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    First car I ever drove at 100mph was a 240Z many years ago when I was 14. Coming back to the 240Z world with my engineer son and rebuilding a 1973 240Z. Car is 918 Orange and will be built to resemble a 432R on the outside.

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  1. I like these pictures of 19, really captures the mood during the race.
  2. Are these the 3 private race cars Kats?
  3. Nice hoovering, looks like PS30-00187, Mr. Takeuchi's car. Has done a few hundred thousand kilometers by now. Has an interesting airbox on it, non standard as Z432R didn't come with one.
  4. Don't worry my Dyson has sucked up loads of info and pictures on them!
  5. That looks like PS30-001???. Be interested to know the race history, looks to have been well used. Owned by Shigeru Terashima.
  6. Thankfully the Japanese had BRE in the USA to show them how to turn it into a race winning car. After all the same guys helped turn a poorly designed and built British car into a Le Mans winner.
  7. Lots of little details make the Z432R interesting. Even the door jam switch for light has been removed. They kept the standard door card and didn't fit the pull handles. No cover for the handbrake lever either. Every little bit helps getting the weight down. Shame it was fitted with the heavy 432 engine, however they did build one with the lighter L24....albeit a factory team car.
  8. Imagine how much this collection of 3 would go for, all in the same family! http://www.tarumi.or.jp/page053.html
  9. That's where the ignition key has been relocated to. You can see the steering has no lock, just an empty hole in the plastic housing to the right of the column..
  10. I doubt Zcardepot makes much on them, combine it in an order with some other bits. Always good to support the Z specialists...one day they may be gone and there will be no where to get parts. You can buy these cheaply from Thailand but the quality is questionable.
  11. here you go, I got some last week and they fit perfectly. https://zcardepot.com/products/headlight-adjuster-screw-240z-260z-280z?_pos=1&_sid=e6342a0d3&_ss=r
  12. Once you know the code all the part numbers can be deciphered. Every company has their own methods of identifying and tracking parts.
  13. Granny car parts manual is what you want, gives the part number, item description and number used. The part number has all the info on the fasteners, you just need the code to decipher them. This will help, http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=NES_Part_Numbers#1-_Bolts Applies to the 1200 but pretty much the same for all Nissan vehicles. Worls for the 240Z, I used it to sort out all the fasteners for my cars. Here's an example: Example: 240Z machine screw for the crankcase mesh filter cover, number 25 in the diagram http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/engine-280z/cylinder-block 08310-61214 08=standardize hardware prefix 31=Machine screw, Pan head 06=6mm diameter (M6) 12=12mm length 1= Zinc cadmium coated 4= filler to complete ten digits
  14. Nissan provided the details in the parts manual, all the details are there. Even the part number has a code that will tell you the specs for each fastener.
  15. Great photos of factory build, do you have any more of the various stages of construction. Would love to see a sequence of the 240Z being put together from new.