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  1. Since the fuel rail has to be rigidly mounted anyway, wouldn't it captivate the injectors so they wouldn't need clamping at the manifold ports?
  2. It's great isn't it? We use jack stands because our jacks can't be trusted. Now, with what do we back up our jack stands? Use two sets under each LCA, or maybe three will do it.
  3. That is a terrible tragedy, especially since he was home. Though it may seem trite, I sincerely offer my gratitude for your service, as well as your friend's. Supporting our troops means more to me than placing a sticker on my bumper.
  4. Git 'er done! Sorry, couldn't resist the urge. 😁
  5. That's a lot of very good information, and of course, it changes the search path. You wrote the problems lives in 500-2000rpm range. Perhaps the AFM windings are damaged in that range since that may well be where the wiper has spent most of its time. If there is any way you could plumb in a fuel pressure gauge to read dynamic fuel pressure it would be very helpful. That might help separate fuel system from ignition system diagnosis. As for ignition, connect a timing light to any plug wire, put the light in the cabin, and go for a drive. If it acts up, turn on the light and point it at anything. If the light flashes without interruption, it would suggest the problem is not ignition. It's a bit of Dr. Frankenstein's monster I know, but perhaps worth the effort. I've solved more than a few problems this way.
  6. If you don't mind measuring, what is the length of those studs, and the protrusion from the head?
  7. Very kind of you. Thanks. Any closer to a solution?
  8. I agree. The concept of "infant mortality" in new parts is a hard one to accept. Perhaps confirming all the variables we've read about, rather than trusting them as new, or not likely, or even impossible might be prudent. But, it sure sounds like a failing solid state device to me. ?
  9. Sounds reminiscent of 70's vintage control module failures. All is well, and then it isn't. Let it cool and all is well again. If you found no problem with timing, vac, etc., it might suggest erratic spark behavior brought on by the ECM acting old. You'd have to connect a timing light to it and keep the gun in the cockpit. When it starts acting up, check the spark.
  10. Trans fluid and antifreeze. A stick through the radiator would do it.
  11. Yep, had my chance and I blew it. So, arc suppression diodes all around! Did you see the Combination switch teardown info I posted in Knowledge Base Electrical. Good pics of eroded contacts. Sorry for off topic commentary 😬
  12. As an aside, does anyone know how current production vehicles trigger a low fuel warning? Perhaps this is an area where a leap forward would be of value.
  13. Thank you. Really hope it helps anyone.
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