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  1. How much are you asking for the 5 speed? Does it need to be rebuilt?
  2. I am truly thankful to Diseazed for allowing me to purchase this outstanding engine. This has been by far, the best Christmas in quite some time.
  3. Diseazd. Please email me at I'd like to speak to you about your engine.
  4. That's my late model 260Z. I've owned her for almost two years. Although she's an automatic, I plan on changing to a 5-speed in the future. Nonetheless, I'd like to speak to you if possible. My email is I'll give my cell phone afterward.
  5. Ztherapy offers 240Z round top SUs with smog free balance tube conversion kit for 260Z owners.
  6. My name is Craig and I live in Reston, VA. I have a late model 260Z with 43,500 miles. While I've considered numerous options for replacing my anemic L26 with the flat top Hitachi SUs, I imagine your upgraded L24 runs smoother and makes considerably more power. Having put 1500 miles on your rebuilt engine, were you able to "feel" the before after performance differences? BTW, I know Eiji and have visited him at Datsun Spirit in Manassas, VA.
  7. Beautiful 240Z. Please let me know if she is still available? Thanks.