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  1. Sounds like you have quite a bit to get done. Just set up a cot in the shop and order in food. You only really need 4 hours of sleep and since there's 24 hours in every day, you'll have plenty of time. 😁
  2. Really nice! Love the seats. What are they?
  3. I feel your pain and feel bad for you. Being hurt sucks. I'm over it, and I'd bet you are too!
  4. Look at the Mahle website. Most P-series bearings have been superceded by their A-series. https://web.tecalliance.net/mahle-catalog/qa/parts/autocare/assigned?targetId=6642&parentAssemblyGroupId=10&assemblyGroupId=136&page=0#@brc/autocareassem:1983%20Nissan%20280ZX;targetId:6642/autocarelnkparts:Cylinder%20Block%20Components;targetId:6642;parentAssemblyGroupId:10;assemblyGroupId:136;page:0 Of course, some are still available, but in my search they were only standard sizes and larger oversizes - nothing at the .25mm size.
  5. I can get a "matched set" from King Bearings, but they are all aluminum, and the mains aren't available until Oct. It seems King has gone the way of Clevite, foregoing tri-metal. Taiho is available now (sort of) as long as shipping from AU works. Delivery estimate is any day up to mid Sep.
  6. Crank had to be cut way back in time to clear wear-related damage, so now I can't use stock bearings. I would think that by now in the life of these motors, most cranks would have needed to be cut, but maybe not.
  7. That's a very nice looking bracket. Will you mill it from a block or use a sheet and form the mounting tabs on a brake?
  8. Anyone know where it'll be?
  9. I just finally found bearings for mine (.25 oversize). Had to order from Australia - anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks for delivery. My engine build has obviously come to an abrupt halt. Hopefully, you'll have much better luck!
  10. Don't forget Gibbs. Just another highly useful product. Pricey though.
  11. Your car looks great. What a blast it'd be to drive it. The 510s are great cars. Did you tee into the filtered air boot, or is it off the shelf?
  12. How do you like it? I've been using the zinc only formula they make and it works well for welding. I have not yet tested it for corrosion protection.
  13. Yep. Lightweight clutch assembly and flywheel. Stayed with steel for the flywheel, though. Balancing valvetrain parts does sound like fun, and that'll come soon enough, I hope. Right now I am trying to get the short block built. I just now located sets of Taiho rod and main bearings, .010 under, in Australia of all places. I sent an email to Taiho requesting info on materials used. I have not been able to find any other bearings by any mfr.
  14. So no one wants to venture a guess as to which piston is heavier? I just found some new ITM pistons in stock (finally) - pistons, pins, and rings: $215 at RockAuto. My only other alternative is forged at around five times that. Talk about being conflicted.
  15. Trying to keep this restoration going strong is a bit of a trick. I have to do enough work/investigation/reading about the next task in order to hunt down and order necessary materials so that when I am ready to actually start that task, I have what I need in hand. All of this of course while doing the previous task and dealing with the where to get and how to do that I didn't plan on. The latest is the ZX throttle body. Not ready to rebuild it, but I know I need some parts because I took it apart several weeks ago to see what kind of shape it's in. I actually removed the staked c
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