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  1. I think it sold for around $1,500 USD a couple of years ago. Not a bad price really, considering what some are asking for second hand ones these days.
  2. I haven't looked inside the 2 radios to compare yet, someday I will. However I thought you'd appreciate these pics of a NOS radio I wanted to buy on eBay. But someone else outbid me. https://goo.gl/photos/sXHcEMFqGQPd3K5ZA It shows the original box/booklet and condition of the radio is superb. A true treasure.
  3. Hey Kats, I have both ZA and ZB radio's and noticed the red vs green light. I believe the ZA radio I got came out of a very early 240z. You car is the first I've seen with working red light. I think it may have applied to very early build date cars. The rest of mine are all Green.
  4. Thanks I have that manual, but I had difficulty understanding it. Perhaps because I don't have the same background as you do. I'll be sure to reach out to you. I am waiting on the radio chassis to come back from re-plating. Then I have to find my reference pics of when I took it apart. Which you can find here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/AvuUP6gMXZW9qMKL7 I started with this radio because it was damaged in the post (chassis got bent) and it chipped a part of the PCB off, which I was wondering how to best repair. It still works but I have trouble with the signal seek function. I figure if I mess this 1 up, at least it was already damaged, but given the value of these radios now I want to fix it properly. 🙂
  5. @kats just wanted to say thank you for sharing that 8- track repair information. If I manage to figure out how to restore these Hitachi TM-1081ZB(S). I'll be sure to share a write up.
  6. Thanks mate, I've actually found a shop like that that deals in antique radios along the central coast of NSW, but it's a bit of a drive out that way. I was hoping to figure it out myself and share the knowledge with the community. My mum is good friends with someone who used to repair old Television sets and has been doing part time work (he's retired) repairing vintage fuel injection systems for early BMW's that are being restored. I've been meaning to ask him to take a look, but he lives in Melbourne and I'm up in Sydney. So it's a little difficult.
  7. Kats do you have any tips on repairing these? I've got a couple of TM-1081ZB(S) radio's and some of them only move in 1 direction, but don't return and come back the other way. I was looking for a switch to clean. I've sent the housing off for gold plating, so until I get it back I haven't looked at it more, but would love to learn more about refurbishing these radios.
  8. Kats I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but old tyres are for display not driving on. 😄 On my 72 240z when I replaced them after having the car in storage for many years when I was living in Europe (7+ years) I decided to replace all 4 tyres. To my shock I discovered they were from 1987! I couldn't believe how different the car felt when I put new tyres on it. It completely transformed the car. It went from a bone jarring hard ride to a soft complaint car. When we replaced them we noted the sidewall was starting to crack. I am not surprised you had a tyre blow out.
  9. By the way @kats I wasn't sure if I should share this here, but I figured this car would appeal to someone such as yourself. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z-39/ More from it's originality stand point that the history being put forth.
  10. @kats I love love love the 8-track. 🙂 I really like the warm feel of the old radios. I think the movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E captures the magic of the old radios in this scene. I can almost taste that sandwich watching it. 😄 I would love to find an Peppino Gagliardi 8-track out there. :).
  11. Nice Kats, love the idea of recreating the old genuine part sticker too. Looks like you carried that glass with you through the airport lounge. I'm glad I'm not the only 1 who carries car parts with me on international flights. :D
  12. I'm not sold on the bead blast finish of the intake manifold. I have been using vapour blasting to refinish my alloy parts and wouldn't try anything else personally. I'm not sure how good these looked 50 years ago, but I feel these look better than new and that may be "over" restoring for some, but I'm more than happy with it.
  13. Kats I'm so glad the dashboard turned out the way it did, the early S30Z dash is a timeless design and still looks fantastic today. I'm yet to see a more exciting instrument cluster in a car ever! My FD RX-7 is close, but I still love the trio of center gauges and think they really add to the sporty feel and the deep tach/speed-o-meter binnacles are the best look in front of the driver. Ergonomically it may not be the best by today's standards but aesthetically I still love it. I see aftermarket accessories for the FD RX-7 to give the 3 gauges to the left of the driver. Even my Stagea 260RS has the trio of gauges in the middle. So I really think it's a timeless look emulated by many all these years later. FWIW, I hate the way it was replicated in the 350z (Z33) / 370z (Z34), it doesn't look cohesive with the dash, like the early cars did.
  14. Thanks Kats, but I don't think those particular sections will help me out. The damaged areas on mine are the base and sides but not those particular pieces. Is that an early car feature/difference Kats? I've never seen that on a 240z myself.
  15. Hey Kats, let me know if you have any old blue seat material you don't need afterwards? I would like it for HS30 01415 😁
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