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  1. I'd like to thank you guys for the discussion on this. I have a similar issue (difficult to control engine speed just off idle). Lubricating all the linkage points helped, but making the adjustment JFA mentioned also made improvement. I don't think I even knew that ball was adjustable. I shortened it as much as possible, the height of the throttle pedal was raised slightly, but low RPM does seem easier to control.
  2. I'm sure it will work on the 77, the rest of the system will not know the difference. My car came with the huge York and under dash hanging evaporator. On your 240 the Sanden compressor would work with the aftermarket evaporator also. Now is the time for air conditioning work before it gets too hot outside to do it!
  3. No problem, I posted this to help anyone interested in an alternative to York or factory air conditioning compressors.
  4. This is what the installation looks like with hoses and fittings on the compressor. There is no interference with anything and adjustment is fairly simple.
  5. I also would like to remove this unused piece from my linkage. I wonder if it could be split lengthwise with a small rotary cutoff tool, and separated from the shaft.
  6. I took a lot of time measuring and test fitting to get the belt alignment as close as possible. After several trips to the parts store, I found the proper length belt. Thanks for the tip on the short 90 degree fittings!
  7. I live in south MS, so similar climate to you. My car is a 74, so I think it had similar coolant routing originally. I installed 4 screw round tops with no water connection on the intake, blocked/removed every other coolant fitting and it's worked fine for years.
  8. The brackets I purchased are slotted to allow the compressor to swing and tighten the belt. I chose these to avoid using an idler pulley. If the compressor can only be mounted to a fixed bracket, an idler pulley is necessary.
  9. Thank you. The compressor is a Chinese Sanden copy from Ebay for 75 dollars, I just needed something to mock it up with. It may even work for a while!
  10. My car came to me with one of those huge York compressors and brackets hanging off the passenger side of the engine. It didn't work and I took it off because it was in the way. I would like to have air again, though, but thought it would be nice to use the four threaded holes on the left side of the engine block. I bought the adjuster brackets from Summit for $45, and welded them to a flat plate. Had to make a few trips to the store to find the right belt. It clears everything, and the compressor is easily removed, installed, or adjusted. I think it should work well.
  11. Yes, I drilled a hole in the top of the bumper and attached it to the tie-down with a spacer. I thought it was the simplest way to mount the bumper. The ends are secured to one of the threaded holes in the body.
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