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  1. Chris, Does your "Special Service Tool" have all of its parts? Also, please tell us more about this rare item. Thanks, Steve
  2. I spotted this on the Boston Craigslist. This is the first one I that have ever seen. Looks like it is missing some parts. The seller is asking $350.00. https://boston.craigslist.org/nwb/pts/d/andover-240z-datsun-rare-service-kit/7337080190.html
  3. I've had good luck with KF Vintage for my 240Z body parts. In the past, I used to purchase parts from Tabco for my earlier 240Z projects, but the new KF Vintage 240Z parts are superior to Tabco's and KF Vintage is also much more responsive. https://kfvintagejdm.com/product-category/datsun/
  4. Here's a picture of my former car #7184, which is now in the Boston area. When I had the car it was red and had an L28 with twin Webers. However, I had the car's original matching numbers engine short block. The new owner is restoring the car back to its original 920 Safari Gold and he was kind enough to send me this picture of his paint guy spraying the car. The car's original matching-numbers short block was carefully placed in the rear spare tire well and held down when it was transported from my home in Colorado and back to the East Coast.
  5. I have owned 8 240Zs in my adult lifetime and I currently have two 1971 240Zs today. I used to own HLS30-07184, built in 7/70, just as your 240Z was. #7184 was also an East Coast delivery car and was licensed and registered as a 1971. Both of our cars are 1970 model year 240Zs. It makes no difference if they were registered and licensed as 1971 cars. My understanding is that it took a long time for the 240Zs destined for the East Coast of the U.S. to arrive from Japan. So there were a number of late 7/70 and 8/70 240Zs that were registered and licensed as 1971 cars. 240Zs built in September were officially designated as 1971 model year cars. So with all of this in mind, as I mentioned before, your car was built in 7/70, just as my former 7/70 was and they are both 1970 model year 240Zs. There are other members here on ClassicZcars.com that have the same story as you and I do.
  6. Here's another '72 that looks to be a very solid, 2-owner car with all of its original documentation and receipts that I saw on the on the Santa Barbara, CA Craigslist: https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/cto/d/buellton-1972-datsun-240z-owner-runs/7319522658.html 1972 Datsun 240Z 2 owner runs drives great! - $28,888 (Buellton) Steve (805) 331-2184 This is a two owner 1972 240Z that was sold new at Miller Datsun on Van Nuys Blvd , it has had just two owners and has full history from new . The car is completely rust and accident free all sheet metal is original to the car . Car has had a full repaint with the windows out and now looks and runs great . Pictures are to show the condition of the floors the carpets and seats are installed and the car is useable but it does need some minor finishing which we can do or discount and let the buyer finish . sensibly priced at $28, 888 we are California dealer so must charge tax and license fees if sold in Ca .... VIN: HLS3067141
  7. I agree, the '72 that sold today on BaT looks to be an excellent "project car"!
  8. I spotted these on the Los Angeles, CA Craigslist. The pictures of the wheel covers/hubcaps look really fake, but it sounds like the seller is only trying to sell the plastic "D" center pieces. Very similar to the plastic D center caps sold on eBay by jdm-car-parts. Not sure why the seller would show pictures of the fake wheel covers with the reproduction center plastic caps, unless he doesn't have any real ones, haha! Here's the link: https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pts/d/montclair-d-hubcap-caps/7319703744.html
  9. I'm not sure that I get the same feeling about this seller as you do, Zed Head. As shown below, the seller provided pictures of the Data Plate in the driver's door jamb, the Data Plate in the engine bay and the Engine Number. However, now that I think about it a little more, I don't ever recall seeing a seller only looking for a best offer before. Normally, the seller will always have an asking price.
  10. I spotted this '72 240Z (HLS30-90400 w/ matching-numbers engine L24-113769) on the Los Angeles Craigslist: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/d/oceano-datsun-240z-1972-owned-48-years/7315412820.html DATSUN 240Z 1972 OWNED 48 YEARS IN CALIFORNIA - $1 (San Luis Obispo County) "This 1972 Datsun 240Z was built in 6-72 and was Purchased New from San Jose Datsun in August 1972. I Purchased it in July 1973 from Walt Martin Datsun Richmond CA. This S30 is painted New Sight Orange (918) and had a re-paint in 1988. Original Numbers Matching Engine Rebuilt in 1999. Original 4 Speed Transmission. Rebuild along with additional work was completed by a Datsun Specialist Shop in Dublin California. (Receipts Available). 240Z Odometer shows 40,600 (140,600) with 1,600 Miles driven since the Rebuild. Original Spare Tire/Wheel and 4 Original Steel Wheels all date coded 6-72 along with 4 Wheel Covers. This 1972 240z has been used sparingly in recent years. Recent maintenance includes installing New (MSA) Seat Covers & Foam Inserts along with other repairs. Clear Title in Sellers Name In Hand, Current Registration, Original Blue and Yellow License Plates from 1972. Vehicle has been in California since purchased. Car is now located in San Luis Obispo County. Looking for Serious Buyers to Make Serious Offers. Email your phone number and I will return your call."
  11. The 240Z bumper look great on the rear of is 280Z. However, when you look at the front of the car, even though it's a big improvement over the car's original big, ugly bumper, I think it's best to replace the 280Z grille, lower valences and the turn signal lights with a 240Z (or early 260Z) grille, valences and turn signal lights. A friend of mine did it this way and I really like the look much better. Here are a couple of picks showing the comparison of the modified 280Z front end versus the 240Z front end. What do you guys think?
  12. The seller is asking $12,500.00 for this '72 240Z, HL30-79063, looks to have its original 901 Silver paint. It also has it original matching numbers engine (L24-99995), original window sticker and owner's manual and perhaps its original date-stamped wheels? Both of the floor pans look very solid and looking at the rest of the pictures, it looks to be a pretty solid car overall, but anyone interested in this Z would need to see more pictures of the undercarriage. The title is missing. Here's the link: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/d/cumming-1972-datsun-240z/7309011009.html "1972 Datsun 240Z, One owner, Built 4/72, 901 Silver with Red and Black Interior, 135,174 Miles showing, Numbers Matching L24 6 Cylinder Engine with 4 Speed Transmission, A/C Car, 3 screw SU Carbs, Owners Manual and Window Sticker, Sold With Bill of Sale, Solid Floors, Complete car. $12,500. Leave your Name, Location and Contact Information. No Solicitation, I don't need assistance selling this car."
  13. Looking at the front bumper of the car it's either a '70, '71 or a '72 240Z. I blew up the picture, but it was really tough to see the right rear sail panel to tell if it had a Series I emblem or a later Z emblem. Either way, it's always fun to see a 240Z sitting amongst other vehicles on private land. However, as you said, it wouldn't be very fun to see some crazy guy come around the corner with a shotgun pointed at you!
  14. I really hope that this car is purchased with the intent to do a full restoration and not be parted-out. HLS30-03196 is a low numbered car and has its original matching numbers engine: L24-06190. The car still retains its original 918 Orange paint in spare tire well and other places and is one of the most desirable 240Z paint colors! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Datsun-Z-Series/224430749107?hash=item34411d75b3:g:JLkAAOSwd9pgfNLy
  15. I spotted this '71 Series I, # HLS30-11811 on the East Texas Craigslist. The seller is asking $18,500.00 and states that the engine was rebuilt and that the car has "no smoke and no rust" . Looking at the picture showing the underside of the hood, if the hood isn't a replacement, the car looks be a 920 Safari Gold car. Here's the link: https://easttexas.craigslist.org/cto/d/tyler-1971-series-one-datsun-240z/7307733326.html "Its time for me to part with my Z. Priced to Sell. The person I purchased this from had it for 38 years. I had the motor rebuilt, both Carbs rebuilt. All pumps, Alt, Starter plus Clutch and fly wheel brand new. New Radiator. New shocks plus other front end items replaced. New Exhaust New tires with original wheels. Seats, headliner and carpet in great shape! I have receipts for all mentioned plus a stake of paperwork dating back to the purchase of vehicle. Including original manuals No Smoke, No Rust. Straight 6 with 4 speed transmission Garage kept. I've been driving it everyday for the past month after selling my truck. It is a very dependable ride, absolutely a blast to drive. We are moving cross country and I would like to sell before doing so. It is a series one which are more desirable and collectable. The VIN (and number made) is 11811. I also have the back window louvers and front headlight clear covers. CLEAN TITLE IN M Y NAME. Odometer is at 30000. Has tripped once making the total 130k It is now 50 years old! There are a few things which could be fixed. (Or just drive it like I've been) All gauges work except the RPM gauge. It was working until we changed point system out to electronic ignition. The gas tank has a leak where the lines run into it. I have been just putting 7 gallons of gas at a time to avoid any gas spillage. It only leaks when you fill it it past the point of tear. I just have not had the time or energy to fix it. It looks like it can be welded back."
  16. Found this vintage picture online. It's hard to read the license plate on this 240Z. Does anyone recognize what state this license plate is from?
  17. I looked over the pictures pretty closely as well and I agree with you, Allan - It doesn't look too bad. Also, it looks like the car's original color is 919 Sunshine Yellow, which is a great '70 -'71 240Z color! Not sure what the cost would be to ship the car from Honolulu to the West Coast, but low VIN 240Zs are very much in demand these days.
  18. Low VIN 240Z for Sale near Honolulu, Hawaii (HLS30-01661, Build date 1/70) Here's link: https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/cto/d/pearl-city-package-deal-datsun-240z-and/7292986099.html Seller's comments: "I have a 1970 240Z and 1975 280Z for sale. The 240Z is a project car with rust issues and I’m using the 280Z for cutting out sheet metal to repair the 240Z. That’s the short story, it would be easier to explain on the phone how I ended up with these two Z’s. Both Z’s are stripped down and included in the sale will be parts I have accumulated, bought or removed from the cars. If you are interested, we can setup a time to come look at the Z’s and see what I’m offering. Z’s are rising in price and the 70 240Z, being a Series I, makes it more valuable. Click on this link to see a 1973 240Z for sale locally, for $39,995, https://www.autosourcehawaii.com/inventory/view/13933907/ Getting the 240Z to an operable state will require work on your part but if you enjoy that kind of work and have the skills this may be a rewarding task. Also, both Z’s cannot be driven so towing is required."
  19. Sorry, technical issues that posted everything twice. I deleted the second posting.
  20. '72 Datsun 240Z 77K mi - $7,500 (Medina, OH) A seldom seen 110 Red 240Z with Black interior. Looks to be a fairly solid car and the asking price is not unreasonable and probably negotiable. Here's the link: https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/d/medina-72-datsun-240z-77k-mi/7288699721.html Very nice '72 Datsun 240Z, 4 spd, one time repaint of Code 110 red car. Much more rare color than the orange they made. Some rust on lower fenders and door corners, in front of rear wheels, but overall very solid, very restorable car. Underneath is pretty good, just a couple small spots. Shock towers good. Just bringing it off mothballs. Been about 5 - 6 years since it ran. Needs tank dropped and cleaned. Got a starter to put on it and fresh plugs, wires, cap and rotor are installed. Always ran good. Should have it running shortly. Prior owner took grille and front bumper off for his other Z car. Have all 4 original hub caps that are selling for $500 on ebay right now! Clean OH title in my name with 77k actual miles on it. Absolutely was not going to sell this car but got myself in a situation so somebody gets my bucket list car. If you are serious and know what these cars go for, call me. If not, it's cool. 5Six1 /// 7Two 3 // o11Five I get home around 4:30 pm
  21. I spotted this Low VIN 240Z (HLS30-01285) on the Tucson, AZ Craigslist. The car does not have its original engine (L28 & a 5 Speed) Here's the link: https://tucson.craigslist.org/pts/d/tucson-datsun-240z-411-wagon/7288670445.html Downsizing my collection to focus on other projects. 1970 Datsun 240Z series one #1285 (Yellow) Needs restoration but was running and driving one year ago. Sorry purists, the car has an L28 motor and five speed trans. But I do have a series 1 240Z engine and trans available with sale. The car has been in Arizona most of it’s life and has very little rust. Asking $15,000 1967 Datsun 411 Wagon Running and driving six months ago but distributor was pulled out and rebuilt just never put back in. The car is all original, has very little rust and has been in Arizona nearly all its life. Asking $5,000 I love these classic cars and know what they are worth so please do not make ridiculous offers. Cash sales only Call or text Sean 520-235-495four
  22. 1970 Datsun 240z - $12,000 Located in Seward, Nebraska (near Lincoln). Originally a 901 Silver car that was resprayed light blue. VIN# HLS30-05655 and has its original matching-numbers engine (#L24-007235) with 2400 valve cover. Judging from the pictures and the description, this 240Z needs a lot of body work. Here's the link: https://lincoln.craigslist.org/cto/d/seward-1970-datsun-240z/7287924044.html For sale is a 1970 Datsun 240z. Car runs and drives. Car has original 2.4 liter inline 6 with 4 speed manual that came in the car. Car has a clean title. Normal rust for a 1970’s Z car, floor boards, rear quarter panels, lower part of front fender. Spare tire well has no rust. Pictures show passenger door panel missing but it will come with the car. The gas tank was replaced last year with new stainless steel tank straps. Stainless brake lines and a new brake master cylinder installed.
  23. I agree with you Racer X, that was a great era for the 911's. As far as the auction is concerned, when you consider all of the time and effort involved in the restoration of this very rare 1967 Soft Window Porsche Targa 911, I agree $24k is peanuts.
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