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  1. I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with one at a car meet in San Luis Obispo a few years ago. The original (and current) owner purchased it new when he was in the US Navy stationed in Hawaii.
  2. My guess would be part of the timing chain tensioner guide that broke off and made the journey into your oil pan.
  3. Yikes!!! 😧 Looks like half of the suspension was sourced from the neighborhood Home Depot.
  4. If seeking originality, I'm not sure what paint can be applied to recreate black strip in the center that will adhere properly.
  5. I think you're correct given it has an early console. Also, interesting placement of the A/C control on the passenger side. Too bad there's a lot of orange peel on the paint finish for a car tickling a six-digit selling price.
  6. The question is how it will compare to the 300K BaT doppelganger when the auction ends? 🙂
  7. These cars typically have low oil pressure at idle. If in doubt, get a new sending unit. They are some of the last affordable replacement items left in the engine bay.
  8. I think we can agree the 300K plus BaT 240Z (VIN: HLS30 04684) is a competent example in which to draw originality conclusions from.
  9. Welcome to the group! Nice to see another Z in the Denver area! I use to be stationed at the former Lowry Air Force Base back in the early 1990's and owned a 1973 240Z back then. If you haven't done so yet, consider joining the Z Car Club of Colorado https://www.zccc.org/ The members have much knowledge to offer and membership will afford you some discounts on parts.
  10. @Shawninvancouver Did you ever receive the lugnut key you ordered? Did it fit? Inquiring minds want to know.
  11. It will be interesting to see the trajectory of 240Z prices once the 400Z is out there for wide public consumption.
  12. Yeah. How many Z car forum members DOES it take to remove a locking lugnut? At this point, I'm done dispensing advice and only here for this thread's entertainment value
  13. I believe collectively we've invested well over $100 in terms of time and advice into this problem, which is the cost a tire shop quoted to remove the locknuts in the first place 😉
  14. Maybe it's the angle... but from the photograph, it appears that some one of the splines might be of a differing width. Especially comparing the ones in the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock position. I suspect the manufacturer alternated the position of the narrow and wider splines to create more variation in what key would fit. Consequently, even if you source a key, having it match the correct spline sequence would be a stroke of good luck.
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