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  1. I think anyone who's spent time working on these cars will appreciate how each component is made or engineered. Having pulled apart the OEM AM radio I was fascinated by the engineering in the mechanical tuner and how intricate it all was (before all that kind of thing was digitised), same for the Harada Antenna and even the combination switch for the headlamps etc.. once you've pulled it apart and repaired it, you gain an appreciation for what went into making the product. Especially considering this was all pre computer aided design. The Rally Clock is next level in terms of the oscillator box, I have had several repaired by Ron at ZClocks and I find them as fascinating piece of technology - albeit temperamental.
  2. Hi Kats, I used to think I love them unrestored also, but it really messes with my OCD. Especially because on my white 71 the paint has flaked off in areas. I'm thinking I'll try and patch and touch it up, but leave it as rough and ready as I can, until the day I can't take it anymore and decide to refinish it properly. The hard part is knowing what parts to restore on it. For example do you replate hardware? Repaint the engine block? Air cleaner? Etc..? Reskin the dashboard?
  3. RE: Headlights, I assume the metal die used to cast the headlight buckets could not easily get that sharply defined edge on the headlight buckets the way an FRP mould could. So probably why they have a more "dull" looking edge. But to be honest I never would have noticed if it were not for you pointing it out! RE: Date stamps I love finding that stuff, problem is if you have those parts re-plated during restoration you lose the little factory stamps.. 😞
  4. Hey Kats, I had a bumper restored by a company in Melbourne who were able to straighten it out really well, better than I could with a hammer/dolly. Photos before: https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/12896-wtb-rear-bumper-2-seater-s30z/?do=findComment&comment=176976 Photos after: https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/12896-wtb-rear-bumper-2-seater-s30z/?do=findComment&comment=186589 Originally I was going to put this back on my red 72 (HS30 10552), but it was too nice compared to the rest of the car. So I swapped the bumper off HS30 00150 onto the red car and have kept the restored bumper for HS30 00150 when that car is repainted. They did such a great job, I would not bother buying the aftermarket bumpers on offer. Instead I'd have them restore the originals! I think the finish is probably better than back in 1970.
  5. @katsI wonder where you find such rare pieces? My blue interior - especially the plastics have faded to turn more green than blue.
  6. I can do the same thing when looking at the Rb26 in my Nissan Stagea (260rs). I have been fascinated with the RB26 for 20+ years and I just like looking at the engine in the bay at times.
  7. Write an email to Carl Beck and ask him to post it on Zhome.com 🙂 Tongue firmly planted in cheek. 🙂
  8. Hi Kats, The data I have is all from user submitted data or from cars I've managed to uncover chassis no.s for, usually from for sale listings or from licence plate reverse look up's. So it's patchy at best. But here is what I can tell you. HS30-01501 was on TradeMe.co.nz in NZ recently for sale (May 2020), according to the then owner, it sold new in Queensland Australia. Photo of how it looks now. HS30 01501 I've tried to determine what is the highest HS30 prefix car before reaching #2000 and the highest recorded number I have is: HS30 01973, I don't have photos of that car, but the next highest car is: HS30 01945 and I do have photos of that car. This car is also Australian delivered. The compliance date (date they arrived and were certified in Australia) seems to be consistently around Dec 1971. HS30 01945 What I've found is that towards the end of the chassis range, cars were sold in NZ and the UK. For example: HS30-01838 HS30-01839 HS30-01843 All appear to have been in NZ. HS30-01914 was sold in the UK. I think your guesstimate of 300+ cars is probably fair. What I noticed with HS30's (In Australia anyway) is that the 72 model year is by far the rarest model (compared to 70,71 and 73). I am guessing this is because Nissan ramped up production of Fairlady 240Z and Fairlady 240ZGs around this time period and perhaps made less HS30's for Australia, NZ, PNG, South Africa, UK, Hong Kong etc.. I do try and collect HS30 data outside of Australia, but getting VIN #s from Japanese cars is always a challenge as @HS30-H has informed me of strict privacy laws (I actually think this is a good thing) and to be fair I think the bulk export HS30s did arrive in Australia out of all RHD export markets and so that's where I've found most of the data. As you know I also own HS30 10552 which is a "72" model, but the date stamps on the seat brackets indicate Dec 71 manufacture date.
  9. Difference is your car is a Fairlady Z-L and the car in the photos I linked to is a Fairlady 240Z-L. L24 = H prefix. And yes it was a beautiful car, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but at the time I should have snapped it up...
  10. I thought about it later and figured that was what you meant. Did Fairlady 240Z-S come with steel wheels only? Not hubcaps? Here is another 240Z-L that found its way into Australia but it's a later 73 model. So the blue is different. https://goo.gl/photos/ouLBkiFBY2c2SkbL9 It doesn't have the black wipers but possible a lot was changed over the years.
  11. I did not realise the 240Z-L came with those features! The black wiper blades, and horizontal grille are interesting. I thought it would have had the "mesh" style grille like all other home market cars. What do the scallop style wheel caps look like? A 240Z-L here with the black wiper arms. https://petrolicious.com/articles/this-nissan-fairlady-240z-l-is-a-rare-japanese-survivor
  12. Yes the PNG markings were good. I actually met someone not far from me with a red 240z imported from PNG and I forgot to look under the dash on his car. Next time I see it I will. The radio marking was a first for me also. Most of them have long since faded or been covered in dust. Now I look everywhere for markings on factory parts.
  13. Well I have a forum thread for you! https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/18677-glovebox-inscriptions-on-s30zs/ A couple of the images look broken (I'll fix those later) but if you click on them the image should load (it's just the thumbnail that is broken). It also wasn't just the glove boxes, but original radio's also got markings!
  14. Hi Kats, Reproduction fuel tanks can be bought here. https://s30.world/
  15. Does anyone know what happened to that car? I recall seeing those photos of it on this site at least 15 years ago. But no follow up on where it is now?
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