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  1. Yes, I drilled a hole in the top of the bumper and attached it to the tie-down with a spacer. I thought it was the simplest way to mount the bumper. The ends are secured to one of the threaded holes in the body.
  2. Amar, this is what I did with mine.
  3. Amar, I'll get a picture for you tomorrow.
  4. Yes, I did have to remove the gas tank to get the passenger side shock out. It was worth it, though.
  5. Amar, I have the same car as you and I also tried drilling the shocks. It just didn't work and seemed like too much trouble, so I dropped the tank and removed them. I supported the rear bumper using the factory tie-down points and some small brackets I fabricated to support the bumper ends. The big holes in the body left by the shocks annoyed me, so I welded them up. Let me know if you would like more info.
  6. I couldn't find any rubber fuel line that small, so I used weed eater fuel line. It's held up well, and the choke works smoothly.
  7. Hi Amar, That is a very blurry picture, but it appears to be fairly flat. The rubber I got is somewhat L-shaped to press against the window. I can't really tell, but the vintage rubber listing indicates it is intended for this application.
  8. There must be some other type of rubber that would be suitable for this. $200 is a lot of money for two strips of rubber.
  9. Wow. I'm glad I bought mine when I did. It's really not that hard to install, but time-consuming.
  10. My wipers worked erratically, then stopped completely. For a while, I was able to get them to work by slamming the hood, or rapping on the hood latch. I assumed the motor was bad, and started to research the Honda wiper motor conversion. I decided to remove the old motor and take a look before I ordered anything. After studying the cryptic wiring diagrams, I decided to try and bypass the relay mounted on the wiper motor and go straight to the windings. When I did this, the motor ran very reliably in both the low and high speeds. I took the cover off the relay, cleaned all the contacts, and it worked fine! I reinstalled the motor on the car, and it works better than ever. So, cleaning this relay may solve a similar problem, and avoid a motor conversion.
  11. I bought some of those last year also, I wonder why they don't show in the listing?
  12. Mine looks rusty from what I can see of it, but it doesn't seem to have penetrated the cowl yet. Just curious what the proper access procedure is, doesn't look easy. If your air conditioning system does not need outside air, I suppose you could just put a plate over that hole and seal it up. But, then where would the vent selector in the center dash panel get air?
  13. I'm not familiar with the A/C unit, but how did you get that chimney out?
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