available? Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  5. I was the third owner, looking at this ad. I thought I purchased it from the first owner, but I purchased it our to New Mexico from Jim Campbell in the mid-70's from an ad in Auto Week. He had raced it and it had been in the run offs it was painted in the BRE Livery when I purchased it (the only picture of it in this livery is below). Les still has the car and is managing the upgrades. I will be picking it up in March if all goes as planned. As I the car is getting another start on life as a race car and there will be more information on this in the near future. PROJECT 29
  6. You will be hearing more about the next phase of the 00029's life in the near future. Below is the new power plant, it is exciting! l 123_1 (6).mp4
  7. Does anyone know of a source for the final hose (90 degree cloth wrapped) hose for the smog pump system?
  8. the silencer as pictured. Do you have an extra silencer?
  9. Does anyone know what the easiest way to change the air pump filter housing is on the 1972 Datsun 240Z?
  10. Chris, I am making it for looks only. I purchased a new injection rail and had the exhaust manifold welded up on the inside so rail can still be installed. If you remove the inner parts for the pump it still rides on the bearings but will not move air. I just wanted it for presentation . I put the cast iron and cast aluminum in the freezer and the piping for re-plating came out fairly easily.


  11. Is the back cast iron black or natural cast?
  12. Rebuilding a smog pump. Wanting to confirm details. The back casting of the pump looks as if it was black. The pulley, mounting bracket, and adjustment arm Datsun engine blue. Can someone confirm this for me. Also this is all of the parts getting ready for paint, and plating next a set of hoses. I will post more as this project progresses. Thanks PS I am still looking for a confirmed source for the Datsun blue engine paint, not something close but the real deal. If you look closely at the photo I have not blasted the adjustment arm yet, it has a good clean coat of the original paint for co
  13. View Advert Main Throttle Linkage Looking to buy a couple main throttle Linkages. The one that goes from the firewall to the balance tube. Used does not need to be restored. I am going to cut it down for use with Mikuni set up. Advertiser JLPurcell Date 05/02/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1972

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    Looking to buy a couple main throttle Linkages. The one that goes from the firewall to the balance tube. Used does not need to be restored. I am going to cut it down for use with Mikuni set up.


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