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  1. I'm not sure about the other things, but the dealer-installed AC system is independent of the blower wiring.
  2. I originally had an air conditioning system like yours, and the compressor power was connected to a wire under the steering column. Power with key on.
  3. Glad you like the Mac's! Yes it is rather stinky, don't inhale deeply.
  4. That looks very nice!
  5. M4, .7, thanks! I do have the JIS screwdriver, without it I would never have been able to budge them. But, as I was removing them they were very tight, and the heads seemed rather soft and began to deform. I cleaned and oiled the threads as much as possible. Just glad I got them out, but would like to put new ones in if I can find them. The search is on. Thanks again!
  6. I am removing my quarter windows to replace the rubber. I managed to get the retainer screws out without breaking them, but damaged the heads. I would like to know the diameter and pitch of these tiny screws so I can replace them. Thanks!
  7. There are two round holes about 1" diameter under the blower motor on the passenger side if you had dealer installed air. That's where the refrigerant hoses go.
  8. 1. In the evaporator outlet air flow. 2. It follows the refrigerant lines to the compressor. 3. Using sheet metal screws you will see the holes for. 4. Any automotive air conditioning shop.
  9. I use Mac's Aluminum Brightener from NAPA. Spray it on, rinse it off, wheel looks new.
  10. I never could get a Craftsman or otherwise screwdriver to work well on JIS screws. I bought a Pozidriv PZ2 driver from Amazon, and it fits the JIS screws very nicely.
  11. From what I can see, they look pretty good. It's hard to tell how much rust is under the tar mats, though. A look at the underside would help.
  12. The ARA evaporator has no blower, so the fan sucks air through it to pass through the dash vents. The blower intake is at an angle on the firewall side, and the hole in the evaporator mates up to it. The large open end of the evaporator where you see the aluminum fins is its intake side.
  13. The evaporator goes under the blower motor. The square opening in the evaporator box lines up with the intake on the motor housing. There should be two round holes above the passenger's feet for the refrigerant hoses.
  14. I would like to see some more pictures of the car body when you get a chance. Good luck on the dash!
  15. I'm surprised they were able to lift it like that, without the floor caving in.
  16. That's nice little truck. Reserve not met at 15k.
  17. I would think that aftermarket undercoating would devalue the car.
  18. View Advert Factory Wiper Blades Would like to purchase factory wiper blades to fit 1974 260Z. Just functional and decent price. Advertiser Freez74 Date 09/30/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1974 Model 260z  

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  20. Have you ever removed those pieces? There are a few clips inside, maybe some are missing.
  21. Great work! You won't have much trouble installing the starter after the engine is in place.
  22. There are two black wires coming out of the motor housing, one is for low, the other is high speed. If you take the cover off the relay, you can access them. Connect 12V to either wire and ground the motor housing, it will run if the motor is good. If it does run, clean the relay.
  23. I had the same problem with the motor not running. I bypassed the relay and connected a battery straight to the motor, and it ran. Power goes through the relay before the motor, so I cleaned the contacts on the relay, and it worked fine. You might give that a try.
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