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  1. Yup. https://www.instagram.com/the240zguild/
  2. Why not get a later mustache bar and move the diff back?
  3. I follow him on Instagram. Very little of the original car is left. I don't recall exactly but maybe the windshield and frame, door hinge and latch posts, not a whole lot else. The original car was not in good shape. Here's his website: https://attackingtheclock.com/
  4. If you're referring to the car that John Coffey built, I don't believe that's the car that won the event, and 260DET is likely referring to a different car, as IIRC, the winners were from Australia.
  5. I'm not sure either, but it kinda looks like it has an old school turbo set up on it, although I'm entirely sure that that's what that is.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's a '72. I had VIN 54345, which had the door tag missing, but I estimated it to have a build date of 11/71. It had the vertical defroster glass, which was used up until 12/71 I think, or close to that, so that's likely original glass in your car. Series 1 cars were made up to 1/71, and series 2 cars were made until whenever the '72 model year started, without looking, probably sometime around 9/71. Looking at your photos, it doesn't appear your car has the chrome gas door latch, which is dead giveaway that it's a 72 or later. It also appears to have the lip on the rad support for the weather strip piece that they added later, which is interesting, since I don't believe '72s had that.
  7. I follow a guy on Instagram who was attempting that swap, but just sold the car. The engine looked like it actually fit in the bay pretty well. I was surprised. Should make a great noise if they manage to do it.
  8. At this point in time, I think it's safe to say that cutting up a straight, rust free shell is sacrilegious. Doesn't look like it's the right year anyway.
  9. You've got both feet in now.
  10. You've made several threads like this now. Stick to one.
  11. One thing the Z32 has going for it is that I would expect it to be much easier to find one in good shape, meaning, not needing a total restoration, and also rust free. Even the most solid looking Datsuns often have rust issues of some sort. I'm assuming Z32s are a bit better, but could be wrong.
  12. You guys are talking about the skin, I think he means the whole damned roof, as stated at the start of his post.
  13. A $1000 240 these days is going to be a piece of junk, in need of major work. If that's all you can afford to spend on the initial purchase, how are you going to pay for everything it needs thereafter?
  14. The skillard piece is unimpressive at best, and isn't suitable for anyone looking to replicate the factory piece. It's also the wrong thickness (18 gauge) and at $120 not exactly cheap for what ultimately amounts to three flat pieces cut into shape, and a single piece with a simple bend. MSA should come out with the piece that the battery tray sits on as well.
  15. Looks like they just shaved all the emblems. Definitely bring that one home.
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