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    First car I ever drove at 100mph was a 240Z many years ago when I was 14. Coming back to the 240Z world with my engineer son and rebuilding a 1973 240Z. Car is 918 Orange and will be built to resemble a 432R on the outside.

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  1. Hate to be the bearer of the correct data but 500,000 total under some sort of notice to evacuate or to prepare for evacuation is not the same as 500,000 have evacuated their homes. We live 75 miles from the fire and are on Level 1 evacuation notice but no threat from the fire. Please don't sensationalise the real situation in such a dire time. More than 40,000 Oregonians have already been evacuated, and about 500,000 are in zones that may be evacuated as the fires continue to grow.
  2. Datsun was a brand in the USA, sold by Datsun dealers. There were no Nissan dealers in the USA when the 240Z was introduced. So technically Datsun introduced the Datsun 240Z in the USA in 1969. Therefore the author of the book is correct, the rest is just semantics. Eventually the brand name was changed to Nissan in the USA but long after the 240Z was sold.
  3. Well at least he got the first half of the statement right.
  4. Here you go loner..all the details. http://www.zhome.com/IZCC/ZRegisters/VintageZ.htm
  5. Great to see Z cars bringing strong money. Lots of interest in the cars and market doesn't seem to have imploded with the Covid slowdown. Usual suspects from both sides of the pond getting into pissing matches, half the fun watching them bite each other's heads off!
  6. Another Vintage Z up for grabs on BAT. Certainly stirring up lots of interest, wonder if it will hit $100k+ like the last one. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-127/
  7. It says manual at the bottom so how can it be for an automatic?
  8. How many of each part number are required for a car. Will 1 box of each be enough?
  9. Great initiative Mike to set up a section for the Z432 and Z432R. The R is a fascinating variant of the S30 model with very little written about it or in print. Would be great to have a register of all the chassis numbers and photos to go along with them, would be the first time all the information has been brought together. Is this the first Z432R built, anyone know the chassis number? Doesn't seem to be in the Grand Prix Orange colours of the Z432R shown at the 1969 Tokyo motor show and press preview in October at Nissan HQ in Tokyo.. What was the chassis number of that car?
  10. Mike the Z432R is a stripped lightweight version of the Z432. Essentially done to homologate the PS30-SB model for domestic racing; the 432-R was homologated as an 'evolution' of the 432 in JAF's 'Prototype' class ( with a minimum requirement of 25 identical cars manufactured ). Also had lighter thinner gauge body panels, fiberglass bonnet as well as the deletion of most interior trim and perspex windows on the side and rear. 25 to 30 built but no definitive number released to confirm. Nissan engineer Uemura mentions it in his book as the Race Specification Model (PS30-SB). The chassis number is in the same range as the Z432.
  11. Would have been much easier if they had Series 1 Z432 and Series 2 Z432 for the "R" model.
  12. Just another example of those honorable Japanese gentleman at Nissan stretching the truth....like they did with the power figures for the engines! Seems to be the pattern of use to their official statements.
  13. This all makes sense now. Nissan called them the S30 Series, based on that we have the 1st Series, 2nd Series, 3rd Series and 4th Series of the S30 Model. Easy to understand how it got changed to Series 1, Series 2 etc. over the years.
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