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  1. First one, looks more appropriate and fitting in with the aesthetic of the car.
  2. I somehow doubt Kustom Fab knows of 240Z Guild's past. Probably thinks he's a good guy to promote the product.
  3. Inner rockers, and I see outer rockers too. Is there finally an alternative to the tabco rockers? Nice to see another replacement panel source come on the scene.
  4. Zcargarage? I'm not sure if they do total restorations, but I'm sure they'd know someone who does.
  5. Someone just put in a bid for 280k, up from 215k. Edit: In the time it took to write that, someone put in a 290k bid. People have lost their minds. Edit 2: Now 300k. Edit 3: Looks like 310k will take it.
  6. rturbo 930


  7. I had a '72 parts car built about 11/71 with vertical defrost lines, so yes, that sounds correct.
  8. What on earth are you talking about? It appears to be better than 99% of Zs (including mine) with fairly mild and typical rust. It's just massively overpriced for what you get. Unsafe to drive? I didn't see a single bit of rust that had actually gone through! Realistically it's probably worth about 3-4k in this market, depending where you are. In the rust belt, that's a good car.
  9. Owner is on crack. A few grand, tops, if you ask me.
  10. Because the comments can influence the results of an auction.
  11. I think someone added that, as I'm not aware of any Z from the factory having two switches there. It's normally either a blank, or a cig lighter. I believe only 72-73 Zs had the cog lighter, and your '71 should have had a blank.
  12. Only 77 and 78 had the space saver spare.
  13. I would love to see that engine in a Z.
  14. At this point, you're basically just spamming the forum. Stop it.
  15. All of my 240Z doors stick out at the bottom rear of the door. I'm fairly convinced it's because the door structure is fairly weak, and the door has sagged/warped. My 280Z doors, with the big side impact beams, don't have that issue.