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  1. That looks fantastic to me. Are you thinking of offering them for sale? Given the amount of antenna motors I see on eBay missing the antenna itself (broken) I'd say being able to offer a repair option with the cool looking arrow tip (my opinion) could be a winner?
  2. I managed to get the mast out using this penetrating liquid. But I cannot extend all parts of the mast. I can extend a few but not all.. I tried putting more liquid wrench into the mast itself and left it a few days but still didn't work. I also couldn't remove the mast tube from the body either.. I've tried a propane torch to heat it and penetrating fluid but so far no joy... any other ideas? I also got thinking about potential mast replacements.. for the arrow tip... A few are on eBay for $16. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Antenna-AM-FM-Radio-Replacement-Mast-Cable-Cord-For-95-98-Nissan-240SX/323185742673?epid=20017502835&hash=item4b3f5f1351:g:JTkAAOSwnklawuIx This 1 looks close... https://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-POWER-ANTENNA-ROD-MAST-FOR-NISSAN-240SX-300ZX-MAXIMA-STANZA-1989-1996/223859901620?hash=item341f1704b4:g:IQYAAOSwydpeIpFN https://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Antenna-Aerial-AM-FM-Radio-Replacement-Mast-Cord-92-03-Mitsubishi-Diamante/133089766376?hash=item1efcc4abe8:g:7~EAAOSwiuFepPQC If these are made of stainless could you dremmel them into an arrow tip shape? As a potential replacement? I'm thinking if this is made of stainless you could shave it down (to required profile) and then polish it up again ?
  3. Hi Folks, 1 thing I'll note is that we often refer to these Antenna's as Harada made, but I bought 1 from Yahoo! Japan a while ago that I suspect is a Clarion unit. I've attached photos of 1 on there now. I mention it because it's got the "arrow" tip antenna that we often say is an early S30Z thing, but I suspect the arrow tip antenna's came on later S30Z's in Japan also. As they seem a lot more plentiful there. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/x673873132?conversionType=browsing_history I don't know if this makes any difference what so ever in terms of the rebuild process or how they are made? But just including it as an FYI. I do wonder if these are made by Clarion under licence like the Fuel pump was originally a "nikki" but later I note "atsugi" on them and other brands cast into parts.
  4. Hey Kats, thanks for the laugh, I'm glad you like that song. Filmed in my home town of Melbourne streets too! Of course the local school yard variant was "It's a long way to the shops if you want a sausage roll". Which was the quintessential lunch time snack. How about going to a local aquarium for filter tube? https://www.ebay.com.au/i/122870227473 My old hose is very brittle, kind of like the windscreen washer jet tubes! So I'd be looking at something like this, for a transparent tube. Ok, so I have a question. I'm half way through tearing mine apart. Unfortunately the plastic retainer that sits on top of the nylon mast cord snapped, despite my best efforts to remove it in 1 piece, it was fused in. Perhaps you guys have suggestions on how to remove it without breaking it the next time I do this? (I have a couple of antennas). Where I'm stuck? I cannot remove the mast from the antenna motor body. It seems fused together. I removed the screws at the base of the mast but no idea how to separate the 2? Any tips so I don't damage it? Also the antenna itself, I can get the top part to extend and the bottom, but all the incremental steps in between seem to have fused together and each "step" won't extend further. I was going to try applying heat from a propane torch, not sure if this is a bad idea on alloy though? Photos of what I've managed to pull apart here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Wote3a8HA4PX4Why6 Any suggestions are welcome.
  5. It's definitely a TM-1081ZB(S) radio. Out of early 240z. Let me know if you have any RF Chokes / Fuse Assemblies you can part with?
  6. Gav240z

    WTB: Hitachi Radio

    Thank you Zup. That looks like the right globe. I'll double check the measurements. Any ideas on the RF choke and spring?
  7. Gav240z

    WTB: Hitachi Radio

    RE: #3 the globe. Attached is a photo of it, you can see I broke it when I accidentally dropped it on a tile floor. It looks similar to the BA9's in the Gauge Clusters but the bayonet is a bit different? Perhaps that doesn't matter? Anyone know if you can get green LEDs to replace it or another suitable alternative?
  8. I'm not sure I see the merit in restoring to include the defective diff position myself. Although I understand wanting to be "original". But for me it's like keeping the oiler bar when they later had the internally oiled cam design which was better and for the most part both won't be seen once installed.. In terms of hard to find parts. Ashtray's (early ones) because they were made of bakerlite plastic and so no reproduction exists. 1 drop and they shatter into a bajillion bits. I also think the original sound deadening material cut to appropriate shapes would be great. (I think material still exists but you gotta cut to spec). Original Jute underlay and loop pile carpets are another..(still haven't found great sources for those). Then rear 1/4 panels, roof skins and rear valance sections would really kick things along.
  9. I would probably just replace them also, depends how much you need to skim off them and what the minimum thickness is after that. Deep pitting will be a problem.. Half the issue here will be that undoing a lot of badly rusted stuff can be frustrating and take hours.. If the calipers have seized pistons etc.. it might be easier to start with better ones, but the main suspension components will come up good after a blast and powdercoat.
  10. I think the libre's/libra's on there look 100x better than the rota's. Just lower the ride height a bit more..
  11. Gav240z

    WTB: Hitachi Radio

    @Kats I'm not 100% sure the A vs B model designation only applies to the colour of the globe, but so far that's what I've observed. The A seems to be fitted to earlier car. Nearly every radio I've found from an Australian delivered car has a Green led. The only red 1 I have was from eBay and out of an early North American market HLS30. To update my progress here: I just finished restoring a radio or re-plating the hardware that arrived battered and bruised. Video of it working here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VonPvkZ95MR1McA46 My question for Greg or anyone else here, is where can you get the RF Chokes from? Does anyone have a suitable supply? I'm referring to the little coil thing that sits next to the glass fuse in the plastic fuse holder and the spring with it ideally. Pictured below (with a spring, any idea where to find the spring also?).. Good news is I found the fuse holder here for purchase. https://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7920455 I have the reproduction stickers thanks to Greg earlier in this thread. I think this is the right OEM power and speaker loom connector here. http://www.vintageconnections.com/Products/Detail/66 I also have reproduction faceplates and knobs..thankfully. So to finish my radio's restoration off I just need to find: 1. The spring that goes inside the fuse holder. 2. RF Choke itself (coil thing pictured above) - That suppresses unwanted noise. 3. A suitable operating globe (green / ignition switch light) - not the operating light LED itself (on front panel). I shamefully dropped the globe by accident and it shattered so need to source a replacement, even an LED with Green condom over it would be suitable. Just need to know the size or what others have used? Any suggestions on where to get these 3 items would be very much appreciated..
  12. Ha, I've been watching his channel because of his Skyline content. A fellow Australian :).
  13. Thanks Kats, I knew about the home market steering wheels being shallower than the export market cars. I agree it was likely for leg room. But I couldn't really tell in the photos. :). I didn't know about the horn button changes. I knew that there was "blue" (non 432 engined S30Z's) and "red" which this car had, but I didn't know about the horn icon. As you know our export market cars just had "DATSUN" on them. I couldn't see the keys property, buy my early 240z (HS30-00150) has a "garage" position on the ignition switch. Still not sure what that does? Do you know? What is the difference between early and later dashboards in the home market? I know North American cars had the hazard switch moved about, but AU market cars didn't come with hazards and the dashboard is basically the same from 1970-73.
  14. What about ashtray lid, early ones had a longer handle. I can't tell for sure but this looks like a later style lid.
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