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  1. rturbo 930

    1973 Datsun Z-Series 240z

    I thought that too, but nope. All the sales he links to are by different sellers in different states. I'm not sure what exactly his motive is, since he signed up here, and all he does is post ebay links. He never responds or anything else. Just an ebay link.
  2. rturbo 930

    1973 Datsun Z-Series 240z

    The rockers look like they've been messed with. I don't know if they're rotted out and filled with bondo, or if they were replaced poorly or what, but they don't look right. Between that and the condition of the rest of the car, I"d run far, far away.
  3. rturbo 930

    Wasn't this car for sale on BaT?

    Yes, it's been posted both here and on HybridZ by a member who owns it.
  4. rturbo 930

    country of origin of HLS30-00957

    You assume I haven't been reading the thread this entire time, and that somehow, if I were to go back and read the beginning, I might somehow change my mind. I've read all the same posts that you did and nothing in a single one of them made me think he might be tampering with something.
  5. rturbo 930

    country of origin of HLS30-00957

    You can't just imply that someone is tampering with a VIN tag, or withholding pertinent info like they're intentionally hiding something and not expect them to be annoyed. You've done this before, in the thread by 87mj, and now you're doing it again, assuming that the person posting is up to no good when in reality, they're just looking for info or advice. You're out of line. And quite frankly, I really don't know where you come up with this stuff to begin with. I don't think anyone else reading his posts saw any ill intent on his part.
  6. rturbo 930

    1974 Datsun 260z

    What? Why?
  7. FYI the blue Z with V10 was built on a youtube channel called B is for Build. And it was a bit of a disaster. I had to tune out early on. I don't know if he eventually figured out what he was doing and made a decent car, but I'm guessing the overall build quality and design is lacking. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4-WBRqWA2MlxmZorKOV7w The bottom one is a really impressive, very high quality tube chassis car with carbon panels. It's not really a Z anymore, but it's cool. The original chassis ended up being junk, and it just sort of transformed from there. Here's his website: https://attackingtheclock.com/ The grey one I really don't care for. It used to be a fairly nice looking Z, that he stripped down and turned into what you see there, which I find aesthetically displeasing. For those of you who do instagram, you can find more pictures here: https://www.instagram.com/kckuhnhausen/ The one second from bottom I believe is this one. I actually like it, although I suspect it won't get as much love here as it would on HybridZ:
  8. rturbo 930

    Where to go with this rusthole

    I wouldn't bother with the inner wheel arches. If you're going to flare your car, you can get by with using what's left on your car, and filling the gaps with sheet metal, most likely. There's a great thread on HybridZ about mounting the ZG flares, but unfortunately it looks like the pics, at least on the first page, are all dead. Looks like there's a few left on the second page that might be useful, and maybe there's some more later in the thread. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/47525-how-to-mount-them-there-zg-flares
  9. rturbo 930

    1971 240z (10/70) For Sale in Tampa, FL

    I will never understand why anyone would blend the air dam into the fenders, making the job of removing any of the three pieces a difficult ordeal. Looks like the flares aren't shaped too well either.
  10. rturbo 930

    Sway bars

    What's the preferred way of mounting the rear bar, ie, with the bar going behind the diff vs the way they were mounted from the factory, with the mounts up front? My '71 came with an ST kit, mounted with the bar going forward, not behind the diff, if it'll fit, I wouldn't mind putting those bars in my 280 if they'll fit. I expect the front bar would, rear bar *might* since the mounting looks similar.
  11. rturbo 930

    240Z - All done and ready to...

    No, a bit more than that, 350 sq meters is about 3800 sq ft. You might be thinking of yards. A meter is a bit more than a yard (36 in.), a foot is 12 in.
  12. Not black, it's normal stainless trim, the way the photo is edited just makes it look different. Here's link that has a few more photos of the car: http://legacy.classiczcars.com/forums/dto_garage.php?do=viewvehicle&v=1428 Regarding black trim, especially with an orange paint job, I would say no way. Black trim, bumpers and wheels with orange paint will just make it look like you really, really like Halloween. If you don't want chrome/strainless trim, I would suggest a gunmetal or dark gray color instead. I think I would leave the window trim alone though, I don't think these cars look right with it blacked out or painted. IMO painting the bumpers and wheels dark gray would have enough of an effect reducing the amount of polished stuff on the car, and would look good. Bumpers and wheels are a lot easier to change as well.
  13. rturbo 930

    Roll Pan: new or used?

    Yeah, as I recall, the aftermarket replacement roll pan is only curved from top to bottom, whereas the original is curved in both directions, top to bottom and side to side.
  14. rturbo 930

    It's up for sale again!

    Looks like the gas tank could use a patch.
  15. rturbo 930

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    You sure it didn't have a burr on it or something? My floor conveniently has a huge hole in it, and so I was able to measure my own (76 280Z) to compare, and in the spot I measured it, it came out to about 0.81-0.84mm (could have been an area that was stretched), which would actually be 21 gauge, and not 20, but nevertheless, 20 is what you should go with. 16 gauge is 1.5mm, and it's going to be a pain to work with, on top of being needlessly heavy. As a rule, you can assume that most of the sheet metal on the car is 20 gauge. Here's a chart that converts gauge to thickness in mm and inches: http://www.custompartnet.com/sheet-metal-gauge

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