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  1. Thanks! I've been looking for something like that.
  2. Should work fine, where did you get the fuel tubing?
  3. I gently blew some compressed air into the hatch lock opening, and sure enough, I saw the little keyhole cover flopping around. So it's there, but the spring is broken, as Captain said. The rekey kit looks interesting, I had no idea those were available. It does look like a chore to do those door locks. If I cant get this hatch lock to work, I think I'll try to buy another one, since the cover is broken and would let water in. I would have to get a hatch lock keyed to my door locks. I'm kind of used to having to carry two keys for one car, because I also have old GM cars, and that was typical of them. I would definitely not want three keys for one car! Thanks guys.
  4. Thanks for the picture! One thing I would like to know about the hatch lock, is it supposed to have a little trap door to cover the key slot? Mine does not, it's just an open hole to stick the key in. Maybe water has gotten in there and corroded the lock. I sprayed some WD40 in it yesterday, but it still doesn't work.
  5. The hatch is currently unlocked, and the key is horizontal. With the hatch fully closed, no amount of wiggling or jiggling the key will allow the key slot to turn vertical. The key DOES work the glove box lock! (Thanks, Captain, I didn't even know there was a lock on that.) This key must be original, it is very worn, has a faint "N" on it, and has an oval head. So it seems the ignition lock was replaced, and has a different key. The other key should work everything else, but won't lock the hatch. So, I'm going to take that lock out and see what I can do with it. I just wanted to make sure I had the right idea before doing that. Thanks to everyone!
  6. I would like to have only one key also, but I mainly want to get the hatch lock working for now. I don't know how to tell if the lock is broken, or if it takes yet another key. I took both of the Nissan keys to ace hardware and had them copied. The copies work fine in the doors and ignition, but still not the hatch. I guess I'll have to take the hatch lock out and take it to a locksmith.
  7. My 260 came to me with two keys, one fits the ignition, and the other fits the doors. However, neither key will lock the hatch. I read in the owners manual that these cars are supposed to use the same key for all locks. I can understand someone in the past may have changed the ignition lock, but why would the door key not operate the hatch? I would like to get the hatch lock functional. The door key fits in the hatch lock, but will not turn. Any advice?
  8. Why would someone leave those cars outside to rot? What's the story?
  9. That's odd, I didn't have that problem. I don't even have door panels on the inside, and the windows work fine. Maybe you need to adjust your tracks or replace the window channels.
  10. Glad I could help! I hope the stapler works, if not, the 1mm wire does well, just time consuming to push through all those little holes. I was very pleased with the way sweeps worked and fit, with a slightly fuzzy side against the glass. Windows roll up and down well, with the rubber in contact with the glass. You do have to trim the length of the sweep a little, so you have to fit it up to the door and mark the trim strip where to cut it. I also cut an angle into the rubber at the front of the door, seemed to fit better that way.
  11. I found some 1mm diameter galvanized steel wire at Ace Hardware, and used the original staple holes to pass the wire through. Folded the ends over and crimped with pliers, as you suggested. Some of the holes needed to be enlarged slightly with a tiny drill bit. The worst part was getting the old staples out, they are very tight and made of some hard wire, no way to cut them with pliers and pull them out. So I cut each staple in half with a small cutting disc on a Dremel-type tool, and wriggled them out. Repeat many times.
  12. You're welcome, let me know if you have any questions how I did it. There are a few tricks to getting it right.
  13. I bought these and installed them. You have to reuse the original metal backing strip, but it was not that hard. They look exactly like original when done.
  14. I just wire brushed mine and sprayed them with black rustoleum. It's been holding up fine.