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    I found it along the side of the road, for sale for $250, not running of course.

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  1. Walter Moore

    Rolling Shell with no VIN

    I hate to agree with the man, but he is pretty much correct. What you have is a time bomb, not a car. S30's do not have a "VIN". They have a serial number. The auto theft databases that most (US) states rely upon don't work very well for cars made before 1981. If the paperwork you have in hand matches the serial number on the dash, you may well be able to get a title, but down the road you could still lose the car if it turns out that it was stolen years ago. At the very least you have evidence of tampering. The whole thing sounds very questionable to me.
  2. Walter Moore

    Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    I had the MSA header and 2 1/2" exhaust on my car, and I also ended up installing a straight through sausage muffler as a resonator right after the header. It was just too loud for me on the highway without the extra muffler. They really should offer that as an option.
  3. Walter Moore

    Any install a Stahl header?

    I am happy that the correct engine tilt solved your problem.
  4. Walter Moore

    Any install a Stahl header?

    Thanks for asking. I am OK. Still considering my options. The first generation Zs are getting pricey and I am not sure what I want to do going forward.
  5. Walter Moore

    Any install a Stahl header?

    I asked because the two things that the header hits, the steering shaft and brake valve would not be there on a RHD car.
  6. Walter Moore

    Any install a Stahl header?

    Is that header intended for RHD vehicles?
  7. Walter Moore

    Sato Wins!

    I assumed that the original comment was an attempt at trolling the crowd. Looks like it worked.
  8. I don't drop by much anymore, now that my Z is gone.
  9. Walter Moore

    280ZX Distributor Advance Curve Reference

    Three things: 1. There is no problem with the mechanical advance curve on any of the ZX (S130) distributors. The problem is the vacuum advance for the "Later" cars was crazy high because the second generation electronic module has an electronic retard feature. (Engaged by the knock sensor in the head on an S130) 2. If you don't hook up the vacuum advance, then there is no problem. 3. On my car I mechanically limited the movement of the vacuum advance to limit it to 17 degrees of additional advance. This prevented pinging so long as I used 92 octane or higher fuel. See the attached pictures of my notes.
  10. Walter Moore

    New Zealand earthquake again.

    Do we still have members in New Zealand? I understand that they had another earthquake and tsunami this morning. We are praying for the safety of everyone there.
  11. Walter Moore

    Are Fog Lights illeal in Your Area?

    On my wife's Mustang GT the factory fog lights cannot be turned on unless the low beams are on. When the high beams switch on they shut off.
  12. It indeed looks rough. Be careful out there.
  13. Walter Moore

    End of an era for me.

    I got busy and forgot to watch the final auction. I hope that whomever bought the car ends up happy with it.
  14. Walter Moore

    12v vacuum pump for brake booster

    I suspect that would be too slow.

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