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  1. Splash water . Kats FullSizeRender.MOV
  2. Hi , now Japan is in a rainy season . But today we had sunshine , so I decided to clean up an engine at a car wash . My friends kindly helped me out for this mission, I am very happy it’s results. Not perfect because I didn’t take off a front cover , and a fly wheel . There are two plugs each side ( front and rear ) , I wanted to, but I had limited time to operate today . General cleaning was the first thing to do . This engine is on HLS30-02146 , L24- 005318 was probably sitting in a garage for last 30 years , I see very bad contaminations there . Rusty , gelled water in the block . We did our best , it was so fun ! Kats
  3. Thanks for the pictures, my #2146 has the same “ TR 7 “ for upper six-location . I was thinking this was a aftermarket one supplied in the US , so I was almost going to throw it away . Like I showed in my thread, I have got started to disassemble it’s engine, I have got some bolts and nuts from my local Nissan . Some of them were altered their part number just a little bit, but yes they are qualified superseded parts . I still can’t find out why the parts catalog says 6 studs for upper location at first , I checked my JDM and export catalogs issued in Nov 1969 , Dec 1970 , they don’t list bolts for that location. In March 1972 , JDM parts catalog listed six bolts for the upper location. But seems many of our cars have 6 bolts from the beginning before March 1972 , including my car . By the way , my 2146 had a maintenance work once or twice long time ago , so chances are high for using six bolts at some point . Interesting! Kats
  4. Thanks ! I have zero knowledge and zero experience for rally, but this speedometer makes me think it needs to be . For average speed , no need 240 km/h scale ? 180 km/h scale gives better read for accurate speed control for time keeping? Super cool car ! Kats
  5. Congratulations on your attendance at a car show ! And thank you so much for sharing your car’s details with us . I am so excited about seeing your genuine Works rally car , it is so fascinating. You must have been dedicated to the car , I just imagine how difficult it is to collect the rare of the rare parts . Also you must have spent a lot of time to confirm it’s provenance. You have Alan , he is the best enthusiast to ask , I am enjoying this thread , a lot of new things to learn . One thing I would like to know is , the speed meter . Max 180 km/h , this is not a usual thing for Fairlady Z series for 1969-1973 . They have Max 240 km/h scale . Is that a Works special or, normal scale for Australia or some other destinations? Kevin’s Works car has also 180 km/h scale . Kats
  6. Hi, not a S30 topic . Today I was in a Nara convention center for new Z show time . It’s just about 15 minutes drive from my home . I really like this new Z , this is the first time that I would want a newer Z . I got into a cockpit, very nice ! And I didn’t forget to take a shot of a chassis number tag on the kicking plate . It is a RZ34-100014 , very early!! This will mean 14th of RHD RZ34 , I think 😍 A Nissan employee said this car is for testing, displaying, so never will make it on the road , sadly. Tamura san kindly visited my home and my garage , he said he really likes blue , so this time new Z blue is his strong recommendation. Also Tamura san started to talk about he dedicated his passion and time and money everything to L-series engine modification in younger days , he used to be wild on the street. Kats
  7. My dream is trip around the world visiting all my Z friends. I definitely stop and say hello to your 26th and 27th . Kats
  8. Thank you Mark Maras , Your comment gradually made me think the lever would be snapped off or the symbols would be erased before it is flattened . Just a matter of molding? For 1972-73 levers , I saw similar variations on a surface around a symbols . Kats
  9. Today , I would like to present a little observation for the knobs . I am thinking to install a hand throttle lever which was pulled from a 1970 Z432 to my #2146. I found the lever is flattened around a symbol that would indicate a continuous, long term use by the owners . Or is that a natural thing from the beginning ? Z432 , a S20 engine , most people preferred to start it without pulling a choke lever because of Mikuni carburetors . Then it needs longer time to warm up than L-series engine , you will want to use a hand -throttle lever to ease your foot . So , my guess is a hand - throttle lever on a Z432 is more likely to be premature faster than a choke lever on a Z432 . On the other hand, L-Series SU carburetors need to be pulled a choke when it is started , and also used for warming up . Don’t need to use a hand - throttle for warming up . A choke lever for SU carburetors is always touched by hands ,might be premature much faster than a hand- throttle on the same car . The last picture shows a tape that shields a tiny screw in a hole when it is new. Kats
  10. I would like to say thank you Alan too , those are museum pieces, if not you , I don’t know who will be able to show those . We are lucky to be here . Yes , those parts are usually hard to see . Thanks ! Kats
  11. Thanks 240dkw, I saw your work , you are genius! I like the idea of the splint for the pipe so much . Also the grommets are still doing good , that is a good news , almost three and a half years passed since you worked. Your car is a Canadian 240Z ? I see non emissions devices on your exhaust manifold. Kats
  12. Thanks Gavin, I am thinking like you time to time . This car , I already am going to have fun with some modifications like non- emissions intake and exhaust, with a dual exhaust system, non-original radio , etc etc . I have got the “C camshaft “ which is designed as internal oiling system , and this has slightly sportier feeling profile. It will be a good choice for this broken oil spray head . The picture is my #2156 valve cover, Mr. K and Mr. Matsuo kindly gave their autograph on it in 2000 , just before departing Yokohama to attend ZCON LAS VEGAS . Almost gone , but I still can see them !! Kats
  13. Hi Bart , thanks for sharing it , your thoughts are just the same as mine , my #2156 has it , I realized it today . Tetsu , he restored my 240Z and he definitely thought this spray bar was much better than the original one . I will ask him later . But I think we can see the one in the picture looked later one , much simpler way to make . The early one has a heavy duty looks , more metal and more screws . The first picture is my #2156 , and the second picture is my spare L24 which was removed from 01/1970 240Z . Kats
  14. Today I was shocked by this , a portion of an oil spray bar pipe was found from the oil pan . I couldn’t find out what it was first, but today I found that the pipe was the part of the spray bar . All the retaining bolts are loose, I now understand this is why people want to get rid of it and going to have oil holes the camshafts and camshaft brackets. But I want this to be an original. Kats
  15. Thanks Alan, sharing the pictures of the megaphone exhaust system ! Super cool , and super rare . If someone starts making it , it would be a nice for people who wants to have a period-correct looking sports option parts . By the way , for HLS30 and RLS30 , GRLS30 , what kind of exhaust manifolds were listed on the competition parts catalog ? Were they also used for LHD Works rally cars? Or completely different one ? Or could it have been made by some local exhaust specialists ? Kats
  16. Thanks Chris, I see no dimples for air pipes , clean looking exhaust! I finally found “ U98” , I still don’t know what car was designated for U98 but , Fairlady Z electronic fuel injected models uses 14004-U9800 . At that time, US and Canada used different exhaust manifold for the fuel injected modes , that is a lot bigger one .Interesting! Kats
  17. Thanks Gavin , it is very useful to know that my exhaust can’t be used for LHD , unfortunately. Kats
  18. I was expecting “E46 “ on the emissions type exhaust manifold , but it has “ E30” same as the non emissions type . I did dry fitting with a dual exhaust pipes which is an optional item for L-series engined car sold in Japan . Was this dual exhaust system available for overseas customers? Did Datsun competition department list this system ? Kats
  19. I apologize Chris, I will reply for the question from Chris. Sorry for this slow . But today @Ian , I have forgotten that I have this unique thing , a plan view for the coupe based on SR311 . The memo said “ it never made happened due to lack of head clearance ( Note CSP roof line for comparison) “ And the body line were already looked like a S30 “ I don’t have any knowledge about Roadster and Silvia , and who did this study ? Mr.Matsuo and Mr. Yoshida started their design based on a roadster. Is this plan view related to them or whom any other else? Kats
  20. Thanks Chris, yea now I remember I have learned from you that some of very early US 240Zs don’t have a fuel vapor tank , but have an air injection system. I bought this pipes in July 2005 , at a local Nissan near my home . I was able to buy export 240Z parts there , good old days . Kats
  21. Hi Gavin, I hope you will find the right pipe for your carburetors . It is nice to hear from you had same issue just like me . It seems to me it is not that special pipe , you will be able to buy it at your local “ home depo “ store , will not be ? Thank you so much for your offer about the radio , I need to make up my mind , I need to set the goal for my #2146 before asking you about it. It is very fun to think about how I want my cars to be . Kats
  22. Hi Chris, I was thinking about “Her majesty “ , is she originally non- emissions type intake & exhaust? I believe you told me that before but my memory cannot be clear. Or only without fuel vapor system? By the way, I can’t find “ U98 “ models, I only found E98 which might be related your U98 .My parts catalog says E98 is a prefix for the parts of RS30 . I guess it’s exhaust manifold might have E98 on it . My non- emissions type exhaust manifold has “JAPAN E30 “ on it between No.5 and 6 pipes, and also has “ 1 “ between No.1 and 2 pipes . Also it doesn’t have any thread for bolts to retain the heat duct for the air cleaner. I saw “ 2 “ version for the non-emissions type , which has two threads for the bolts which is retaining the heat duct for the air cleaner. E30 exhaust was used for L20 and L24 without emissions devices. Yes my E30 exhaust has provisions for the air - injection pipes , but only basement. I see a Fairlady Z at the 1969 Tokyo motor show has the same exhaust manifold on it . I need to grind the unnecessary humps on the balance tube, to be looked like an early non emissions type ! Kats
  23. Transition to the non-US intake manifold, I have a donor system which was pulled from a 1972 Fairlady Z (L20 engine model) . I was expecting I only need the balance tube but the water tube of between the two manifolds was so rusty. I decided to replace it with the one from the donor. I snapped the rusty tube , I was lucky the donor is very good. Today I have learned that when assembling the intake manifold, I have to wait final tightening the bolts on the balance tube until the two manifolds are secured . Also I tightened the two nuts for the water tube after the balance tube was secured . As some of you are wondering about the two plugs on the balance tube which are not welcome for my 03/1970 car. I am thinking about it to look just like an early L-series balance tube. Kats
  24. Some work for my second blue 240Z. I wanted to see if Datsun 240Z has the same pin hole for the rear gate emblems . I found three holes for “Datsun “ is almost the same , only the one on far right needs to be more outside for “ Fairlady Z “ . “ 240Z “ pin holes position is exactly the same for the “ 432 “ . Datsun 240Z doesn’t have “ NISSAN “ on the rear gate, so if someone wants to have it , he /she have to measure the original positions then drill the holes. I am not going to put them on , just checked it for my curiosity. Kats
  25. Hi Gavin, you scored nice original radios and clocks, I am so surprised that the average price of them are skyrocketing. I was hoping to get one for my second blue 240Z , but I will never be able to get one . Fairlady Z series didn’t have an automatic seeking system for the early radio . So I cannot look for the one in Japan . Maybe I will put my 8 track audio system or just a pocket for my second blue 240Z . Kats
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