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  1. HS30 00150 - Original glass has same stamping (non tinted glass).
  2. On my car HS30 00150 it was silver.. Here is what was left of it.
  3. Haha, thanks. I'll add it to the list of things I need to ship with you from Europe -> Australia. But being glass it will need to be carefully packaged. It makes sense it was a "Deluxe" model option though, Australian spec cars were quite spartan in many ways. Didn't even get Hazard switches until the 260z! I just like the "busy" look on an early car like the photo below shows. Yes @Mike B I think was asking me about them. I took photos of the 1 from HS30 00150 and it's exactly the same stamping etc.. not rare at all over here. So I'm sure you'd find someone willing to swap for a frosted glass version. I believe the defrost glass was "optional" but only ever seen 1 or 2 here in HS30's. We all want what we can't have!
  4. Funny enough all AU market cars had the clear glass. I actually want the vertical defrost glass. It was later I discovered the early 69 build cars had the clear glass only in North America.
  5. And that's the correct way, if you look in the factory parts manuals it shows chassis ranges, but also production dates as guides for part no's. If you called a dealer and said it was a series 1 you needed a part for, they may send you the wrong part!
  6. Beautiful... wish I could spend the money right now.
  7. My dealer fitted aircon in the 71 240z... Controls sit on side of console. Passenger foot well. Compressor sits on bracket under airbox. Condenser and radiator set up. Firewall doesn't use piping like the Fairlady Z models. Instead there is 2 holes under the battery.
  8. I wish there was reproduction carpets exactly in the style of the originals like your photo Kats. I think my 73 240z I bought in the late 90s had the original carpets still but they were begging to disintegrate and everytime I'd move them in and out of the car there would be black bits of carpet left all over the floor. It was frustrating, but they fit perfect in the car. So far no aftermarket floor carpet has fit as nicely.. I never knew they had an inspectors tag on it either. Cool.
  9. Looking at the air con install my 71 240z appears to have a dealer fitted system that is very similar. Let me take some photos of how it's all routed.
  10. I just like the fact that this sale has blown up major news outlets ..
  11. I can't like your post because this site throttles how much I can like stuff ;). I have actually seen this panel before in a Fairlady Z that Hung had, I will ask him for photos of it again. I had never seen it before. He said it was factory air-con and I was skeptical because I'd never seen it in a '240z' before. Certainly feel it's almost a necessity in today's summer climates.
  12. Interesting, I always thought Air Con was an after thought on early S30Z's which was later revised in 1974 with later style dashboard change. Hence why so many had "dealer" optioned aircon, but it appears it was a consideration from the beginning perhaps? I think you've mention in the past that some HS30-H's had special aircon ducting up front in the Gnose portion of the nose. Was there a factory fitted Air Con set up? Any photos of it?
  13. North American cars from my understanding had them "revoked" due to different state laws (perhaps a Federal law) around the safety of a hand throttle. So although the cars had an allocation for the hand throttle. I heard they were removed once they arrived in the continent. Some cars escaped that scrutiny and survived with hand throttles in place. Australian market cars had them for 70 and 71 models up until the console change over to the later style version. However we found an exception in my 71 240z which was/is a factory auto car. @HS30-H had discussed that this may have been due to the auto box and removed as a safety measure because you can't simply press the clutch in to disengage the drivetrain. I wonder if these are for the S20 motor heater hoses? You should be able to retrofit the throttle cable set up to these cars. Like I said, AU market HS30's had these in place up until the 72 model came in. But that's my sticking point on the "series 1" moniker. It doesn't really mean anything when you look at these cars in the context of a global market. It doesn't really mean anything in the context of the US/NA market either, but some try and bend it to their will with terms like "series 1.5" haha. AU markets (HS30) cars in most cases got neither the defogger or parker lamp switches, so had 2 block off plates. With regard to that vinyl/sticker. Sadly I found part of mine got hoovered up while cleaning the dirt and grime out of my 71. I may end up fitting the hand throttle though anyway... Since I like it. 🙂
  14. Plus don't have to refinance the house just to pay for the service costs. 🙂