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  1. Very nice indeed. Domestic USA Shipping is included in price as well.
  2. The Z Car Depot replacement goes over the existing trim strip on the panel. Are you just trying to remove the remnants of the thin chrome layer to achieve a better bond for the new strip?
  3. First part is Mazda, Z stuff starts at about 11:30 ...
  4. To overcome that problem, the relay controlled harness I built converts to a positive switched headlight system for the led headlights. The new harness runs all the way from the relays to the headlight buckets to get around the impossible to find round connectors that the 280 has. Looking into 3D printing those connectors this year and building some harnesses to make them plug & play for the 280, see if there is a market for them. The 240 headlight connectors a not a problem to source for the earlier cars. The Vintage led headlights are one of the best upgrades I have done on the car, look close to oem, highly recommended.... (working great on those dark drives at this time of year back from Zups house) They also make a classic version now that is more rounded to more closely mimic the look of the original sealed beams.
  5. I'd be nervous too with a -15 offset and 9in width on the front. Zero offset is what to shoot for or close to that.
  6. I'm just trying to save your sensitive back Bruce. I remember Austin....
  7. That was me Dave...... The only time you can't do it is with a dash cap installed which prevents the instruments from coming out towards you. with the vintage dash, this is not a problem.
  8. Don, how did mate the Zstory system to your stock manifold? I have about half the Zstory system installed on my car and am waiting for Sean to make available the downpipe for the stock manifold to finish the system. About 6 months since install, still looks and sounds great, no drone.
  9. For #1 ... the driveshaft length with yours should be fine. For #2 ... in the spirit of "light restoration" examine the u joints for play carefully, replace if any is detected, not costly and easy to do yourself. If you put in greaseable joints, be sure to orient the joint so that when the half shaft rotates to give you access the the zerk fitting, it is accessible.
  10. https://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/datsun/1978/all-models/ I used this for the engine bay frame rails & firewall area in the same blue metallic for a friends 280 that went to Zcon last year. Matched up well. Car is a stock survivor with 50k original miles.
  11. My RB's are 16x7 with Dunlop ultra high performance 205 55 16's Perfect fitment, no spacers, close to stock original wheel diameter for speedo accuracy. The McGard's won't rust, have a lifetime warranty, and the current amazon price is a extremely good deal. I never use impact tools on the lugs & never will. Just torque them to about 85ft lbs.
  12. FWIW I have a set of Rota RB's on my 77, with a set of McGard lug nuts. One is locking on each wheel. Very high quality. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006HOVJI?pf_rd_p=ab873d20-a0ca-439b-ac45-cd78f07a84d8&pf_rd_r=9R1Q7RP1KCPKPJHGNDT4
  13. Thank you, will forward your number to Joyce, the owner of the 75 280z. I gave her your email address, she may have already contacted you thru that.
  14. Myself & the owner of the target 280 are not fans of facebook. They must have a phone number because I believe, Dave and others on this thread have talked to them in the past about shipping updates. They really need a website.
  15. Does anyone have the contact phone number for Vintage Dash? Could not find it online. Need to source one for a friend with a 75 280z.
  16. He looks good standing beside his handiwork.
  17. I think you will find that 205's are the limit in any aspect ratio for the stock wheels. A regular shop will not mount any tire wider. Your options with the oem rims are limited.
  18. Plan on replacing the backup light switch, they are not too expensive and tend to leak internally. Spindle pins are like the lottery, you will just have to cross that bridge when you get to it .... My experience, usually one will put up a fight. You can always take them to a shop with a big press for removal.
  19. Here are some (probably has 20 of them) from the z man of washington .... Shipping could be interesting. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/d/snohomish-auto-trans-datsun-cars/7031022697.html
  20. Many have used this to improve shift feel & performance with excellent results, especially when cold. Highly recommended ....
  21. Additional information & pictures are needed for anyone to speculate on its value. A running driving car is usually valued higher. 1009 ZX R's were produced to homologate the rear spoiler for competition. It is a standard zx with special striping & the spoiler added.
  22. Wow, never seen an adjustable speed one before. Thanks Steve!
  23. I agree, get that 5 speed! Many of the later zx transmissions are close ratio, which most, including myself, prefer. A great deal at $75 with no shipping if its local.