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Replacement for the hose that connects the carburetors?

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Hello, I’m new to this forum and Z cars. 

I got a 260z that was sitting in a garage for 25 years, and as a result some of the hoses are very brittle. 

I took the air filter housing off and accidentally broke the hose that goes between the carbs and I can’t seem to find a replacement hose online. 
I could probably just go to a store and get one that fits but wanted to see if I can find a stock molded replacement first. 

The hose is sort of “U” shaped, and is a larger diameter where it attaches to the carb on the front of the engine. 

Any help is appreciated, thank you. 

Side note: I’d also like to replace all the other hoses here, so if someone knows of a kit that I can buy that has all of them, that would be good too



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Hi Cooper260z,

Welcome to the forum. Looks like you have a very complete original flat top carb setup in your car. Somewhat rare to see these days in that good of a condition.

Unfortunately, for you or anyone wanting to replace these hoses, they are all near un-obtainium. Only by diligently searching E-bay for a long time was I able to find original braided replacements for my 73--- it literally took years. There are no "replacement kits" made or offered by any of the suppliers for our 73/ 74 Z's. There has been such a disparagement of the flat top carbs that most people replace them with the earlier round top versions which do not have all the complex hose plumbing original to the flat tops. Reproductions are not likely to be made available as a result.

Yes---- you might find metric braided hose of the correct diameters to fashion and make usable but they will not have the preformed bends of the originals and the fitment will be difficult.

@motorman7 has done some reworking of flat top hoses using off the shelf materials---possibly he will chime in on alternatives.

I will add also  that you might  reach out to our Australian and New Zealand members for these parts. The 260z was sold there for several years past the 74 release here in the US. Quite possibly there is a larger quantity of these parts still available in those countries. You might enlist the help of @Gav240z to try and find replacements. He knows of a fella named Warren that has lots of parts if he can be cajoled into parting with them.

Post photos of your 260-----we love pictures!

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Hi Cooper260z,

My factory-stock, 1978, UK 260z has flat tops fitted. In order to track down this hose, you need to determine the part number from the factory fiche. Below is a screenshot from the US L-Drive fiche. I think the hose you are referring to is number "88", which relates to part "16088-N3300". Despite some US/UK carburettor differences, the part number is the same, for this hose. Looking at ebay, there are currently 2No. available from the same seller at: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-240Z-260Z-280Z-FAIRLADY-Z-S30-HOSE-CONNECTING-16088-N3300-JDM-SPARES/202722668547?hash=item2f33367003:g:uJMAAOSw4eRdXLqM 

(ebay item number: 202722668547)

If originality is important, then it will be worthwhile asking the seller for an image of the actual part, because sometimes these original braided hoses are substituted for smooth-finished hoses, based on the original part number, where superseded.  

Carburetor Fiche.JPG

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Thank you everybody for the replies. 

@jerz that’s the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you. I come from bmw 2002s where I can at least find a reference for everything but I don’t know the resources for these cars yet. 

im not opposed to straying away from stock. I’ll likely get a set of round tops since it seems like these carbs are just prone to being unreliable from what I’ve read. But I was hoping that I’d be able find this hose in this country at least. 

side note, off topic (maybe I should make a new thread, or do more searching.) i got a hold of a nearly complete l24 long block, minus carbs but it has the balance tube and intake. If I go with round tops, would it be easiest to use the l24 intake and or balance tube?


And then a couple pictures since you asked, kinda. It looks a bit worse when you get a little closer, but it’s a very solid car. Very minimal rust, mostly complete, I obviously can’t confirm that the odometer is correct but because of how clean it is I’m slightly inclined to believe the 60,xxx miles it reads. 



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 Often times the wear on the rubber pedal covers is a good indication of the miles . Not an exact science but considerable wear could show the difference between 60,000 miles and 160,000 miles.

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@Cooper260z , yes welcome to the club.  Congrats on obtaining the Z and I'm sure you'll enjoy her for a long time.  As far as getting started, I suggest reading the welcome email but you can focus on a few of our hottest areas:

  • Downloads - Here you'll find many different resources to help diagnose and work on your car:
  • Links - This has many different websites you can visit.
  • Bringing Back the Flat Tops - A great thread by Motorman about restoring these gems.

You can also more messages in our forums and other guys can give you advice.


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5 hours ago, Freez74 said:

I like it, how does it run?

Thanks! I’ve done some brake and ignition work so far. It runs surprisingly well for having been sitting for so long and having old vacuum lines. But I still have some more work to do before I really start driving it. 

2 hours ago, Mark Maras said:

 Often times the wear on the rubber pedal covers is a good indication of the miles . Not an exact science but considerable wear could show the difference between 60,000 miles and 160,000 miles.

the pedal covers still have a good bit of life left in them. Minus the missing gas pedal cover that I assume is supposed to be there. 

Thanks @Mike For the resources! I will check them all out 

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