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  1. Yes, the indentions in the body were covered by the rubber bumper ends. But, since the 280 doesn't have the indention around the bumper, it might hit the body.
  2. 20181201_103822[1] 20181201_103803[1] Here are my early 260 bumpers pushed in on my early 260. They don't interfere with anything, but I have no 240 bumpers or 280 body to compare. See my post below for pictures.
  3. I have an early 260z, and the bumpers look the same as a 240. The reason they stick out further is there are small shocks between the bumper and the frame. I'm sure they could be adapted to a 280.
  4. Those caps look exactly like the ones I bought, and they seem to fit the same way. My wheels are the mesh type, but the center and lip of the rim look exactly like yours. So, I am pretty sure they are Western, that's what I wanted a picture for. I think if I ever buy any more caps for these, I will shave them down like you did. They have been in the wheels for a couple of years, and I popped them off one time to change tires. No cracks so far. Also, I was sent a little "Z" sticker with the caps, but I didn't put them on yet. Thank you!
  5. Nice idea, I have some 14 inch wheels I believe to be Western, and had the missing center cap issue. I did a pretty good bit of searching, and also found a cap from MSA that was a very close fit. I was able to push them onto the wheels with some effort, without grinding. Could you post a picture of your wheel and the whole cap? Thanks
  6. Engine compartment looks amazing!
  7. Thanks for posting the chart, very useful information!
  8. They look very nice, and only 1000 dollars a pair.
  9. That compressor mount setup looks great, I would really like to do something similar. I do not yet have a ZX bracket to look at, what needs to be done to adapt it to the Sanden compressor?
  10. I look forward to more of this story!
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