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  1. ToXIc

    Series 1 Hatch Strut

    oh sry i ment the connecting part its one side not a fork
  2. ToXIc

    Series 1 Hatch Strut

    So zcardepot is incorrect stating that the 240z has only one side?
  3. ToXIc

    Series 1 Hatch Strut

    I gotta find a bolt that will work to secure the bottom.
  4. Hey guys trying to figure out the correct strut for my 70z. In the pics below the bottom strut is what came with me Z. The Z specialist that i've been going to, told me its too long for the hatch and temporally put one from a 280z on. He stated they are all the same. Since then i've bought a replacement the middle strut not knowing i need hardware also because the hardware i have doesn't work with the forked connector. In searching around for hardware I bought a cheap non functional 280z strut ( top one )for the hardware then found out the bottom bolt is welded in. On searching i came across this from ZCarDepot https://zcardepot.com/products/hatch-shock-tailgate-strut-lift-support-240z-260z-280z but this only have a single connector on top not the forked one of later models. i called them and they stated that the 240Z came with a single sided connection on top. Should i put the longer bottom one back on? look for hardware to mount the one i bought already or go with the one from ZCarDepot. Do you have a better option?
  5. ok thanks for the info didn't know if I had to have a rubber to rubber seal. the 5 pointed can does have a rubber seal on it.
  6. Sorry to bring up a dead thread but felt what was close to the discussed topic. When i got my series 1 a number of years ago It came with one of the early valve covers. With it also the 5 pointed cap show in an earlier post (also picture attached). A friend recently gave me an elephant cap but it doesn’t have a seal with it and sits kinda high. Which cap would be better in terms of originality?
  7. sry to bump an old thread but what does the J.Hook fasten to? does it just screw into the foam?
  8. honestly not sure.. will still have the original head if i decide to do a true full concourse type resto.. i'm just doing a resto close to factory that can be daily driven if necessary
  9. the shop is recommending a 280z head
  10. yeah.. had to replace them all.. Sweet do you have a link?
  11. now i just gotta find a new head... the origional is cracked...
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