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  1. I will be driving down to Augusta tomorrow to purchase said header...will make some nice wall art until i find another Z
  2. We need to talk about that trans when I return from Iraq...I "may" have permission to start collecting parts for the 2016 build
  3. HANG ON TO BOTH OF THEM!!! The 260Z 4sp had a slightly lower 1st and 2nd gear to overcome the extra weight of the car (desirable tranny for auto-x) and the intake manifold design was tweaked to improve the path of the intake charge to cyl 3 and 4...also desirable for Auto-X....market them as such and sell away if you wish.
  4. I will second Arne's opinion to a degree. I prefer the Cibie' over the Hella but I tend to spend more time on High beam then low. However, with price a consideration...go with the Hellas...Cibie's will run upward of $90 a piece with no H-4 bulb and not including shipping...FROM ENGLAND.
  5. Dave, Alex was 4 at that MSA show. The plan is to start a resto/build when he is 12 and his younger brother is 10. I will offer to them the same deal my father offered me...I will provide a car for the two of them to share in high school.
  6. After 12 years of ownership, countless hours, days and years of blood, and sweat, I sold my 240Z. It was not an easy decision, and one that has disturbed the nature of the force. Friends from far and wide...some on this site, and on others, think I am crazy....my kids want to dis-own me....my wife is worried I will just find another basket case project. I just felt I needed to step back a bit, and re-evaluate where I was going with my life and my cars. I am not ready, nor do I think I ever will be, for a trailer queen track car, and that is where the Z was heading. I had tweaked the susp
  7. 1. Russell Buckwalter Ft Riley, KS 2. 1970 240-Z 3. 2.8l, custom Isky Cam, Triple Webers
  8. Welcome, and let me guess, you own a jeep too......same here.
  9. It is a very beautiful car, and I have seen / inspected it several times, however, it is a 73 and an Automatic and not 100% original. In my personal opinion....it should fetch 15k at best.
  10. Point of note on the dash. The blanked hole above the hazard switch was for dealer / aftermarket fog or driving lights. They even had a factory switch for it, though the only one I have ever seen was on my dad's car and was installed in England. 70 and early 71 cars are all pre-wired for foglights, from the dash to the front of the car...check your wiring diagrams and then check your cars...its all there, right down to the 9.5mm holes (3/8in) in the bumper.
  11. Just buy a new one....cheap insurance
  12. All I can say is watch out for the FIAT group.....will be interesting to see what they do once they get Chrysler and GM Europe, also rumor they may be interested in Saturn. Can you say ABARTH
  13. Beth, Great photos, cannot wait to see the rest of them. It was great to catch up a little on old times. Give Dan, Fred, and Mike my best, oh and Alex was so upset that he did not get to come.
  14. Once again, a great show, and lots of beautiful cars. Took home 1st in Race Prep, but feel it is a little tainted since I was the only one entered. There were a few other cars that should have been in race prep...like the wide body 240 drag car that was entered and won modified. All in all a great weekend with great friends.
  15. The wife and I will be driving in from Vegas tomorrow morning. Looking forward to a great show.
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