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  1. Dunno about you guys but I was taught that at school 40yrs ago along with Lucy from Ethiopia along I prefer the Scarlett Johansson version.
  2. I believe that Vespucci was a more serious explorer. Anyway, back to stainless steel exhausts.....plenty of space under your Zs as my line tucks up above the floor chassis rails and finally.....life is all about choice : choose yours wisely. And have a great weekend all ! :-)
  3. We should all follow the 'hive' system then of collective ownership and responsability ? This has surely been sold to us a despotism, dictatorship....?
  4. Hi - yes. Although I don't call it 'baffling'. Baffles for me are 'obstructions to flow eg baffled oil pan. This is a simple expansion box where the sound waves expand where allowed through the mesh holes and are abosorbed by the steel cotton surrounding those holes.
  5. Check out your ancestors, if they're not American indians or Chinese....they're European :-) !
  6. So, this is the definitive part in prototype form - it'll look a whole lot better after production :-) ! Hako muffler. USD$200 CAN$270 (+ shipping) I shall be doing a limited run of 20x initially, orders for all catalogue parts currently being taken, available in October, maybe September. My L28ET header will also be available then.
  7. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic17a07b/11-2995 For Use With Our Headers: If you are going to run this Clifford manifold with one of our headers, there will be a small area of interfere between them. Slight modification (grinding) is required to the mounting flange to allow proper clearance. The small amount removed will have no adverse effects on the install, the manifold, or the header. For Use With Other Headers: The manifold will NOT work at all with Nissan Competition Headers, or Hooker headers. Can anyone explain to me please why a performance exhaust header won't work with these ?
  8. California exhaust law 95dB ! https://jalopnik.com/why-people-are-suddenly-freaking-out-over-californias-e-1831620651 1) Existing law requires every motor vehicle subject to registration to be equipped with an adequate muffler in constant operation and properly maintained to prevent any excessive or unusual noise and prohibits a muffler or exhaust system from being equipped with a cutout, bypass, or similar device. 2) Existing law further prohibits the modification of an exhaust system of a motor vehicle in a manner that will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the motor of the vehicle so that the vehicle exceeds existing noise limits. How do cops decide if my exhaust is illegal? There are two things the state of California cares about when it comes to your car’s exhaust: How loud it is and how much it pollutes. Biannual smog testing means your car has to pass an emission test to stay street legal, but noise enforcement is a little more vague. Per California Highway Patrol Bulletin NO.98-100: “Excessive Noise is primarily a nuisance issue rather than a safety concern, and determination of excessive noise is subjective. For this reason, enforcement personnel are to exercise sound professional judgment in making a determination of violation.” So how exactly do they measure 95 dB? Practically speaking it’s going to come down to the cop. If they think you sound too loud, they can pull you over and slap you with a ticket. So those of you with wide pipes might be wise to coast with your clutch in when you pass a parked police car. What does that mean in plain English? Before 2019, California cops could pull you over for having a loud exhaust but they would issue a “fix-it ticket.” That means that if you went back to them with a stock exhaust reinstalled within a certain amount of time, you would be free and clear. Police are not allowed to do that anymore, and now will just give you a violation on the spot ! Cali sets the trend – what happens there spreads out across the country and often further around the world ! We all love the sound of our inline sixes whether it be burbling on tickover, running up through the torque-rich low to mid-range revs or hunting the last few horses bouncing off the red line with the rev limiter flashing. But we must face todays’ reality that pollution is poltically incorrect and where ‘they’ can’t get us on content as our cars are classics, they can on noise-pollution ! Stock, OEM exhausts are NLA and who’d want them, especially after we’ve improved our engines – no-one wants to strangle the engines’ potentiel. There are many choices off the shelf for after-market exhausts and many local shops will make and fit up what you want….the knack is to get the right package ! Here in Europe, the laws have been getting steadily more strict to the point where one asks oneself if it’s just a machivelian method of remowing all old cars from road, classics or not ! Most circuits have a dB limit which one must pass before being allowed on, others have certain noise detectors around the circuit pinpointing ‘abusive’ cars and certain are allowed a specific dB level throughout the year and once reached, their credit is up until the end of the year. Obviously these latter don’t want to lose valuable hiring days and so enforce strict controls ! The tendancy is therefore to lower the dB limits which may penalise many owners, in towns, cities, certain periods of the day and circuits which have remained hollowed places at which to enjoy our sportscars. Solutions ? Even kept in the best condition, certain after-market exhaust lines (and I include headers in a ‘complete’ exhaust line) are just not conceived to be quiet ! Sold mostly to enhance performance, the free-flow exhausts with no intemediate silencer box and a glass-pack or expansion ‘muffler’ at the rear merely make more noise than power, completely ignoring certain physcial rules about velocity, scavenging and harmonics leading to exhaust drone. I remember fitting a Twice-pipes line to a 6-2 header back in 1991 – I loved it and boy was it loud ; I remember being flagged down by a cop for having ‘pulled away too agressively from the sidewalk’ when I was only doing 25mp/h and having to dip the clutch to rapidly lower the engine revs whilst in the vicinity of others and late at night coming home. Great days but more complicated now…… It’s surprising when someone spends good money of their paint, nice wheels, interior, engine, brake and suspension upgrades and then refit the 20year old header connected to one the cheapest exhaust lines available online ! Your cars’ complete exhaust has as much importance as your choice of induction – twin carbs, triples, 4barrel, injection, ITBs, turbo (s) ? Accordingly, it should be chosen with care, with the long-term in mind as no-one likes spending twice and, as I always advise, with your end use in mind ! I’m working on a guide to understanding exhaust mechanics, something simple to read albeit complete. I believe that there isn’t enough unbiased information out there to properly advise users. Db limits of my mufflers using a resonator and measured on a Rebello L32 with triple 44 Mikunis ! Engine revs resonator Muffler at 50cm at 1m 4000 Yes Classic 98 95 4000 Yes JDM 100 98 4000 Yes Trackday 96 96 4000 Yes Street 94 91 Later on this year, I’ll be adding a fifth muffler type to my range ; the ‘Hako’, a horizontal twin-exit muffler which can expected to sound similar to my JDM. My Street and Trackday share the same exterior form, the Street being baffled whereas the Trackday is an expansion box as per the Classic, JDM and Hako. Choose wisely.
  9. Hiya and thanks. They stick anywhere on a flat surface on the outside (as opposed to adhesive on the image side to be stuck on the inside of windows) but probably not so visible on so large a vehicle. I dunno, toolbox, fridge....maybe even a Z 😂 ! Have agreat weekend. Sean
  10. Z profiles : flat or domed.The flat versions are available in black or white text and profile : US$3 eachDimensions : 105mm long, 50mm above the sun and 25mm over the car-roof. Postage is free !The intricately styled domed profile versions (2mm thickness) are smaller at 65mm at longest (car length) and 30mm at highest (above the red sun) and with the same 2mm thickness.And why not a laurel-leaved circuler 'badge' version too :great detailing and with a choice of diameters, 50mm or 60mm, they are durable fun additions for this, the Zs' golden birthday year !All the domed sticker versions are US$5 each.Postage is free !Postcards (minimum 3x) : US$2 eachPostage is free ! For larger quantities (ie +3), please PM me for reasonnable postage rates.Mixed orders welcome and group shipping assured.Payment accepted via paypal (as a gift between friends).THis is merely a way of us clawing some money back on our recent indoor stand costs and only possible at these prices through the very good commercial contacts of our club secretary, David.
  11. Hi and thanks to the introduction to this thread. Interesting but nothing proven yet. Also, those reversion 'valves' would fit in just where the headers' primary pipes are closest to the carbs ie a much wider diameter to interfere with the lower edge of some carb versions. I might suppy a header for local back to back tersting but like should be compared with like - no ?
  12. Zstory wishes all its past, current and future customers, families and friends a Happy and, above all, healthy 2019 ! I have some disappointing news to annonce – my next batch won’t be available until end-February and I’ve had to postpone production of my new L28ETurbo manifold for flange compatability issues which cost me some delays, not helped by the Christmas and New Year holiday shutdown. I sincerely apologise for this delay of a month and invite anyone, for whom this presents a problem to contact me via PM. Please rest assured that once they arrive, I will do my very best to expediate tham asap. Best regards and once again, my apologies. Sean
  13. I'm also being asked the dimensions of the stickers : 110mm long 30mm high on the car profile 50mm high on the 20yrs sun Stickers have white or black text/car-profile (so please remember to specify which you'd like) They cost $1.50 each, postage $2 no matter how many you buy.
  14. With all your enquiries, I'm asking which sticker colour so here they are : blacl text and car profile or white. The black looks great with the white protective backing but against a black interior....less so ! Please let me know when ordering. Oh, and stickers are sold seperatly US$1.50 each plus postage.
  15. Hi. €20 / $23 - sounds crazy but local postage is at least the same as international if not more (there is a specail tarif for exported publicity upon the French culture through which I send them abroad). All the French holidays by region are marked so also a practical gift. Kind regards, Sean
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