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  1. Do you know if he disassembles and renews the internal components like the valve seat and seal? Can you attach his contact info?
  2. Wow! It's almost unbelievable to see one in that condition. That is indeed quite a find. Congratulations.
  3. A friend gave me 10 gallons of Rust Bullet Concrete Coating. I am still deciding if I will use it on my new slab once it's cured- it's white!
  4. Really nice space! Nice trinkets to fill it with too. Love the epoxy floor. Always dreamed of being able to wipe up an oil spill with a rag and have no residue. That'll be a great place to get some work done comfortably.
  5. I sure hope that's not an arse-scented air freshener hanging from the mirror. 😁
  6. You can buy industrial felt in different densities, widths, and thicknesses. The material is quite good. I've used it for several different projects - the latest to replace oil wipers for machine ways. https://www.mcmaster.com/felt/
  7. Yes indeed. In fact, I pulled two from Caddys. They operate, but as @Captain Obvious mentioned, may offer some serious resistance to integration! As for the building, it took forever to get this far with it. But, as I mentioned above, the metal roofing is supposed to be available in two weeks. Concrete seems to be running on a 2-3 week lead time basis. Right now, we can't get any gravel smaller than 57. It seems the crushers need repair and parts can't be found. I mentioned this to my buddy yesterday who is building a house nearby and he had several loads of crusher run delivered yesterday. The trucks were gone and back in less then 45 mins. The same quarry I asked for CR and they said none was available. Looks like I need a little lot more rock buying power. I gave up on my original plans for this building. It was supposed to look like the house. Couldn't get materials or didn't want to afford what I could get. So my buddy who is helping me suggested post-framed metal building. It took a long time for me to come to terms with it bc I don't really like the look of metal buildings. I thought about waiting another year or two or five, and finally said well schizel, I might be dead before I can build this the way I want, so metal it is! I'll make myself feel better about it by turning on machines and making things I haven't been able to do since we moved here. Interesting about the paint and conduit. Conduit I need now, but I haven't let myself think that far ahead on paint. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like I'll be at Lowe's and Spencer Home Supply today.
  8. Sorry CO, I just saw this. I can imagine. Kinematics design with linear actuators is not easy as you are always constrained by what's available; and if one's source for materials is a junkyard, I think the difficulty must increase in a nonlinear fashion.🙂 I found two rear hatch lift mechanisms from minivans that absolutely will not work, but since they were free, I couldn't help but add them to my inventory. I'll try another junkyard later, but think I won't press this too hard. It would just be a gee-whiz thing anyway and I am getting itchy to get on with car work. I am still trying to get good reliable measurements from my engine so I can order cam and pistons.
  9. Since this is a build thread, I thought I'd share some pics of the current project that absolutely will be a part of the Z's rebirth - a new shop. I was supposed to do this last year. While I am delighted to be getting this space, the build is kicking my behind. I just don't remember this stuff being so heavy. I am building this with two friends. I built my last shop the same way. It goes slowly, but everything is correct and I don't have to worry about what's happening when I'm not present. I've seen way too many times some truly half fast workmanship. I used to work as a consultant for an attorney who would represent people who had been screwed one way or another by a contractor. I would evaluate and report. There's some scary stuff out there. Anyway, it's 32 x 40 with 12' ceilings. My wife insisted I make it compatible for use with a lift - god bless this woman! Into it I must stuff a lot of tools. I'll be lucky to get the car in with enough room to work. Right now, I have woodworking machine tools stored in a shed, car parts strewn to the four winds, metalworking machines and welders in the garage, and all of it must come together in this building. Interestingly, I have the same trouble getting materials for this build as I do for the Z! Standing seam roofing is next - materials due in two weeks. We'll see.
  10. Oh boy, joint replacement. A friend did simultaneous bilateral hips. 😬 It was a breeze and he's never felt better. Best wishes for an easy to live with outcome
  11. @Seppi72Had a chance to look over the latest files?
  12. They'll sure be pretty once cleaned up. Nice find!
  13. I never heard a different version. I was always amazed that someone came up with this one.
  14. I built a Heathkit radio when I was a kid. Loved working on it, but it never worked well. I had a lot of trouble sorting the resistors because they all seemed to have the same color bands. Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls, But Violet Gives Willingly doesn't work well if you're color blind. 😁
  15. Try wetting that area (inside) and check it in a few days. I'd think the diminishing gap between the fender and its support would still be wet. And that is of course the problem. I recall reading a study from 20 years ago(?) that garaged cars suffered faster corrosion rates than those left out in the dark and cold. It seems the airflow around the cars tends to dry them out faster. To seal a pinch (spot) weld or a folded seam (even a Dutch hem) would require either immersion in a fluid with a low enough viscosity to permit capillary action so the liquid is drawn into the air space(s) and completely seal off the area from water/vapor - or a fluid such as cavity wax if it completely covers all ingress points and can be controlled so as to remain in place after application. That's easy in a rocker panel. @inline6 When you painted your fenders, how did you apply it to this space we're discussing? I am always in search of improved techniques. As an aside, I set up a test 3 years ago where I welded 2 pics of steel to form an L. The joints were very tight, but welded only on one side, so there was a very small interstitial space. I made 4 of them, then treated each differently with topical rust treatments (all from rattle cans). I did this at a friend's. I hung them outside on his fence to weather. After one year some showed a bit of rust. Then I moved away and forgot to check on them. My friend sent me an email recently to tell me his dad threw them away because he was tired of seeing them hanging there. JHC. Two years of testing gone, oh well. What's not lost is Project Farm (IIRC) on YouTube. The guy tests several topicals, and it may be of interest to you.
  16. Oh boy! Junkyard run tomorrow - the first in a long time. I have been wanting to change the rear hatch latch mechanism to one found on newer cars, a motorized draw-down type, so I will never have to slam it shut. This is especially important if the new hatch seal pushes back harder than it should. Of course, I might be compelled to find some linear actuators for the hood and hatch. I am a dreamer after all.
  17. I do love qualitative claims. One of my favorites is "water-resistant". Everything is water-resistant - for a while.😁
  18. Since that area would likely flex on a regular basis, would you be confident the POR-15 would flex with it and remain adhered to the surfaces? I've used similar products and they are extremely hard - which always raises a flag because with hardness, often comes brittleness. I've never evaluated any of them on that basis so I am curious what you think.
  19. I love the idea so I had snagged a pic with the intention of doing similarly on mine. Sorry I couldn't properly attribute it to you.
  20. Someone on this forum did an interesting modification to prevent water infiltration at the drain holes in the rocker panels. A similar approach might work for a drain hole in the fender.
  21. I'd be very careful in trying to seal such an area. If it is not 100% effective - to include preventing air in/exfiltration as it will carry water vapor which WILL condense inside that space at some point - then you'll be certain to seal IN water that makes its way inside. Perhaps cutting out that reinforcing panel altogether and applying modified design - one that is open and self-draining. Sorry I can't be more specific about such a design. I've given no thought to it as yet, but that same problem is headed right at me. I have two new factory fenders to go on my car, and I am determined to prevent them from rusting. I am also extremely reluctant to start cutting them up or modifying them in any way. Right now it's an opportunity waiting for me somewhere deep inside that tunnel, the light of which I am unable to see.
  22. If you'll send me the dimensions, I can draw it up in 2D and 3D.
  23. ETI4K

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  24. View Advert R200 3.9 Hopefully, local to Virginia! Advertiser ETI4K Date 11/04/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1981 Model ZX  
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