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  1. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    I would/am going to use KBS rust seal (similar to POR-15) and some good seam sealer to prevent moisture getting under the slam panel area. Gotta be better than the factory effort of nothing - hence why they rusted out!
  2. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Nearly every S30z has rust in those places. If it doesn't, it's been patched already at some point. Dog leg in particular.
  3. Gav240z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I'm guessing these bottles, new or used with the bracket are super expensive?
  4. Gav240z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    By the way Kats, this is a coolant overflow bottle right? I thought the Z432 was fitted with them as standard or was this an optional extra. I know my AU market 240z just has a drain hose that dribbles onto the ground. Always wondered why it didn't get an overflow bottle or need 1 for that matter?
  5. Gav240z

    [SOLD] NOS P90A head for sale $700

    Wow, no valve train however inc. valves?
  6. Gav240z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    That formula is called Retr0Bright http://www.retr0bright.com/ I believe it was originally formed by a bunch of retro computer geeks working in a computer museum and trying to remove the "yellowing" of certain plastics. This is a common method of restoring old Nintendo or Super Nintendo systems (Famicon games consoles to you in Japan) or even just old PC's / Keyboards etc... However as I understand it, the de-yellowing works for a while, but eventually the plastics may revert back to their natural yellow state. I went out and purchased the ingredients for this, but never actually tried it myself. I probably should, seeing how Jerry's washer bottle turned out (may need to wait for summer here in Sydney). https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/11678-removing-yellowing-from-plastics/ I was going to restore the tail lamp housings (which went brownish over time) using this method, but ended up hitting them with vinyl paint instead. https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/13514-tail-light-restoration-tutorial/
  7. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    I sold my first 240z back in 2001 (because I had bought another 240z), I still regret it. Learnt my lesson. Never sell them! Hence I've got 4 now lol..
  8. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    haha, yeah but the house helps set the era of the photo of the car. I'm also in the market to buy a house so can't help it. :)
  9. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Loving that 70's architecture for the house!
  10. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    RE: Flat tops, thought it worth mentioning this. https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/5381-whats-the-difference-between-240z-carbys-and-260z-carbys/?do=findComment&comment=84116 Gordon Dobbie is well known in Australia for racing S30Z's and many other Datsun (Fairlady Roadsters which had the Twin Solex/Mikuni 44's fitted to a U20 motor in Australia). I've heard from a few old racers in Australia that the 260z carbs performed well if not better than round top SU's on the race track! Just to stir a few pots here 🙂 This is also backed up by member Xnke, perhaps someone here? This is also a view re-affirmed by someone here. When he discusses experimenting with different needles in the SU's on his stroker (4:55) mark. However found that SM's were ideal, even though they lean out up top, around town at lower RPMs they were better suited. So it's difficult to set up the round top's to work at both upper and lower RPM. Food for thought on the topic anyway!
  11. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Yep was gonna say watch out for the asbestos in that insulation material.
  12. Gav240z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    For the record my 72 240z has never had vapour lock issues, driving in 40degree (celsius) + Australian weather along the highway in summer. I was dying because of no air con, but the car was fine. My 72 240z at the time still was running twin SU's with factory airbox, heat shield, return fuel line (with no insulation) etc.. I also didn't have an undertray on the car. Factory style radiator (pretty sure re-cored to 3 core from factory 2 core). The car did however have a later style fluted/vented factory bonnet (75+), so that may have helped.
  13. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Makes sense to me, which is why it sort of upsets me that so many were likely thrown out over the years. What a waste. Interestingly this 260z 2+2 came onto the market in Australia a while ago and 1 of the things that appealed most to me about it, was the fact it still had the original flat tops and steel wheels and caps! https://photos.app.goo.gl/CWdhoXxY9WjdXoKE2 All the emissions gear was there and in place too. Beautiful.
  14. Gav240z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Good to see flat tops being utilised, I've heard they are actually superior to the early round top SUs as the idle circuit can be set independently of the rest of the throttle range. I think the flat tops suffered from the old grape vine, in that a lot of folks never actually took the time to understand them, restore or fix them so they work properly and just ditched them based on what "other people said". But many of these people would not have verified the facts for themselves. I would be very interested in the opinions of those who have had experience with them and got them running right! The only downside I see with them is that they make the engine bay look a lot more complex than the earlier simpler carbs.
  15. Gav240z

    Field-Find 3 Datsun 240Zs

    I don't disagree these cars can be "better" or more fun modified. Why do you think I have 4 of them? 😛 #51 - Will go back as original as possible, but impossible to be a survivor given it's level of rust. #150 - Will be done to as high standard as I can manage (it's my first FULL restoration), but I am looking for a more fun driver quality car than absolutely mint concourse restoration. #1415 - Is very original, but has deteriorated, but I want to keep as much patina as possible, however it may just need a repaint. I will try and resist this. #10552 - I am slowly building towards as Works Rally Tribute car. I personally think all Early S30Z's are worth saving - within reason if possible. But I want to let the seller get on with selling his cars. 😄

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