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  1. The growing girth of modern automobiles are a direct refection of the consumer
  2. My wife will attest this is the same sounds coming out of my exhaust pipe after a Taco Tuesday dinner.
  3. Phew....just checking 😊
  4. I hope you don't plan to drive on tires that are nearly half a century old.
  5. You probably need a hose bender.
  6. My two biggest regrets: tattooing my ex-wife's first name on my bicep and installing a rear spoiler on my first 240Z 😣 Keep the back slick.
  7. Bring a Trailer is a good venue. However, that group of prospective buyers tend to be very needy in the information department. Be prepared to have a solid understanding of the car you are selling. I mean history of the vehicle, any previous body work, condition of the mechanical, etc... Be prepared to include lot of pictures in the post, to include the obligatory shots of the battery box and doglegs. You will be asked a myriad of questions and be expected to answer them promptly. I have also seen many auctions where strong personalities with their own agendas dominate the discussion on a vehicle driving the dialog off the rails. That said, if you do not want all the hassle, try advertising on Hemmings Motor News first and see where that goes. Good luck.
  8. If you are not entered in a Concours d'Elegance event, why should it matter?
  9. I bought every issue hoping someday I'd find a sudoku puzzle.
  10. Just imagine how the 240Z would have been received if it had an LS swap.
  11. Here's my contribution to the 918 Anonymous club. This paint job is about 2 years old and done in old skool acrylic enamel.
  12. Well, any potential rodent issues have been dealt with.
  13. Is there caked dirt on the clutch pedal? If not, that looks pretty worn for a low mileage car.
  14. Speaking of VZs, I found these shots of a program car on display I took back in 2002 at the MSA show in Orange, CA. If my memory serves me, it was for sale at the show in the mid 20K range. I don't believe Gunderson Nissan was one of the authorized original Vintage Z car resellers. Being this was taken a few years after they were first sold, I wonder if it spent part of its life as a showroom display or maybe was traded in for a 300ZX and brought to the show to find a buyer. I wish I had taken a photo on the VIN.
  15. I'm so glad this website is still up 😄 There is good deal of restoration tips to include the fuel tank and hoses. It even has a section on replacing your broken or worn choke cables with piano wire.