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  1. Yes please i ikke to get the color code PM send
  2. Okay, after a fair bit of searching i found it, RAL 1006 if anyone should be interested
  3. Hi all I know i have been reading about some person here, who have found a Ral color code that come close to Butterscotch but cant seem to find it, anyone here remember ??
  4. No, i have not tried to call, would like to avoid that, long distance call, i tried to write him again yesterday, still no contact
  5. I tried to mail Les regarding this but with no luck, anyone know hos to catch him, im overseas
  6. I know it's a little late to chime in here, but i had mine taxed with a 5 speed, dosn't make any big difference, your saving will be less than shipping a transmission. FYI i have a 4 speed here, only keeping it because it is the matching tranny for the car
  7. Thank you John, http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/carburetors-s30/37492-lynx-manifold-photos.html#post446728 photo 3-4- and 5 is my car ;-)
  8. There must be other who make this grinding stuff, maybe you can even rent the maschine, my floor is not finished yet so i can't show you the result, the total price will be less than $30 per sq meter and i didn't touch a finger.
  9. You can have a look here: A polished concrete floor of beauty - HTC Superfloor?
  10. I know it's poured, i'm not that dumb:classic: the thing is, do you need to cover it ? The basement floor in the house i'm building is made with a mix of Sweedish granite in the concrete, grain size up to 5/8 inch, it is "sanded" down with a diamond sander, it will end up being as smooth as a babys butt and then polished with a special resin, the resin will be in the concrete and not on top of it, it will resist everything and if it get dull and scratched, just have it polished back up. Cheaper than tiles and you can't beat the look, to my taste, this is how it look in the first stage.
  11. I do, but it depends on the kind of slab you got, do it have a lot of gravel ? big or small grains ? color of gravel ?As for the insulation, i would advise you to put the vapor barrier on the studs, then add 2bys to the studs and fill in more insulation before dry wall it, that way you can pull all your wiring on the "hot" side of the vapor barrier, it's kinda hard for me to explain why in Enlgish, but it's all about not penetrating your vapor barrier and keeping it tight.
  12. ChrisZ

    Battery size

    Cheers Jim, now for the hunt to begin
  13. ChrisZ

    Battery size

    Hi Guys I need a little help here, i like to know the size of the stock battery, not # something but the actual size in inch or millimeters. Anyone ?
  14. Do a search here after "datsun parts" and you will get your answer
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