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  1. You're welcome and welcome to the club as well. What year is you car and what plans do you have for it?
  2. On my 1970 I measured 1005mm [39.57"] for "A" and 998mm [39.29"] for "B". For reference see the picture below for where the measurements were taken.
  3. For comparison I pulled out the early under and behind seat jute and carpet from my 7/70 #6521 out of my crawl space. Here are few pictures, on each side there are two jute pieces and one carpet piece that goes part way under the seat and up to the plastic toolbox covers. The rear jute pieces go into the toolbox area. Looks like when the toolboxes were moved to the rear deck the jute and carpet changed, 1/71 I think. @zed2A while back you messaged me about these jute pieces, now that I was able to get access to them is there any info you were still looking for?
  4. For 1970 and I think 71 cars with plastic tool box covers, the carpet that is behind the seats only partially covers the jute under the seats. These are the only pictures I have of mine before starting the resto on my 7/70. There are some pictures that might be of interest in this discussion,
  5. Interesting, the Datsun dealership service department in my home town installed mine in '79 as pictured on the passenger side. I paid the outrageous price of $30 plus $24 for labor. Lol
  6. I still have my side mount ski rack, purchased in 1979 at my local Datsun dealership. It was made by a Canadian accessory company, Candar Products, out of Montreal. Here are a couple of pics from 2017 on a club run from Vancouver to Whistler. Got more than a few thumbs up on the Sea to Sky Highway. Cheers, from another Mike
  7. Thanks, I've been planning to place an order with vintage rubber but I didn't notice they offered those clips.
  8. Very good work, I will be using this as a reference when I get there on my resto. You're lucky that the clips were in good shape, most of mine are not salvageable. Hopefully I can find some. Here is my before, hopefully my after will look at least half as good as yours.
  9. Is this a one time move? You might consider shrink wrapping if someone offers that service near you. https://www.atlanticshrinkwrap.com/2019/04/30/i-need-to-ship-a-car-can-i-shrink-wrap-it-pasadena-maryland/
  10. My condolences to you and your family, so sorry for your loss.
  11. Hopefully these pics might help.
  12. Here are some pictures before I removed the wiring harnesses from my 7/70.
  13. Check Bring a Trailer, you will find some there if you look. You might have to do some math.
  14. Hey Kats, that is great fuel economy and your math is spot on. For comparison 13.63km/L equals 7.33 L/100km, my 2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo (1.6L turbo), with a 6 speed manual, is rated at 7.3 L/100km HWY, (source 2017 Nissan brochure). Very good considering the 45 year difference.
  15. I remember watching that one when it came out. Enjoyed it then and also now. If we're sharing great Z commercials I like this one for the new Z.
  16. At a recent meeting at my house, my body man/painter had a look over the car in it's dismantled state. He also saw some of the paint removal I had done and gave me the good ahead on using this method if I wanted to continue. When he gets the car he will be marking areas that will have paint removal done by his media blasting guy. The areas to be media blasted will only be those that are not subject to distortion from the blasting process. Then he will use manual methods to remove the remaining paint. He is very experienced in and only does quality restoration work, and has done many high level restorations for various collectors in my area that have much deeper pockets than me. As always I appreciate your thoughtful questions and comments, please keep them coming. Lol
  17. What do you guys think of my wheel choice, 255/45R20. Lol
  18. Yes, with care. I will leave some areas where the concave curves are to tight.
  19. Started doing some paint removal in the inner fender area and under the hood. Interesting that the factory primer on the inner fenders is dark charcoal grey, almost black and not medium grey like the outer and under hood surfaces.
  20. According to the parts book they are M4. The pitch should be 0.7mm. Plus one on the JIS screwdrivers.
  21. I was also to surprised to find that and I have no idea as to why. It was done over 40 years ago. Found similar in a couple of other spots on the body, but it did seem strange on a new replacement OE fender.
  22. Here's an update on the paint removal process, using heat and razor blades. The exterior is basically done. I will leave last traces of primer for my body guy to deal with. It's only about 0.5 mil thick, plus or minus.
  23. Actually I got lucky on the price from Whitehead it was Cdn$226, with tax and shipping to my door in BC it was Cdn$265 total. Although it took six weeks to get it. His website showed it as "in stock" when I placed the order. I also got a quote of Cdn$378 from a not to far away Nissan Dealer. So I'm glad I took a chance on Whitehead, although I was a little nervous that it was taking so long. And wow, that is one pricey gas cap.
  24. Recently received this new OE Mirror from Whitehead Performance, one more part crossed off my list. These things have sure jumped up in price.
  25. Just for reference here is one of the horns from my 7/70. It does appear to have the greenish olive drab finish, but darker that most I've seen. there was a lot overspray on it so It might be darker from staining. Here is a picture of the 31K mile car that sold for big money on BAT a couple of years ago. The horns look like a light olive drab color on the fronts. Here is a good discussion about horn finishes, sorry for the duplication of pics.
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