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  1. Many thanks to Bill and all those that had a hand in hosting this get together. My wife and I had a great time driving both our Zs over from JAX and spending time wilh like-minded folks. Got reacquainted with some we haven't seen in years and made some new friends as well. Look forward to the next one!
  2. I received the CD Rom today and started installing. when I got to the "Click Here to Open the MicroFiche" point. When I clicked it prompted me to save the file "S30_1a.pdf" to disk. After saving, nothing else happened. I navigated to the file and opened it using Acrobat Reader 4.0, which worked OK, but there's no link to the CD. What am I doing wrong? I searched the CD for the file "S30_1a.pdf" which I found, double clicked on and that got me to the microfiche. But I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work, right? Thanks for any help! Bob Walters
  3. "HOO," a Japanese auto magazine, did a spread on Hybrid Z's @ the Z2K convention in Vegas
  4. 74 260Z Scarab Rear - Shaved hatch lock (remote cable operated) flared quarters, Scarab exhaust
  5. 74 260Z Scarab - Showing flared quarter panels and fenders. Fenders, headlight buckets, air dam and rockers molded together. Louvered hood, turbo mirrors, Simmons 3 pc wheels sporting BFG Comp T/A 245/454ZR16 fronts & 255/50ZR16 rears. Toyota calipers, Koni shocks, delrin/aluminum eccentric suspension arm bushings, poly sway bar & mustache bar bushings, SS brake lines, R200 LSD diff
  6. 74 260Z Interior - Custom roll bar and strut, stainless battery box for Optima battery, Recaro seats, Momo wheel, custom speaker panel molded to fit between strut brace, front of wheel wells and front of package shelf.
  7. 74 260Z Scarab showing fiberglass air dam molded into fenders, louvered hood and lots of paint chips from "spirited" driving.
  8. 74 260Z Scarab - Original "Stage II" configuration: 425 HP Chevy 350 with single Rajay turbocharger mated to a Super T10 4-Spd Tranny. Recently swapped T10 for T56, QJet for PowerJection III EFI, Alky Injection, Safeguard Timing Control and larger exhaust - now +/- 500HP
  9. '72 240Z Interior. Pretty standard except for the roll bar and camera mount.
  10. rom72 240Z from the rear....the one you'll probably recognize the most.
  11. '72 240Z Front w/MSA Urethane Air Dam and lots of paint chips from doin' track time!
  12. '72 240Z - Bored L28, E-31 head with 280 valves. TWM Intake, 3x40DCOE Webers, Crane Ignition & Coil, chrome valve cover, OEM fan shroud.
  13. 1972 240Z refreshed 1988 w/ Pearl White paint, Black vinyl & gray velour interior
  14. Is the CD useable on a Macintosh computer? I bought one of the earlier versions from another location and the ACDSee interface wouldn't work so it was slow going, having to open each .gif with no preview. Then, I stopped being able to access the CD at all. I have to take it to work to use it. Thanks! BOBZCAR
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