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  1. rturbo 930

    Sway bars

    What's the preferred way of mounting the rear bar, ie, with the bar going behind the diff vs the way they were mounted from the factory, with the mounts up front? My '71 came with an ST kit, mounted with the bar going forward, not behind the diff, if it'll fit, I wouldn't mind putting those bars in my 280 if they'll fit. I expect the front bar would, rear bar *might* since the mounting looks similar.
  2. rturbo 930

    240Z - All done and ready to...

    No, a bit more than that, 350 sq meters is about 3800 sq ft. You might be thinking of yards. A meter is a bit more than a yard (36 in.), a foot is 12 in.
  3. Not black, it's normal stainless trim, the way the photo is edited just makes it look different. Here's link that has a few more photos of the car: http://legacy.classiczcars.com/forums/dto_garage.php?do=viewvehicle&v=1428 Regarding black trim, especially with an orange paint job, I would say no way. Black trim, bumpers and wheels with orange paint will just make it look like you really, really like Halloween. If you don't want chrome/strainless trim, I would suggest a gunmetal or dark gray color instead. I think I would leave the window trim alone though, I don't think these cars look right with it blacked out or painted. IMO painting the bumpers and wheels dark gray would have enough of an effect reducing the amount of polished stuff on the car, and would look good. Bumpers and wheels are a lot easier to change as well.
  4. rturbo 930

    Roll Pan: new or used?

    Yeah, as I recall, the aftermarket replacement roll pan is only curved from top to bottom, whereas the original is curved in both directions, top to bottom and side to side.
  5. rturbo 930

    It's up for sale again!

    Looks like the gas tank could use a patch.
  6. rturbo 930

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    You sure it didn't have a burr on it or something? My floor conveniently has a huge hole in it, and so I was able to measure my own (76 280Z) to compare, and in the spot I measured it, it came out to about 0.81-0.84mm (could have been an area that was stretched), which would actually be 21 gauge, and not 20, but nevertheless, 20 is what you should go with. 16 gauge is 1.5mm, and it's going to be a pain to work with, on top of being needlessly heavy. As a rule, you can assume that most of the sheet metal on the car is 20 gauge. Here's a chart that converts gauge to thickness in mm and inches: http://www.custompartnet.com/sheet-metal-gauge
  7. rturbo 930

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    Where did you get that the floors are 16 gauge? Did you measure, or is that from googling? Either way, I would expect them to be 20 gauge without looking.
  8. rturbo 930


    That looks like it.
  9. rturbo 930


    I think he sold the car, and I guess he let the site lapse. I noticed it was down a few days ago. It's a shame to lose all that info just because he sold the car.
  10. rturbo 930

    1973 Rebuild

    Kind of an odd set of sizes, and I can't imagine why you'd get wheels 2" narrower in the front than the back. I'd get something in 15x7 or 15x8 all around and be done with it. Keep it simple. It's not like a Porsche where there's a reason to have wider tires in the back than the front.
  11. rturbo 930

    Head ID?

    Wouldn't an N42 head have reliefs for the injectors on the intake ports?
  12. We got loads of those here lol. I'm amazed you've never seen one.
  13. rturbo 930

    The last word in Datsun

    I found them on Instagram a while ago. Nice cars, but to be honest, I find them to be a bit overdone. The color choices play a part in that.
  14. rturbo 930

    PSA Rear strut insulator

    Yes, that exact same thing happened to me. My car had been on jackstands for a while, and one day I noticed one of the struts hanging lower. That's what it was.
  15. rturbo 930

    Is my coilover spring rate too high?

    First thing's first, I'm not a suspension expert, and my car doesn't drive, so I have no direct experience with Z suspension. But I've been around here a while, so here's my take. Your springs rates translate to 280lb/in and 224 lb/in. John C on HybridZ has said that anything over 300lb/in is pointless since at that point, the chassis starts flexing, at least a 240Z. Most people who have put together coilovers seem to go with something like 225/250 or 200/225, or something to that effect, not 280, but apparently all the mainstream coilover manufacturers seem to think that this combo of 4k/5k is good, I couldn't tell you why. Shocks can also make a difference. My E30 has stiff suspension (310 front, 570 rear, IIRC), and I started out with Bilstein gas shocks, and recently switched to adjustable Konis. There was a noticeable difference in ride quality, and I haven't even messed with the settings on the Konis yet to see if I could improve it further. I have no idea what quality shocks you have there, but that could have something to do with it. I'm not sure if BC coilovers are really all that good, lots of people use them and like them, but I'm skeptical of their quality. Lastly, it could just be you. I don't know what you were expecting it to ride like, but obviously it isn't going to ride anything like it did stock. You may have been expecting something that just wasn't realistic.

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