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  1. Not sure how yours is configured. I get you are using the stock mount below, but are you using the same PU part as @wheee! at the top - so the diff is constrained from moving up or down, or is there an air gap above the diff and a different snubber? I know using the same part as Mark would be redundant, but as I am planning to use the same hardware, I just want to be crystal clear.
  2. I'm considering fabricating new seat supports. Mine are not damaged by rust, but between work done a long time ago (they were removed and welded back in), getting them out this time, and now having removed the driver side hump, getting them to look decent would be a bit tricky. What's nice about them is they are lightweight and strong. I can't form sheet metal to achieve that, so my design would have to be based on available shapes - tubes, angles, etc. The real loads to worry about would be shearing forces on the welds and bending moments on the pedestals during rapid acceleratio
  3. Don't forget, it's been off the road and bone dry for about 24 years. Can't even imagine if it had been a driver for all that time!
  4. Some 'along the way' pics of the floor pan op. No sense of chronology, of course.
  5. I also decided to pull the guards for the seat belt pockets. They weren't rusted, just beat up a bit.I haven't quite finished them yet. Still polishing off weld-fills for the drilled out spot welds. I will locate new holes for plug welding that are not at the edge of the parts as many of these spots were.
  6. The motor is on hold for the time being until I get the rest of the parts from the machine shop. Decided to go with a replacement head since a good one became available. Thanks @madkaw Got some work done on the replacement floor pans. Decided to remove the driver's side hump in the tunnel. I still have to make and weld in new sections for the reinforced rear corners, but it's mostly down to blending the welds, a little flattening, and then get the floor supports in.
  7. ETI4K


    You may be overly optimistic. Either that, or the gene pool has some strong survival instincts.
  8. Yep. That makes some noise. I'm surprised I can actually hear the turbine over the exhaust. The exhaust drone will really tire you out. I remember the first time I took a trip of many hours in a car with air conditioning. It was quiet, smooth, and QUIET. Those hours seemed to have passed in minutes. That said, that exhaust does sound real)y nice.
  9. Is that how the shop was when you shot it? That's really amazing given all the opportunities for hidden dirt, dust, and spiders to want to get into that paint. Gives me hope for when I do mine.
  10. Is that your combustion chamber volume? If so, what do your compression numbers look like? I think the reason the head didn't explode when I drove it is because they also cut the new pistons to have .000 protrusion from the deck surface, that's about 25 mils, so it kept the same compression ratio (close anyway). This whole thing is beginning to look a lot like a CF.
  11. That looks really, really nice. Great color and shine. Way to go.
  12. There was zero leakage of oil or antifreeze. I am certain the pitting and gouges are from debris. The pump gears are hard, but not like tool steel. A file scratches them. So, I finally got to measure the head today. Got in onto the bench and was rolling it into position and guess what I saw? Metal filings and glass beads in a water passage. Interestingly, the same machine shop did the work back in '96. Maybe cleaning after milling ain't a happening thing. I didn't find any metal in the oil pan, but definitely hard, rough, very small particles. Also, when I built this moto
  13. Anyone notice the debris at the water pump cavity in the TIMING COVER 😉? Or at the exhaust ports? How about these pics of what was a brand new oil pump... Truly, now a wasted pump. Some serious debris has been through this motor. Why did the oil filter not catch it? Perhaps bc it went into bypass during winter starts and that 5hit went right on through to ruin the oil pump, timing cover, cam towers, and score the cam and crank journals. Maybe more. What I've not commented upon is the fine grit I found in the oil pan. I've spent a lot of time reflecting on what was going on at t
  14. @siteunseen The exhaust seats show some good pitting (I'lltry to get some pics). These were cut clean with a 3-angle finish way back when. They may clean up with a valve job. I suspect the time on the engine stand had something to do with it but that's really just WAGuessing. I have never seen pitting this bad before.
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