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  1. Matt, you may have seen it already, but yesterday a 76' BRE tribute sold for $34k on BaT. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-datsun-280z-2/
  2. Matt, As everyone has said, it's amazing! Quick question I was wondering about with your motor. Do you get much of the gurgling popping noises? How's your torque coming out of a corner in 2nd gear at 3k RPM? Cheers, Jason
  3. Matt, Amazing. When do we get a video of you driving? I'm dying to hear your car run through the gears!
  4. Matt, Question for you if you don't mind. When you replaced the front section of your rocker panels how did you replace the mounting bolt for the front fender lower mount? I have a '78 and I think there's two bolts. Jason
  5. Matt, Quick question, what type of sheet metal are you using and where did you source it from? Thanks, Jason
  6. Hi HaZmatt, I've got a 78' 280Z that I've starting striping down to do what you've done. This thread is my guidebook on how to do it right. You've done an amazing job. Cheers, Jason
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