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  1. Not really. Lots of "Dotsuns" and "240ZXs" out there, too.
  2. rturbo 930

    Datsun roadster 2000

  3. rturbo 930

    Did I miss something?

    Great seats for a sports car. No side bolstering whatsoever! I believe there's supposed to be a little rubber bumper there. Would have to look to confirm.
  4. rturbo 930

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    Weird that the one side would be that bad, but the other side looks fine. And I don't see a lot of rust on your floors. I agree that the whole car needs to be evaluated before you continue, if the damage is limited to the driver's frame rail, then I would consider fixing it to be worthwhile. Wonder if the car was in an accident, or if someone was really sloppy when topping up the brake fluid. But that wouldn't really explain the condition of the crossmember.
  5. rturbo 930


    Sounds like you need one of these: https://www.carcoon.com/
  6. rturbo 930

    Quest for More Power

    If you've got some money to spend, maybe get in contact with the folks at http://datsunspirit.com/
  7. rturbo 930

    I hate Chinese "Metal"

    I was referring to a different post. I have no doubt that poor quality Chinese materials and parts are making their way into places they don't belong.
  8. rturbo 930

    I hate Chinese "Metal"

    Seriously, I don't come on here to read political opinions, and I've noticed a pattern by now. Enough already.
  9. rturbo 930

    S30 Frame Construction

    What do you mean? I'm not really sure exactly what you're asking, but I think you kind of answered your own question there - the S30 is a unibody. No frame.
  10. rturbo 930

    MZR Datsun restoration in the UK

    Found them on Instagram a little while back. Pretty nice cars they build, although I think some of them are a little bit too done up. It looks like the owner of the shop owns Alan T's old 240ZG, as well.
  11. rturbo 930

    Discussion on idea for "air horn" fix

    If I were you, I'd make a wood buck in the shape of the air horn, and then get some sheet metal and start hammering it over. Learn how to shrink and stretch. Could be a fun learning experience.
  12. rturbo 930

    Meet Looey - 73 Fairlady Z

    Front is easy, just get new fenders. Rear is what you should worry about, and given that the quarter and wheel housing join in the fender lip, that means that you are repairing both.
  13. rturbo 930

    And another - 71 Datson $9500 in Auburn.

    What was the cut off for 2400 valve cover? I wouldn't doubt it has a 5/70 build date. It's clearly a series one car, so not a 5/71 build date.
  14. rturbo 930

    1970 in Portland #01850

    Yeesh. I don't see that one selling anytime soon. Shame.
  15. rturbo 930

    72 Sold for $31,000

    Specifically, every time a nice Z sells for decent money. Ten years ago, that car would not have sold for that price. That's why they are saying that "people are starting to appreciate" the car, since previously, people mostly saw them as cheap, old, foreign cars, rather than a collectable classic. The engine being resealed most likely means the gaskets were all replaced.

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