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  1. Sage advice 👍 I remember trying to hookup the speedometer cable from under the dash on my first Z. My hands looked like I put it a fishbowl full of piranhas. Glad me tetanus shots were up-to-date.
  2. I have converted two of my vehicles to Evans Waterless coolant 4 years ago and pleased with the results thus far. You are correct about it not being compatible with water. However, my main concern it not a coolant mishap on the road, but rather Evans ability to preserve the coolant system internals while a vehicle is stored for prolonged periods of time.
  3. I still like the classic original formula over the new stuff 😉
  4. I still can't fathom it will be 20 years for me in just 10 days 😲
  5. I personally would be leery mounting any bracket on a half-century old plastic console. Perhaps one of these goose neck mounts that plugs into the cigarette lighter?
  6. If "Macho Man" Randy Savage came back as a car, this would be it.
  7. Who knew Putin hated hybrid Z cars
  8. If zspert no longer has them, JDM-Car Parts is another source. https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/interior-trim-nissan-datsun-fairlady-z-240z-260z-280z-280zx/products/reproduction-rear-view-mirror-for-240z-260z-280z-ever-wing?variant=13657966772333
  9. When restoring my original 11/71, I discovered some black paint was applied on the lower edge of the rear quarter window body panel. Of course, later series cars received paint behind the "Z" emblem as well.
  10. I suggest holding off on the alarm since your car won't even start right now. Get the basic electrical system (and their Gremlins) sorted and working so you have a baseline before adding additional accessories and with it more complexity.
  11. I think it would have been best to have at least closed the thread from further comments. Much like posting warning signs around a mine field so it doesn't claim more victims.
  12. I guess there are different definitions for "financially secure" in this world 🙄 Taking out an auto loan and maxing a credit card on a project car while assuming more debt is way out of my personal comfort zone. Between the price of the car, shipping and parts, you must be close to $20,000 invested so far.
  13. I recently swapped out my mirror due to it starting to clouding and de-lamination around the edges with the reproduction linked below. https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/interior-trim-nissan-datsun-fairlady-z-240z-260z-280z-280zx/products/reproduction-rear-view-mirror-for-240z-260z-280z-ever-wing?variant=13657966772333 Here are some photos of the original Ever Wing mirror I replaced. The back is in nice shape. If you want to go the used route, let me know.
  14. Newsflash: by peppering this thread with multiple photos of your latest acquisition you are boasting. You could learn much from Bob and Marci, the original owners of this car, on the finer points of etiquette.
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