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  1. Years ago I found a service place that catered to Porsche enthusiasts. I needed a bolt-plate alignment (aot to the typical concentric cone style). I think the cost differential was $25 vs $5 per wheel. Yeah, it was painful, but the car became a dream to drive afterwards. Prior, it acted like the front end was going to explode above 50 mph.
  2. I found them on Greenline Motorsports. I think they said 2-5 months delivery.
  3. If the rack is worn, there'd be excessive right and left motion of the steering wheel with no movement of the wheels. You could compare the amount of movement of the steering wheel while the wheels are straight and also at the right and left locks for a clue as to the extent of wear. If the play is similar at all three locations, the problem may well go to another component - tie rod ends, (or as @dutchzcarguymentioned) differential air pressure, different tire tread patterns, any of the three alignment variables, etc. You mentioned you had a concern with a shop's possible non-understanding of how to properly align the car. How do you know the last shop had a clue?
  4. I believe I've read the DS pistons are rebadged Kamearis. Just checked the price: $1375. I figure as soon as I read off my credit card number to TEP, someone will start selling great cast pistons for $300.
  5. That's why I had asked if they were new. My next question was going to be WHERE DID YOU FIND THEM? I'm in the same boat. Need .50mm over. JE Pistons will sell forged pistons direct to you for about $200 each, and Top End Performance will sell you JE Pistons fully and correctly configured for $1300 a set. You can bore ($200) to 1mm over and get Ross for $900 (IIRC), but they seem to not get much love, while JE's seem to be loved by "all". Finally, you can also get Kameari from Japan for under $900, but not in .50mm over. I've been looking for more than a year and am getting uncomfortably close to being okay with $1300 for a set. My engine has had rods conditioned (shortened), the head has been cut, the block has been decked, it has a performance cam waiting to go in, and I am specing 10.5CR. I figure $100 delta for TEP to guarantee proper configuration is worth it; and by getting JE custom made, it obviates buying Cometic or Kameari head gaskets at $200 to get the CR. This is all a lot of fun. I had budgeted around $200 for cast pistons. 😢
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a 'functional' replacement and is not intended to appear as OEM. The part was printed at .20mm using TPU. I designed it using a badly deteriorated sample, so it may need some tuning. The old and new appear to match well - but the new part has not been tested on the vehicle. If you print it and find it could use some tweaks, please let me know and I will dial it in.
  7. I was all set to use a sealant as a precautionary measure, then decided to cut open the tank bc of some significant denting in it I couldn't resolve otherwise. Sure glad I did. The pick-up tube has a VERY fine mesh screen inside a baffle that I had never before seen nor heard of. I suspect the sealant would have done a brilliant job of sealing up that screen as well as everything else it is supposed to do. Tank is from early production '76 280
  8. I am repeatedly amazed how many people will share a personal story with me about their experience with a Z. Either they had one or a friend did. And the stories are pretty similar - fast, fun, and way cool.
  9. I also have chased the elusive, speed-sensitive steering wheel shake. The problem came directly from a wheel-balance problem - BUT! it's not as simple as just rebalancing. The problem was the wheel weights were not distributed symmetrically about the imbalance. Since any balancing process will never be absolutely perfect, the slight inaccuracy of this particular balancing effort worked very well up to about 55mph. Above that speed, the car acted as though it would explode. Definitely hit a resonant frequency. If the weights had been selected and applied more carefully (shall we say?), the inaccuracy would have been significantly reduced. In the end, a perfectly acceptable balance was achieved by using bolt-plate balance fixture as oppsed to the typical centered balance fixture. The difference being each wheel is balanced based upon its mounted center.
  10. I call that cycling the connectors. After doing a long sentence in the high tech arena, besides smacking the cheese out of it, cycling the connectors is always the first publicly acknowledged step.
  11. @psdenno's strategy is good advice. I've been where you are a few times and it ALWAYS pays to take a breather. In addition, besides my favorite saying of my daughter, "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow" 😉, I can add a new one. Thanks @psdenno
  12. So glad you found a solution !
  13. A pic of my three favorite things. Nice!
  14. Good commentary on the razor blades. Having the brand of a good product always helps. The heat gun/razor blade paint removal process beats the hell out of chemical stripper. Along that line, back in '97 my brother the "expert" body man was helping me with my restoration (that went dormant until last year). So last year when I was cutting out a bunch of crappy work I had done back then I found 1/4" of filler in the rear lower quarters. Darn I said, how did that get there? Can you imagine, a 1/4"? Guess who's not helping this time around? 😁
  15. Agreed. I have a Viper alarm/remote that is two-way. The remote receives a signal from the car and displays the locked/unlocked status after pressing a button. I have it programmed for no beeps, no chirps, no lights.
  16. It all seems to have come through successfully. I just did a C&P into Excel and it all looks good. Thank you very much for sharing it!
  17. Yeah, me too. Actually, lots of circuits that are being labeled "NBU" - Not Being Used (same with a bunch of parts) and will be stripped out of the existing harnesses. Several, ok, many, new circuits to be added as well. So much so that I'm in the throes of a dilemma - should I modify old harnesses or just make completely new ones? The more I think about it, the more clear becomes the answer - NEW!
  18. Any chance you'd be willing to share your spreadsheet? I started one last year for wire sizing, overcurrent device, fuse block ID, etc. I had to stop work on it to get some other long-lead tasks moving. Sounds like seeing yours would be very helpful for several reasons, but especially since it's been implemented and cross-checked.
  19. I haven't read through your entire post yet, but what I have is most impressive. This is particularly exciting for me as I am planning the very same course of action. The detail and commentary you've provided will be most helpful. Very nicely done, sir.
  20. @Captain Obvious Did you glue the mitered ends of the door seal to each other? A careful application of some high quality CA adhesive to the flexible rubber seals, as well as silicone (perhaps) for any gap of the gripping portion of the seal may make a significant difference in wind noise.
  21. That reminded me, I used to have an Isuzu Rodeo. The plugs were recessed in the valve covers and the valve cover gaskets eventually leaked oil. When the oil level in the bores got high enough, it would shunt the spark to ground and the engine would misfire on hard acceleration. Took me a good while to figure out that one. It was really strange, because it would idle and drive perfectly as long as your foot wasn't in it. The band-aid was to remove the plugs and carb clean the oil into the cylinders. The cure of course was to pull valve covers and fix the dang thing.
  22. Nice. Never have seen a cap fail that way. Used to see a lot of GM HEI caps fail from carbon tracking inside (boy that's been a long time). Any idea as to its provenance? I guess that means anyone running with a distributor needs to carry a spare cap. The pile just keeps getting bigger. 😁
  23. Well that sucks - Covid. I'm coming to know too many people who are getting whacked by it. I think my wife had it as well. Every single symptom she had is a positive indicator. Never went to the doctor since they just send you home anyway. Glad to hear you're okay and back at the fun stuff!
  24. Love it - a new expression. Mine is tired after being used long and often - "shotgun"
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