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  1. New folks come and go... Thats a good idea on the ebay thing, I will have to try that. Im not trying to go nuts with the bumps, thats why I leave it at least a week before I say something. It may be a slim chance that it will be recognized, but I have none if its buried
  2. I maintain my hope that somebody will have seen that brand wheel before.
  3. ... Here I thought having unique and rare crap was cool, now im starting to rethink the matter, .
  4. bumpz, here is the attachment but more visible
  5. bump, still haven't tracked it down
  6. Reminds me of the old racing adage "I know your cheating because Im cheating and your faster then me" Words to live by eh?
  7. 1971 240z HLS30-12554 58k on the clock and car was given the Scarab treatment sometime around 1978. Sat in garages from 1982 untill 2008 when I picked it up in San Jose, CA and trailered it home to LV. Gotta love the chevy engine though, I put a battery and some gas in it to see what would happen, it started.
  8. Hey my memorial to my car made it into the pictures, w00t!! I figured I was a shoe in for "work in progress" as it died on the way to the show, how much more work in progress can you get eh? But alas the general public did not see it that way
  9. A 1986 Toyota Turbo Pickup, 22R-TE. Its my trail rig too, Ive drowned it(full hydro lock) jumped it(bout 2 feet) and driven 10k miles in 8 months and it runs better then when I bought it!
  10. The570z

    Scarab Docs

    I have the covers in the picture to the left, almost exactly except mine have been punched out for the oil cap and breather.
  11. Have no fear sir, I am irish, I take offense to everything .
  12. Not intending any offense there, calm down. I said that more because most people were going to look at your temp, check theirs, get very depressed and go spend a lot of money trying to get it colder then its supposed to go. However, since you "young whipper snappered" me, here is another fun fact:bulb:. "Freeze-12" is 70-85% Tetrafluoroethane AKA R-134a. The other component HFC 152a(Difluoroethane) is a gas that is not only quite flammable, but half the size of an R-12 molecule. Thus both of these have no trouble leaking from an R-12 system.
  13. The570z

    Scarab Docs

    Im kinda going resto-mod on it, its not original anyway right? And thanks for the offer, Ill be contacting you when I start banging my head against the wall. Im not sure what all he bought and what all he begged, borrowed, or picked up after they shut down. Almost everything I have on the car are the unpopular options, and alot of it seems not quite right. But Scarab was never popular enough to have a fake parts following I don't think. The engine mount adapters dont match the description ive heard of the original ones. They dont match the reproduction ones for sure anyway. The ones in mine are not marked and do not have any slotted holes. The rear tranny mount is custom as well, probably because I have a BW T-50 tranny(supposedly reworked by doug nash). I found a set of the hooker reproduction scarab headers and stuck those on it. However I was surprised to find the scarab bellhousing stuck the stupid slave and release fork exactly in the path of the drivers side collector... Thus a ridiculous amount of time and money later and I have a one off hydraulic bearing setup now. Damn pedal is kinda stiff though, I folded two Tilton full race clutch master cyl pushrods in half.:stupid: I finally made one out of a 10mm 10.9 head bolt, that should hold up for a while I hope
  14. @sblake01 Ironically enough, vent temps below freezing indicate a problem, your thermostatically controlled expansion valve(its the deal on the end of the evaporator core where the high side line comes in to it) is not functioning properly. Its whole job is to keep the core at or above 32 degrees. Evaporator core temps are not supposed to drop below freezing because ice will form and either block the airflow or insulate the core and prevent cooling. /end bubble burst. Oh and on a side note, R-12 if you can afford it, is a much better option then freeze-12 as it does not leak out of a sealed system. Freeze-12 and R-134a will leak out over a couple years even in a perfect, brand spanking new a/c system.