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  1. jonathanrussell

    Engine lift for front cross member removal

    @wal280z Good point about the mount nut on trans mount. I am pretty sure I did the same.
  2. jonathanrussell

    Engine lift for front cross member removal

    I did this in October on my 240z. Rebuilt everything under the car but didn't want to remove the engine. Started with rear end and then did the front. Here is what I did. - Entire car was lifted up on heavy duty jack stands. - Bought extra crossmember on ebay and powdercoated it. - BTW, transmission is installed and trans mount is installed. Just letting you know since you have had the rest of the car apart. Both of these help stabilize the engine. - Removed radiator, control arms, steering rack, struts, TC rods, everything since all was being powder coated...not radiator. - Removed hood. - Used engine hoist with tilt attachment, connected to stock engine lift brackets. - Loosen engine mounts. - Lifted engine off mounts. - Removed old crossmember. - Installed powder coated crossmember with engine mounts. Installed mount fasteners but kept loose. - Getting the engine to drop in place on the mounts is kind of the same challenge it always is when you reinstall the engine. At first I was trying to keep the crossmember mounted but loose. This didn't work because it wasn't where it should be. Ended up tightening it up and the install went far smoother. Keeping the mounts a bit loose though helped. I had to fiddle with the hoist and tilting device, lifting, lowering, re-balancing, etc. I did a little pushing and pulling with a pry bar too. Eventually I was able to fasten the mounts and tighten. - I don't think I would attempt to do this without an engine hoist and tilting device. Also, my engine hoist has a nice long arm / beam which helps since the car was in the air. Trying to do it by supporting the engine with jack stands below, to me, would not give you the movement you need to get everything lined back up. Yes, I would do it this way again and plan to this summer with my dad's 280z. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
  3. jonathanrussell

    interior color change using SEM color coat system

    I used SEM Landau Black on my 72 240 this past summer. The sheen looks identical to me to the original interior in my 24k mile other 240z. One thing I found though is that the product is very sensitive to humidity when applying. For me, if I sprayed on a humid day the sheen would turn flat. If I remember correctly I needed to stay below 65% or so relative humidity to get what I thought was the intended sheen for Landau Black...and what I wanted. Finding low humidity days in the summer in Atlanta was a challenge. Got it done though and it looks great.
  4. Your car looks fantastic. Drive it and enjoy it. Which wheels, tires, and sizes did you settle on?
  5. jonathanrussell

    Jim Wolf Technology has 6-speed adaptor kit

    I would really like having a modern 6 spd transmission but I don't like the idea of drilling my floors for mounts. If I had a more track focused Z then it probably wouldn't bother me. Looks like a nice kit though.
  6. jonathanrussell

    240z floor mats

    I would think ebay is your best bet. I don't see them often though. I have purchased two sets on ebay over the years. One thing to know though is one of my sets ended up being worthless because the rubber began failing....turning oily. Nothing I could figure out doing would stop it. Ended up having to toss that set. My reason for mentioning...if you buy a set, ask about this before buying.
  7. jonathanrussell

    260Z 2+2 - 1974

    Aren't early 260z 2+2 cars pretty rare?
  8. jonathanrussell

    Lash pad fell off top of valve spring

    Interesting @Diseazd Do you know which gas tank liner your friend used. Very interested.
  9. jonathanrussell

    78 280z Severe Driving Problems

    Once you solve this, I think that this thread should be a sticky or pinned or something. If nothing else, it shows how to go about diagnosing EFI really well. Great work!
  10. jonathanrussell

    Distinct clunk when accelerating in first gear

    Original Nissan strap is NLA. You can buy aftermarket straps from MSA- they sell two kinds. If your strap is not broken, I personally wouldn't replace it. In my opinion the strap is an emergency measure that comes into play if the mount fails. I have never tried but I would think you could drive with a good mount and no strap and the car would drive the same.
  11. jonathanrussell

    High quality and snug fit driver's door weatherstrip

    Interesting. I find that the vintage rubber door weatherstripping works perfectly, same as original Nissan, and without any sealant. / glue. Couldn't imagine my doors shutting or sealing better. And, I have a 24k mile 240 with perfect original weatherstripping to compare with.
  12. jonathanrussell

    '75 280z made it out of the garage.. briefly

    @Zed Head ..... I have read this many times also. I don't understand the logic though. Maybe you or someone else can help me understand. How is connecting these two and bypassing the heater core different from running the heat in the cabin and therefore having coolant flow through the core....essentially connecting the two hoses? Thanks...
  13. jonathanrussell

    78 280z Severe Driving Problems

    Hi. I think all of us with a 280z have been through the FI troubleshooting at one time or another. Clearly you know how to diagnose so it is hard to imagine pointing out something you haven't already thought of. I will share what I have sometimes found to be the culprit. 1) I am sure you have thoroughly checked for vacuum leaks but it might be worth trying again. The rubber air passage between the AFM and the throttle body is a common problem. Also, there is a thread on this forum where the intake manifold where the egr valve mounts had corroded and was causing a huge vacuum leak. Worth looking at. 2) You have been so thorough in testing the AFM that what I am about to suggest seems unlikely but I had an AFM that had been subject to multiple backfires and the flap had become bent a bit. This caused the flap to stick open which resulted in all air being metered the same. Car ran very similar to what you describe. Either way, if I had your car I would buy a spare AFM and test. 3) Looks like you have replaced your injectors but more often than not I find that old 280zs have terrible injectors. Often when I have tried everything else, even if the injectors are clicking, replacing the injectors does it because they are clogged. They click but don't flow, or at least not consistently. Again, this is probably not your problem. 4) I always keep a few Ebay ECUs around for testing, though I have to say I have never found an ECU swap to solve my problem. No doubt though sometimes it is the ECU. FYI, I agree with suggestions in earlier posts too....get fuel pressure right, firing order, etc. I might lean toward trying a stock fuel pump and using the original pressure regulation device (assuming it is working). Naturally, you need to verify that you are getting spark to each cylinder but I am sure you have done that. Anyway, I doubt this has been helpful but wanted to share a few things that have stood out for me with the 280zs I have worked on over the years. Don't give up. At some point you will figure it out and with all of the great work you have done so far, and with your great compression numbers, I am guessing you will have a terrific running car.
  14. jonathanrussell

    Replacing S30 Rear Wheel Bearings

    I hear (read) you. But just going on what worked for me. I hammered in circles around the edges and it flattened the seating of the bearing for me.
  15. jonathanrussell

    Replacing S30 Rear Wheel Bearings

    I am out of ideas except to just suggest a bfh one last time. I know it sounds counter intuitive but...in my experience a pressed bearing (especially in these hubs) can get tweaked a bit and beating with a dead blow hammer can move it just a bit more. Just a thought. Best of luck. Let us know how it turns out.

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