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  1. If you, Sir, or anyone who reads this happens to have a short angled valve stem to work on an appliance wire mag wheel, please let me know.....I need ONE.  Thanks.

  2. 18 Jan 2012 - Epilog My former 240Z was picked up by the transport company on 31 October 2011. It was crated and staged in Long Beach, California until 30 November 2011, when it sailed for Norway. It was unloaded in Oslo on 9 January 2012, and picked up by its new owner on 11 January 2012. Congratulations, Terje! You've got a nice car, and I'm confident that it will lead a pampered life from here on.
  3. 31 Oct 2011 - And Then There Were None...
  4. 13 Sep 2011 - The Final Chapter? Not much more to say. The 240Z was offered for sale in September of 2011.
  5. 1 Sep 2011 - No, I Didn't Fall Off the Planet Holy cow! I really didn't mean to ignore this site for almost a year. But I did. I apologize to anyone who might be left out there after all this time. Assuming that anyone is still interested, here's what has happened since our last episode: Nothing much of note to report last winter. I drove the car at least weekly as I always have. I did stumble across what looked like a good deal on eBay last February, though. There was a vendor there selling NOS Nissan non-emissions 240Z distributor advance springs. Cheap. So I picked up a pair. You
  6. 23 Oct 2010 - Drive More, Show Less Several months have passed since my last post, so here's the latest batch of updates. Back in June I added another period accessory - a set of coco floormats. I decided I needed something to prevent me from wearing out the new carpet I installed early last year. An obvious choice would have been the rubber mats made by Amco back in the '70s, but those haven't been available for decades, and all the used ones I have seen on eBay and other places have been well-worn. But the Amco mats weren't the only choice back then, mats made of coco or sisa
  7. 24 Apr 2010 - Spring Cleaning A few more small updates as we prepare for Spring and Summer driving. The windshield sunshades I mentioned last post did arrive shortly after I wrote that. They turned out quite well, and I installed one of the production items almost immediately. I'm well pleased with how that turned out, it's a good period-correct addition to the car. In my previous post I mentioned having a couple of new keys cut. Besides being necessary due to wear, I was hoping the results would be good enough that I could have a special key cut this way once I was certa
  8. 23 Jan 2010 - Miscellaneous Updates I'm back again. I haven't been adding to the webpage regularly, it just seems like the small little things I've done or seen haven't been enough to justify a whole new entry. After all, the car is running great, and all the big stuff is done. But if I wait long enough between updates I can talk about two or three little things to get caught up. So here goes... Late last Fall I installed a heavy duty differential limit strap replacement. Early Z cars have chronic problems with differential mounts. Even stock cars like mine are very hard on the
  9. 9 Oct 2009 - Happy Third Anniversary! Yes, as of the end of last month the red 240Z has graced our garage for a full three years. Hard to grasp, really, as it doesn't feel like it's that long. But the calendar and dates don't lie, and almost 4000 miles have been racked up in the last 12 months. As of this third anniversary, my total mileage added to the car is almost exactly 10,000. This year has seen less significant changes than the last. The car received new carpet, a different set of the same style wheels, some fine tuning (both ignition and carbs), and a more attractive exhaust.
  10. 6 Sep 2009 - We're Not Rich The car has seen a fair number of miles since the last post, and a few changes too. We had an opportunity last month to get together with a bunch of people that Deanna and I hung out with in high school. Hadn't seen most of these people for almost 25 years. The gathering was 175 miles away in Klamath Falls, where I grew up. Since this was a group of people that we knew in the '70s, it seemed appropriate to drive a '70s car. So we did. After getting the ignition happy again (see last post), I had noticed that the car felt like it was running a bit lean
  11. 16 Aug 2009 - More Recent Events Another bunch of semi-random updates. Finally broke down and actually joined a club, rather than repeatedly crashing their parties. I am now officially a member of NorthwestZ. I've been hanging out with several of their members pretty much since I started with the yellow Z, so it was time to go ahead and take the plunge. Drove back up to the Portland area earlier this month, for the Northwest Datsun Owners' Association annual show at Blue Lake Park. As normal, I visited with friends and looked at other cars. Great weather, fantastic attendance.
  12. 12 Jul 2009 - Recent Events Here follows a veritable hodge-podge of Z updates from the previous four to five weeks. First up - Spent some time in the garage last month, and completed a modification I've been meaning to do for almost 3 years now. Here is the picture: Now I realize that those of you who own '72 and later Zs may be scratching your heads about now. But those who own '70-71's will recognize that the early seat backs don't tilt forward like that. Yes, I refurbished and installed a set of the later reclining-type hardware on my seats. Now they not only tilt
  13. 15 Jun 2009 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly My apologies to Clint Eastwood. Yesterday was the Datsuns NW show in Canby, which had elements of all three of Clint's adjectives. But I'll examine them in a more positive order. The Bad - Obviously, the loss of my car's fuel door latch. (See next paragraph.) It will take some effort to find one as nice as what I had. (Great chrome, no pitting, nice cad plating on the retainer and the latch lever.) But I'm pretty confident that I will find one eventually. The Ugly - Also obviously, the cretin who stole my car's fuel door latch,
  14. 21 Mar 2009 - Plugging Along Found my high speed miss/lack of revs this morning. Finally! And it was neither fuel nor timing. One of my former 240Zs (can't remember which) came with a very old, tattered copy of a service manual. Very generic looking, inside it says it was published by Henley in 1971. Fairly complete as far as mechanical data, most of its info and pictures appear to be copied straight out of the factory manual. (Apparently nobody paid attention to copyrights back then.) Some of the text was obviously rewritten by native English speakers, and the entire troubleshooting
  15. 14 Mar 2009 - Wheels, Again Today I had the wheels I referred to last month mounted on the car. This set isn't perfect either, but after all the work they turned out much nicer looking (up close) than the previous set. Since it's raining pretty steadily this aternoon, I don't have any new pictures, and besides, the difference from any distance or in a picture will be rather subtle. Here is a picture I took comparing the two sets fairly late in the refurbishing project.
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