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240Z with 41k Original Miles up for Sale

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If it checks out as having "perfect" paint - and the undercarriage is as clean as it should be - - $19K is a bargain.

The problem is that usually when go see the car - with 40.000+ miles - it turns out NOT to be the "perfect" show winner you had in mind... The seller isn't misrepresenting it - its just that we get this mental image of the "perfect" 240-Z that doesn't match up with the car we go look at..

Nonetheless - if you keep in mind that it HAS been used for 40K miles..you most likely can't put a 240-Z in that condition for any less money... Not to mention years of work..


Carl B.

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I happen to know this car, Its extraordinarily clean, however if I remember right people said it had a few minor changes here and there keeping from being 100% original. Dont quote me on this as I only looked and said "pretty!" I dont know the cars well enough to say what was stock and what wasn't, mine has very little original on it so ive never bothered to find out what is supposed to be there :D

IF somebody on here is interested in purchasing it, let me know and I will be happy to put them in touch with some local members who did examine quite thoroughly and are very familiar with 240zs. I would say that there is probably a bias against the seller so take what you hear with a grain of salt and verify it, but at least its a starting point for verifying its condition and unmolested status. The owner of the car does have an Eye for quality so if he bought it, its about as close to perfect as you get. He just is not a Z fanatic so concours level details(those tiny little differences that some people live for) would not be something he would catch.

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It does look beautiful, and I am sure it would make a great driver. (But be advised that my 240Z looks great in pictures and MUCH worse in person.)

I also notice that it has what appears to be a "Blaster" coil and the air reactor is probably missing. (See the photos taken from the right side of the engine compartment. The air reactor outlet on the air cleaner housing does not have a hose attached.) Those are not problems if you just want a really good condition driver or collector car. But they might be an issue for a show car.

(I personally take my car to shows mostly just to prove that it still exists, not to win anything.)

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The non factory items that I cought are the rims, exhaust, and center console. Beautiful 240Z though :) Would be even cooler if she had the manual transmission :)

A poster here once stated that automatics tend to me less molested and pampered more often...so having repeated that; I would guess that would be a main reason it is in such good shape.

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