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  1. I would have to go look and let you know.. off the top of my head I have no idea. Could have been for a mounting on a car for another country or an update that never was instituted. Old 240Z's that had mechanical fuel pumps had wiring installed for electric pumps. But they were never used here. Could be bracket for something that was meant to be used later in the model run. OR, it is a place where you should have bold and do not. Hard to say. I bet some of the wiser guys have answer.
  2. I know what that is like buddy. I was so Z oriented for so long. Then I bought the Roadster and that consumed me as well. After my kids sports started the cars had to take a back seat for a while. We had some illnesses in the family and picked up a new puppy and things just kept snowballing. I am happy to start the Z rolling around again and get that beautiful hood some sunshine. Want to do some projects that have been lingering in my mind. Should probably put in a new clutch eventually, but the current one is still doing the job. Want to up my carbs to 45 DCOE's instead of 40's, but that is a big investment to JUST try it out. Life does get in the way of the Z's but eventually when the dust settles they just wait for us. That next amazing drive is just around the corner.
  3. I am not planning on selling the engine. I am actually going to clean it and rebuild it maybe. It does not leak and never burned any oil. I wonder if I should just clean it and store it or if I should just take it apart (for fun mostly) and put new OEM rings and bearings and let it go to the next owner. I have the original A type 4 speed too, which also worked perfectly.
  4. I have drawers full of grommets, turn signals, turn stalks, and other parts. I have three distributers. One Original, and one has a pertronix unit in it I think. I will have to get the numbers on them if you like.
  5. good to know, was hoping to get some Z new guys who really need some help.
  6. Will do. Will try to get them uploaded tonight. Stay tuned. My issue my parts are so random. Have some peculiar stuff.
  7. Hello fellow Houston Texas area Z owners. I have cleared out my storage unit and I will be liquidating some of my excess Z and roadster parts. Keeping what I deem critical. I have a recently rebuilt type B 4 speed with about 2000 miles on it. I have a 1971 Z orange airbox I have a polished manifold for SU's I have a like new Cannon manifold for some Webers that I ran for a while and looks good. Have a 1971 Z radiator in good shape as well. Have many sets of spark plug wires and other odds and ins as well. I have a couple of distributers and ballast resisters. If any Houston area Z owners are in need of anything, Mostly engine related, but do not hesitate to hit me up. I also have the original engine/transmission from my 1971 Z that was in perfect working order when I pulled it. Those I may not sell. As I want them to go with the car. But anything is possible 🙂
  8. For what it is worth, I have done a cold lash to the 008/010 dimensions on my engine. A year later I pulled the valve cover one afternoon and checked it, it was still beautifully set and had not moved. I trust the 008/010 method cold. I can take my time and really get a uniform feel. Also, the biggest challenge for me is to ensure the cam lobes are in the round section. Constantly bumping over the engine is a pain. Removing the plugs helps tremendously. But trying to remove the wires, valve cover and plugs and get your bump start trigger hooked up is hard to do with the engine at a uniform temp for the 12 valves. Go cold and take your time. I think it will be fine.
  9. not in your area, but welcome. You have come to the right place for sure! More info here that is humanly imaginable.
  10. I have missed you knuckleheads! I have so many projects I may try in the not too distant future. I am thinking of upgrading my 40mm DCOE to 45's. Want to see if they work as well as the 45's on the 2000 Roadster I am thinking of upgrading my cooling system again to a better Aluminum Radiator with electric fans vs the stock clutch fan (this one I am struggling with as there is NOTHING wrong with my stock cooling system) My clock that I had rebuilt and replaced from that Z clocks dude, all of a sudden stopped working, or is working intermittently. Kind of bummed me out. May have to put that back out and get it back to quartz perfection again.
  11. That is a heck of a move buddy. Hope it is a move to increase your happiness and is good for you and your family.
  12. I picked up my first Z a while ago, but my story is VERY much like yours! 71, 69k miles and was in generally good shape. I ended up doing just about every repair imaginable but you have a Brilliant starter! The fact that the thin sticker covering the hole to the right of the choke is still present is AMAZING.. Cannot wait to see you develop. This group is solid gold in terms of usefulness and kindness.
  13. I have been absent from this wonderful board for a while and I miss talking the Z. Went down the roadster rabbit hole, then started collecting watches. Why the deviation? Well kids time has been the most important thing to me for a while. Corona messed up my timelimes for a lot of fun activities. Also the Z and Roadster have just not needed anything but an occasional drive to keep them in tip top condition. Both have been dead reliable for the past 3 years. But I felt I needed to get back on the board again to talk Z's again and connect with this excellent community I have been away from. This community which has been with me the whole way through the Z ownership experience. I thought about selling the Datsuns and moving on as they were not getting driven enough, but I felt that all long term relationships have ebbs and tides and keeping the Z and Roadster during this lull is the smart play. Hope everybody is doing well and enjoying their Z cars! Hope to contribute more again.
  14. I had to rotate the spring holder on the rod to just fit between my distributer and my thermostat housing. I took a pic, but I need to post it here.... I will get that up today. I have been very pleased with my Harada.
  15. LIke a bolt of lightning from a distant cloud! Zedyone is here! I will go take a few shots of what I did and get back to this thread. I have been running the Harada for years... I love the fact that it uses the stock linkage. I shall get back to this thread today!!! HUZZAH
  16. Just wanted to chime in and let everybody know that the houston floods spared both the Datsuns and the Z and roadster will be seeing the beauty that is texas fall soon. Hope everybody is well, and driving as much as possible. I have been away for too long from this great community and will make an effort to be more present as I miss you guys. SD
  17. I sent him a PM and reached out. What seems to be the issue. I will do whatever I can to help you out. May have to be in the evenings when the kiddos are asleep, but lets work out a time to meet! Send me a PM of the issues you are having and let us start from there! ? Always happy to help out a fellow Z guy! ?
  18. The ONLY garage I know in Houston that specializes in old Z's is awesome Z. He has been working on them for decades. I have never had any work done there, but Frank Castleman use to have his work done there I believe.
  19. LOL, the Z is is not for sale! ? But it is silver with black inteiror.
  20. Barely used embroidered Datsun Racing jacket Don’t let the size fool you I wear a L for all my jackets and this still fits me fine - it runs small 12 dollars plus shipping smooth lined inside with pocket very warm
  21. hello!  


    Here is a feed of all the pics I have ever taken of the roadster since I took delivery in 2012


    First thing I did when I bought he car was go through the brakes. Bled them and replaced the front right caliper.


    Then I stared the redo of the entire interior. All the vinyl, door cards, dash, seats, carpet with sound deadening, new steering wheel, got the heater working, cleaned all the electrical connectors, restored the factory speaker and I got it to respond to the radio (although no music comes out, but I think that is because I have never raised the antenna). I got a tonneau cover for it.

    Then I replaced all the hoses and got the vintage Weber DCOE 45s rebuilt and tuned them. Car will start up right away even after being left for months without driving. 


    Engine has the comp datsun package on it.  ORiginal owner I got it from rebuilt it and while details are sketchy I believe it has high compression pistons and definitely has a the Datsun C  cam as it really comes alive beyond 4k.  I replaced the exhaust and installed a new resonator to make it quieter so a conversation could be had while driving.  

    It is a lovely car and now that I redid the windshield trim the top closes easily and seals well.

  22. Thanks bud. Maybe I will keep her around for this years car show circuit where I live. I as invited to show her in the collectible cars section of the HOuston Auto Show this year. So that will be fun. Love to take her out on sunny days and just go nowhere. It is amazing to hear those webers sing with the top down. Will probably use bring a trailer when the time comes. I may also give the original owner a chance to buy her back.
  23. It is a 1968 Datsun 2000. IT has the Comp oil pan, Datsun Comp C cam and the dual DCOE 45's. I just redid the interior, pulled the dash got the heater working and put some insulation down on the floor. It is a supremely good driving car.
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