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  1. It's a shame the shell and engine were separated.. I wonder if the motor is available for sale?
  2. Gav240z

    Mikuni Carbs

    Pictures of my Mikuni 44PHH carbs
  3. Gav240z

    Gavin's 240z Photos

    Pictures of my Z and my restoration progress
  4. Gav240z

    VicZcar Meet 5

    Pictures from our trip to Kinglake
  5. Gav240z

    Vic Z Car Meeting 4

    Photos from Meeting 4 At Authurs Seat
  6. Gav240z

    Vic Z Car Meeting 3

    Photos From Meeting 3 Torqui Drive
  7. Gav240z

    VicZcar Meet 1

  8. Gav240z

    VicZcar Meet2

    Photos of The Victorian Z Car Club Second Meetin
  9. Gav240z

    Skyline Gallery

    My Skyline Gallery Dedicated to the old skool.
  10. Gav240z

    viczcar docklands photoshoot 2006

    February Photoshoot at the new Docklands area of Melbourne
  11. Gav240z

    My Recaro's

    Pictures of my Recaro Seats after install into the S30
  12. Gav240z

    viczcar august bbq 2006

    BBQ Chat and Meeting
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