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  1. I use Dorman 96034. Dorman 96034 on Amazon
  2. I had really good results from Redkote. As @siteunseen has mentioned before, it is important to let it cure for a few weeks. I let mine sit for a month. Haven't seen any trace of red in the fuel filters, etc. Here is a summary of what I did. Fyi, my tank was in pretty good shape...not full of rust...more like flash rust where the internal zinc / cad coating had failed. Plug all holes. Use rope to suspend it between two trees...allowing you to rotate the tank while it is filled with whatever cleaner you are using. I also came up with a way to hold the tank still in certain positions. In other words...if I flip the tank in one direction I wanted it to sit in that direction for 20 minutes or whatever. I used muriatic acid first. I used a phosphoric acid after that. At this point, everything looked clean inside. Used alcohol to final clean and evaporate dry. Kind of have to work fast with the Redkote...fill...plug...rotate over and over....make sure fully coated....pour out remaining unused redkote from tank. J
  3. Hey @Av8ferg.... the parts look really great. Do you know if they will work via shipping? Would you mind providing contact info? Also...how much prep did you do before delivering the parts to them?
  4. They are a firm foam but way softer than Poly bump stops.
  5. @JagoBlitz...very interested in knowing how you end up liking the MSA strut mounts. Also...which bump stops do you guys use? Most recently I used the KONI 7034950000 bump stops. They are the best I have tried and will use going forward.
  6. I would just store it, keep the cam lobes oiled, keep cylinders oiled, and rotate it periodically.
  7. Just my opinion but....I think that your numbers matching engine will contribute more value to the selling price of your car (when you sell some day) than it will ever bring by selling it separately.
  8. Thanks for the info. So, I just stacked all of the parts (strut insulator, spacer, spring seat, bump stop) together....and then installed everything over the koni strut rod sleeve...which is installed at the top of the strut rod. I experimented with both ways to orient the sleeve. The strut insulator gets bolted firmly against the top of the strut rod sleeve we are discussing. The strut rod sleeve slides through the middle of the spacer OR bearing. I So, I don't understand what you mean by your 2nd paragraph above. With everything stacked together, if the wide portion of the koni strut rod sleeve is oriented downward, then it protrudes about 1/4 inch below the bottom of the spring seat. Based on this, I doubt that the 1/4 protrusion would ever damage the bump stop. I do now wonder whether the wide portion of the sleeve, if installed downward, could get hung up in the hole of the spring seat when installed on lowering springs, the car is lifted up, and full droop causes the spring seat to drop below the wide portion of the sleeve. I also compared the parts with KYB and old Bilstein struts I have on hand. Both are the same diameter at the top where the threads end/start as the narrow portion of the Koni sleeve. And, both widen permanently at about the same spot where the wide portion of the Koni sleeve would rest if installed downward. The difference though is that if the wide portion of the koni sleeve is installed downward it kind of serves as something that the spring seat could get hung on as described above. So, for me, in balance, I think I will continue installing koni strut inserts with the wide portion of the sleeve on the top.
  9. I agree that you can install the sleeve either way but I believe that the only right way to install is with the wide section of the sleeve at the top....as shown in the drawing above. FIrst, the wide section of the sleeve gives the strut insulator a more firm surface to rest on. Second, if you install the sleeve with the wide section down, the bump stop could get damaged and it seems like the strut would bottom out against the sleeve instead of the spring perch top. J
  10. Many people would ask why why why anyone would use a n42 head unless you are going to weld and reshape the chamber.
  11. My 240z has the pertronix ignition and coil. I have started using the gap used in the -11 version of the ngk plugs...which is .039 - .043. I experienced what @Mark Maras mentioned above (high RPM stumble) about a month ago and swapping plugs cured it....even though the old plugs looked perfectly good. I broke the golden rule though and changed two things...plugs and plug gap. So, I am not sure whether it was changing the gap or the new plugs that solved the problem. I suspect it was the new plugs. Checking float bowl levels is a good thing to do at some point. There are many ways to do it. I do it the way Mark describes in an earlier post. FYI, it is a tedious process if you need to bend the float tabs to adjust the levels. Can consume several hours...or several days depending on how quickly you get used to how it works. Also, read up about ColorTune. Can be very helpful in getting the mixture right. But...getting the floats right is the first step. Think of it as your macro adjustment and the mixture screw as your micro adjustment. If your float levels are not in the ballpark then you can turn the mixture screw and have nothing happen at all. J
  12. I think your numbers look good.
  13. Welcome. Looks like an awesome car. We might have similar stories. I had a 280z when I was a kid in the early / mid 80's. Ended up selling it when I got serious about college. 20 years later (15 years ago now) I got interested / addicted again. My unsolicited advice is to resist the temptation to take it apart and try to fix / address everything. Stick with weekend or 2 weekend projects and keep it running. This is a great forum. I have learned so much from the smart people who are regulars. In other words, you have come to the right place.
  14. Hey @Trnelson...interesting read. Did this solve your oil consumption problem? Thanks...
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