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  1. That's funny - I had to stop just at about the same point. Following his reply, I persevered last night (with a large rum and ice) and filled an A4 sheet as a basis of my next comments. You'd cringe when he mentions on two seperate occasions that swapping the engine would be best for more power despite mentioning L28ETs....!
  2. O thanks. There you have us at a disadvantage knowing which photos are then and now and knowing what was original (factory) and what has been added/changed since. To know that for any specific car is to be respected - they are after all 50yrs old ! Cheers. You must have seen this....:
  3. Thanks - and on the no.68 car there is one only, on the left, rear quarter facing forwards.Was one method better than the other, a later evolution of both just testing please ? I can't see a works car having DIY-ed it trackside so some factory thought must have gone into both systems.
  4. The 'orange' one you posted up showing the Z432 hatch strut and 'drilled for lightness'.
  5. Beg pardon - thanks. I've seen the breather on the RH side now ! Why are they handed please ? LH side facing forwards, RH side facing rearwards ? External hinges ? Err....hardly aerodynamic - why, even polyester would use 'stock' internal ones ?
  6. Yes, I suppose I am but why leave that there after drilling so many holes ? Just unbolt the thing ! The hatch is being held up by a broomstick anyway. Never seen one before - looks like a bonnet prop.
  7. Looks naf but practical I guess. Alan - that black pipe inside the it the tank breather pipe ?
  8. I'd never have guessed that, being on the LHside. "Don't abuse it" - are there distribution restrictions ? Hoover - Show off - wtf is that black thing on thne bonnet ?
  9. Thanks (no name ?). The world goes around - that's from David, our national club secretary who lives up at Le Mans just 2hrs from me. I knew he had this imahe but just assumed he'd coloured it in red from an educated guess....and I wanted a real photo with some 'patina'. Thanks to you chaps, I have that and already written to Peter Auto (re Le Mans Classic) : if people aren't told of feats like this (50yrs on the track), they'll never know...whether they want to or not ! :-)
  10. Yes chef - fabulous shot - just what I wanted and implies the qualifying in front of the GT40 - love it, thanks :-)
  11. Thanks Alan - I forgot the word 'colour (and yes, that's how it's spelt guys in English....and they say couleur ici) - I've only ever seen B and Ws ! Is that a streamlining fin down the rear wing or a form of car identification ? Rear drums - cool.
  12. That's my whole raison d'être to produce some factually correct mini-articles - nothing too long and taxing for most peoples' and especially journalists' minute attention span these days. 18th January 1970......2020 - 50 yrs of racing - gotta be worth a drink to celebrate and a mention in our newsletter.
  13. Please, can anyone supply a photo or three of the January 1970 racing Fairlady Z (before it got hit that is) ? And wasn't it the 18th January and not the 17th at Suzuka ?
  14. Ooh, not much margin for error in Alans' book. None of the 'well, at least we tried' or 'we gave it our best' ! It's correct or it isn't and it's a minefield out there with misinterpretations, mistranslations, information not wished to be divulged....if it weren't for a few talented westerners, we'd all be in the stone age and even books like Brian Longs' is ridden with errors ! At least we all quote 'S30' now - you got us that far Alan :-)