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  1. Obviously very different, but I can't find exactly when the change occurred. I have seen those available in a few places also. The 73 model looks like my 74.
  2. This is the one I have. They look about the same to me.
  3. I thought of that. Still hoping for some firsthand knowledge before taking the chance of it not fitting.
  4. Well, they look the same, but of course that doesn't mean they would fit. There may just be a difference in finish, but not how they attach. Hoping someone might have some to look at and compare. Thanks for the input!
  5. I bought a Precision gasket and installed the trim before putting the glass in the car. I used soapy water and a tiny dull screwdriver to work the trim into the rubber. It wasn't that hard, but time consuming. I didn't have any issues with the corners not closing up. Try not to get that silicone on your paint.
  6. Installing the shiny trim should push the rubber out. But I never tried installing it after the glass was in the car, so I'm not sure if that's the best way. Is that the Precision rubber seal?
  7. I have an early 1974 260, with a missing hinge cover. I found this item in the Motorsport catalog, but it says only fits 72 and 73. They look very much like the one cover I now have. I emailed the vendor, and they replied the part numbers are different, so it may not fit. Does have any experience on this?
  8. I did buy a 280Z collar to use with the aftermarket pressure plate. The stacked height looked good, but with the engine running it was hard to shift into a forward gear, and grinding going into reverse. The car was driveable, but engagement was at the top of the pedal travel. I know these may not be same symptoms as yours, just saying there's something funny with these replacement pressure plates.
  9. I hope you can get it working. I had take my transmission out again and put the original pressure plate back in for it to work properly.
  10. Good, hope they can help.
  11. Made any more progress?
  12. I'm not sure about the other things, but the dealer-installed AC system is independent of the blower wiring.
  13. I originally had an air conditioning system like yours, and the compressor power was connected to a wire under the steering column. Power with key on.
  14. Glad you like the Mac's! Yes it is rather stinky, don't inhale deeply.
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