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  1. I am truly thankful to Diseazed for allowing me to purchase this outstanding engine. This has been by far, the best Christmas in quite some time.
  2. Don't forget this one (my favourite....)
  3. I received a message from a friend today. He sent me this picture asking if it was my car. It got featured in coverage of The Mitty in 2016.
  4. WTB early style antenna series 1 240z
  5. CanTechZ

    body parts

    For reference here is a picture that shows the clips and brackets for the tail light finisher/surrounds from when I painted mine. I think the clip (item 8 that @siteunseen mentioned) attaches to the bracket that is spot welded to the body if I remember correctly.
  6. Twin turbo 300ZX is credited as the first Japan-built car to break 400 kmh at Bonneville. These days it’s (somewhat) street driveable and up for auction. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a14503905/the-worlds-only-262mph-nissan-300zx-can-be-yours/ http://bhauction.jp/en/search/lot11.html
  7. Thanks Alan, this car is HLS30-31541. Our club member's car. Kats
  8. Thanks to @Lumens for providing the 1973 Nissan TSB's! The TSB's include interesting flat top Carb info presented below. The great Flat Top expert and car restorer @Zup may enjoy these!-image.png- 1973 Flat Top Carb Info from TSB.pdf
  9. Today I could not resist putting a metal fan. I will let it operate until replacing a water pump , I am thinking I will need to do it with in a few years. Kats
  10. "sorta like going to work without your pants on" Wait... You've done that too??? Whew! I feel a little better knowing I'm in good company!!
  11. You are so right Bruce! I am the world's worst when it comes to taking the Z off the road for any amount of time. Each day that I don't drive it is like that day is really missing something----sorta like going to work without your pants on!
  12. Thanks so much Philip @240260280 and @Lumens----but really, I still have so much to learn. I've understood about half of the TSB. It is a loooooong step by step with no shortcuts allowed--quite different from the earlier Hitachi carbs. The many adjustments required are probably responsible for the maligned reputation as " boat anchors" As you know, I have gotten the flat tops running fairly well. Now--- I know that the fuel nozzles are currently nowhere near the correct setting of .118---one is at .074 and the other at .051---just waiting to do a removal and adjustment as they are internal to the carb and cannot be adjusted while installed. I think once that is done they will really show some performance. Nevertheless, they have already made it from Bentonville, Arkansas to Austin, Texas for ZCON 2017, through the great Circuit of the Americas parade (?????) laps (where my "optimistic" speedometer read 104 mph down the straight ) and back home with no issues. (except for the flat rear tire from a utility knife blade in Killeen, TX on the way down----thank goodness for @S30Driver and @MikeW and @Captain Obvious). Running a 73 240Z with flat tops and points and stock springs may put me in the "old geezer" record books on the COTA track for a while to come. (Not sure anyone else would care to challenge that with a run of their own) Great fun! Let's do it again in Atlanta 2018!! Thanks again for the TSB---much appreciated! I will refer to it often.
  13. Or just shave the block deck. I’ve not measured a stock piston height on the 2.4 , but my ITM pistons were 0 decked compared to stock L28 being + .018
  14. Pictures of HLS30-05811 on the lift at Datsun Alley and on the floor at Universal City. Silver HLS30-56609 on display at Universal City. Something was mentioned about three Vintage Zs in Japan. Here is the third, HLS30-03924
  15. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for all your input and feedback over the last year. I really do appreciate all of you and your opinions.
  16. I know where Mr. Matsuo got the colour:)
  17. This is a Nissan commissioned restoration car from 1996. The sticker in the quarter window and the vintage plaque on the console were installed along with a matching key chain. Be interested in seeing what this brings. Let us know KATS.
  18. I think the owner likely imported them to Japan from the US.
  19. First time I've seen a radio "delete" panel with storage cubby. Interesting car. Dennis
  20. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a10348895/what-you-need-to-know-before-buying-a-1970-1973-datsun-240z/

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