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  1. I could use the E12-05 ignition as spares for my 260. Asking nicely. Thanks, Gary
  2. They were totally seized and wouldn't move at all when I got the car. I took the motor and all the linkage out to find that problem. I soaked the spindles in ATF for weeks, and they finally moved. I worked them back and forth till they worked smoothly. I put a drop of oil on them now and then so they won't get stuck again. So, I think it's just a weak motor, high speed is barely faster than low.
  3. The wiper arms were not installed when I got the car, they were tossed in the back. When I decided to put them on, I looked them over and they appeared to be identical. After reading this post, I decided to check the numbers and sure enough, I had them reversed. However, I decided to leave them this way because I installed 16 inch blades instead of 18 because my wiper motor is so weak. Having the slightly longer arm on the driver side gives a bit better vertical sweep with the shorter blade. When parked they look correct to me. But, now I know the difference!
  4. That's good information, I read through it all. I guess I'll just wait and see what becomes of this. Thanks!
  5. I also purchased of these 550-8040 pumps to have on hand as a spare, as I have no idea how long my original Nikki pump may last. After reading this post, I got the GMB pump out of the box and tested the suction. I pushed the lever up against a wall with my finger over the inlet pipe, and very little suction occurred! I don't know if it would even be able to suck fuel out of the tank. Should I just save this pump for parts and buy one of the stamped dome-top pumps for a spare? Do they work any better?
  6. I had no idea the wiper arms were different. I have one marked LD87L and one marked LA87R.
  7. Thanks! I've been looking for something like that.
  8. Should work fine, where did you get the fuel tubing?
  9. I gently blew some compressed air into the hatch lock opening, and sure enough, I saw the little keyhole cover flopping around. So it's there, but the spring is broken, as Captain said. The rekey kit looks interesting, I had no idea those were available. It does look like a chore to do those door locks. If I cant get this hatch lock to work, I think I'll try to buy another one, since the cover is broken and would let water in. I would have to get a hatch lock keyed to my door locks. I'm kind of used to having to carry two keys for one car, because I also have old GM cars, and that was typical of them. I would definitely not want three keys for one car! Thanks guys.
  10. Thanks for the picture! One thing I would like to know about the hatch lock, is it supposed to have a little trap door to cover the key slot? Mine does not, it's just an open hole to stick the key in. Maybe water has gotten in there and corroded the lock. I sprayed some WD40 in it yesterday, but it still doesn't work.
  11. The hatch is currently unlocked, and the key is horizontal. With the hatch fully closed, no amount of wiggling or jiggling the key will allow the key slot to turn vertical. The key DOES work the glove box lock! (Thanks, Captain, I didn't even know there was a lock on that.) This key must be original, it is very worn, has a faint "N" on it, and has an oval head. So it seems the ignition lock was replaced, and has a different key. The other key should work everything else, but won't lock the hatch. So, I'm going to take that lock out and see what I can do with it. I just wanted to make sure I had the right idea before doing that. Thanks to everyone!
  12. I would like to have only one key also, but I mainly want to get the hatch lock working for now. I don't know how to tell if the lock is broken, or if it takes yet another key. I took both of the Nissan keys to ace hardware and had them copied. The copies work fine in the doors and ignition, but still not the hatch. I guess I'll have to take the hatch lock out and take it to a locksmith.
  13. My 260 came to me with two keys, one fits the ignition, and the other fits the doors. However, neither key will lock the hatch. I read in the owners manual that these cars are supposed to use the same key for all locks. I can understand someone in the past may have changed the ignition lock, but why would the door key not operate the hatch? I would like to get the hatch lock functional. The door key fits in the hatch lock, but will not turn. Any advice?
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