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  1. DatsunZGuy

    73 holes in floors?

    Oh, those holes. I wonder if those holes were used as an anchor point to affix the chassis on an assembly line jig. This is purely speculation on my part.
  2. DatsunZGuy

    73 holes in floors?

    Those are drain holes. You will also find a couple in the front foot wells, too. Just be sure they have rubber plugs in them.
  3. DatsunZGuy

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Lowry was a victim of a BRAC and closed in 1994. The property was given back to city and it became a mixed use area of housing, light industrial, shopping and dining. The old hanger area became a beer garden!
  4. DatsunZGuy

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Here'a my contribution to the thread. My 1973 green and tan, circa 1992 taken at the former Lowry Air Force Base in Colorado. After I sold it in California in 1997, it made its way up to Canada.
  5. DatsunZGuy

    Ugliest Z ever?

    It might not be the prettiest, but at least it's not rusting away in salvage yard.
  6. DatsunZGuy

    '72 240 Mobile, Alabama

    Ah Keesler AFB. The good old days of living in the Student Triangle, going to class at Bryan Hall and breaking phase to sneak off for a weekend in New Orleans.
  7. DatsunZGuy

    Tracing Ownership History

    Highly doubtful Nissan would have kept such records for this long. You'd have better luck finding out how many total cannon balls were fired by the Confederacy at Gettysburg.
  8. DatsunZGuy

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    This can be purchased separately and is available in 918 Orange
  9. DatsunZGuy

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    This might be a good alternative to permanently installing an updated radio in your Z: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GuTlimcrZ4 Velcro it to the inside rear hatch area, which is already acoustically like an amphitheater, and then control it from your smartphone. Plus the jump starter and flashlight features are a nice bonus.
  10. DatsunZGuy

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    Unless you are aiming for a Gold Medallion restoration, don't bother with it.
  11. DatsunZGuy

    Best place to find a Z?

    Look anywhere you want to find at Z. However, if you are serious, it will all come down to how badly you want it. In the search for my 240Z way back in 2003, I was in arguably the ideal part of the country to find one: Southern California. That said, I had very specific parameters (red or orange with original paint, low miles, no rust, crack-free dash, to name a few). Unfortunately I was not having much luck finding one nearby. I searched for cars on Hemmings Motor News and found a couple of promising leads in the New York State and New Jersey Area. I flew across the country to see them. They were nice, but it my gut told me to pass. A few weeks later, an orange '72 was advertised on Hemmings in Kansas. I met the original owner, who purchased the car for his wife on Mother's Day 1972. Aside from a few door dings from being a lower mileage (~35K original) garage queen around children with bikes, it was a solid car. He kept the original wheels and tires, which was a nice bonus. We struck a fair deal for both parties and I had it shipped back to California.
  12. DatsunZGuy

    In case you missed it

    The Toyota 2000GT is a beautiful car. To fully appreciate it, you have to actually see one in person. Back in 2013, I went to a concurs in San Luis Obispo, California, where this example was on display. What strikes you is how much smaller the 2000GT is compared to a 240Z. The level of effort Toyota devoted to the design, quality of materials and execution surpassed anything before it from Japan. In 1967, these cars sold for around $7,000 which was more than a corvette of the time. As with the 240Z, these little Toyotas have a special place in my heart. Given a choice, I would want both 😉
  13. DatsunZGuy

    Carpet question

    There are snaps on the firewall, too.
  14. This thread might be of some help:
  15. DatsunZGuy

    Too rich for my blood

    Lots of stone throwing in glass houses from the peanut gallery in here. The seller has not implied this example is a concurs restoration worthy of being bestowed with Gold Medallion status. Yes the price is a bit steep for the current market, but this vehicle was someone's pride and joy for many years and should be respected for what it is. Who knows the circumstances for the sale? Perhaps a decline in finances, health issues or even a death of the owner may be the reason it's on the market. Remember, the owner built the car based on their specifications, wants and desires...not yours. The Z car community was a more forgiving and supportive group in the past. It now seems one might be crucified by the tribe for using the wrong radiator clamps.

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