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  1. The Germans seem to know how to make the most perfect seats, for my body anyway. Perfect low back support, right firmness, and side bolsters that fit just right. I've had a few old Porches and a VW Corrado. Don't know if the Corrado seats would work in a Z, but I'd love to find some to find out. Loved 'em.
  2. I've struggled with the idea of replating vs buying new hardware. I'm not restoring to factory original so I can use any hardware I like. It's just the process of how many, what head style, what diameter, what length, and what plating option that keeps me from going all new.
  3. Ain't that the truth. Last night I tried to have gender with my wife. It didn't go well. She wasn't having to do with it or me!😈
  4. I would think it'd be virtually impossible to mechanically abrade off all former plating. That's one of the great things about plating - it gets everywhere. Maybe it'd be worth the effort to chemically "deplate" the cad/zinc. Haven't checked, but maybe Caswell offers a kit. Yet another decision point.🤔
  5. Same reason we have "Pleaded guilty" instead of plead; "Got milk" instead of have; "Gender" instead of sex; and the list goes on. I suppose it's why we've been able to move from "Whoever hath her wish, thou hast thy will" to "roofs" 😆😆 Sorry, guess I'm a latent pedant 🙄
  6. Did that rusted pan come straight off a running motor? Did you spray or brush the POR-15 -guessing brushed. I ask because I like the film toughness, but the few times I've used it I can't get it done without leaving brush marks. Haven't tried spraying it yet.
  7. I don't recall ever seeing painted oil pans on other motors, also. It seems like a good idea (for rust control I assume) that Nissan coated the inside surfaces, until it begins to fail. Interestingly, I just disassembled my motor, which has been on an engine stand since 1997 (all openings stuffed with something, so not hermetically sealed), and there was no rust on anything at all. I hadn't turned the motor in over a year. Whenever I did, I removed the plugs and squirted oil into each cylinder, and removed the valve cover and poured oil over the cam. Then give a few turns by hand. Since putting it on the engine stand, I've probably done that maybe 12-15 times. When I took it apart, everything was still covered in a thin film of oil. So I am ambivalent about repainting the oil pan. It's just one of at least 1000 decision points as I try to move forward.
  8. My oil pan is doing the same thing, so the original paint must be removed. It does concern me to leave it bare, though. If your car were to be driven daily, it might not be a problem, as engine heat would routinely cook off any water (as vapor or liquid from condensation). If not, then the inside of the oil pan could acquire some surface rust. The question then becomes what to use. Glyptol, powder coat, or perhaps a thermal dispersant (suggested here - https://www.jcmmachineandcoatings.com/coatings/oil-pan/) are possible solutions.
  9. Sorry to hear that @conedodger I had a ladder slide out from under me last week. A few new cracks that'll go away. Several weeks off my feet just as I was officially starting the resto of my car. Got the motor apart and to the machine shop, and now the project is stalled again! Speedy recovery for you!
  10. Congratulations. It'll be very exciting for you I'm sure, when the first person shows up you can really help.
  11. @siteunseen Love the shirt! When I bought my first Z (a 73 in 1981), my sister gave me a similar one, except on the front it had a full front view of a 240, and the back had the rear view. I still have it! Funny, while I was writing this, my wife ran to get the tee shirt. We've had it for 40 years and she locates it in less than 30 seconds. Further, our GSD Riley decided the tee shirt must be guarded since I'm infirmed. I'm recovering from yet ANOTHER f%!/$@* injury so she wouldn't let me hobble to the basement or even get up (it can a real issue when needing the bathroom). Last year this time it was a shoulder surgery. I was able to enjoy four whole months of full activity after recovery before this horse spit happened. Stay healthy all, and think through what you're doing!
  12. Start, if you can by measuring the torque required to rotate the cam. If you don't have anything that measures directly, clamp a wooden arm of known length to the cam and use any decent kitchen digital scale. Compute the torque and record it for a baseline. When dialing in the towers, you may have to adjust one or all, so with each adjustment, record the result: Tower 1 R 1 tap right - No effect L 1 tap left -0.3 in.lbs Sorry for crappy example of a table, but trying to do this on a phone pretty well blows. Try one tap on each tower, then try two, and so on. As for tap intensity, install one tower and bolt it down snugly to a known and recorded torque, then use a dial indicator to indicate right to left motion. Tap gently, then harder until you see the indicator hold a new position. That's your starting tap intensity. It's hard to measure impact force, but your other recordations should permit you to return to your baseline if it just keeps getting worse. Eventually, you won't be able to make any improvements, and hopefully what you've done will be enough. Tighten everything down and hope like hell the torque doesn't change. If it does, start over. Good luck
  13. @Dave WM Yep, I love having it (and a lathe, too!). They've made a huge difference in what I can get done. Problem now is I have a hard time just grabbing a drill to make holes in a plate, when I can do it so much more precisely. My best wishes to you for getting both soon! I have dreamed of a lift myself.
  14. As to this forum, I've been into IC engines since I was 11. Starting with a minibike that wouldn't start. My father's friend came over to help. He asked what steps I'd taken. Then he asked if I'd disassembled the carburetor. I thought to myself, "DISASSEMBLE THE CARBURETOR? Is he serious?!" Of course I hadn't. And then he asked a question that me and has guided and encouraged me for bunches of years. He asked "Why not?". And so I did. My point in sharing this, I submit, is that the helpful members of this forum have done the same for other folks here who are new to cars, or new to these cars, or just need guidance. I, for one, have found people who share my love for bringing back to use machines that might otherwise have ended up in a crusher, dealing with rust and hidden body damage and oil leaks, modifying parts meant for another, or even making replacement parts if no other option exists. My friends don't really appreciate that I finally acquired a milling machine in support of my endeavors, my wife has a hard time with the time and money consumed by my "hobby" as she calls it, and I don't know anyone who wants to listen to me go into detail about what I did to restore my door hinges. At least here, if I do decide to post such details I believe someone will read it and, at the very least, politely acknowledge it. That is what makes this group of people unique. I'll stand down from soapbox now.
  15. Thanks granny, and others. It'll be nice to no longer hear about tweets from the President. Given the typical leanings of the major media outlets, it's very likely evening news will be filled with supportive (of Mr. Biden) reporting. In that regard, I'll be glad. In every other, I am nervous.
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