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Fun post for Tuesday

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Identify the fluids in the bowl and win a prize. 


Speculate on how they came to be together and gain additional notoriety.

Explain the reason the red stuff forms nice circles in the middle and a thin film around the edge for even more points.



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Antifreeze (ethylene glycol solution) with droplets of transmission fluid.

The hydrophobic nature of the transmission fluid accounts for the "boob" formation. Capillarity accounts for the ring formation along the edges of the container. The lower density of the tranny fluid allows it to float on top of the ethylene glycol.

How did they get to the container? I'm guessing you put them there? LOL! 

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Well glad we had some fun. Thanks for the contributions.

It was just antifreeze and ATF. I hoped the relative rarity of automatics in Z’s might make this a bit more of a puzzle. It was the first auto equipped Z I’ve actually done more work on then just yank the auto trans and recycle it. 

Spent a fair amount of time swapping rad’s in this late 71. This involved the joy of removing and replacing the auto cooler lines so the inevitable dribbling of ATF into my coolant recovery tray resulted. The pattern was interesting and a bit artsy so I had to take a couple of pics. Learned alot about the thread specs on the stock hard lines and the rad fittings. AN dash 6 thread on the rad was interesting realization. The hard lines and soft lines are a very curious mix of metric fittings. The hard lines are 5/16 or 8mm.

Glad no one went to the blood and coolant guess.....  yuch.....


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