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    First car I ever drove at 100mph was a 240Z many years ago when I was 14. Coming back to the 240Z world with my engineer son and rebuilding a 1973 240Z. Car is 918 Orange and will be built to resemble a 432R on the outside.
  1. SpeedRoo

    Scarab on Bring A Trailer

    Love these old hot rod Z cars. American ingenuity at its best dropping a V8 in to a 240Z! Not sure how they drive but there wouldn't be a shortage of power. Like the period marketing materials Scarab produced to sell the car and components, takes some effort to put all that together. Was the original Z designed to take the Nissan Y40 V8 at the time?
  2. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    I would consider the people with feet on the ground who were involved at the time as experts. In the case of the Z that would be Uemura, Katayama, Matsuo etc. Hence my question on definitive books. Writers like Long who have taken the time to travel in Japan and research the subject are also good references, they have also taken the time to do the work and write it down. If history is not recorded it is soon forgotten. Others like myself who have discovered the cars have them to thank for their efforts. I have no idea who Griffith Borgeson is, were they involved with the Z development as well? If you find the term "armchair expert" derogatory then my apologies. I have no way of knowing your qualifications or background other than what I have read on Z forums. Like yourself there are many people with opinions on the cars, but how do you know who really knows what is true or not. I find it simple to do lots of research and ask questions, which is what I am trying to do here. The same way I contacted you privately through the message board and asked questions. I had assumed you were knowledgeable about the race cars and Z432R and asked you some questions based on what I had researched. You chose not to answer as you didn't know me and wanted to know who or what I was doing. I explained that to you and then nothing. I contacted kats in Japan and he has been very helpful, he also mentioned you were very busy but the person to ask. I wrote to you to say I understood you were busy and I would continue my research in Japan. Unfortunately you did not even have the courtesy to respond to that either. Obviously you have quite a bit of background on the cars but don't wish to share it, that is your prerogative. I have ordered the Long book on the subject and will look up the other ones 26th-Z has suggested. If I have upset any others with my questions and earnestness my apologies, that was not my intention. Look forward to find out more history and background to these fascinating cars.
  3. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    I don't know Carl personally but if he sits at a chair that has armrests and writes about Z cars then yes that would make him an "armchair expert". From what I can see reading posts on this forum and his site zhome.com he is very passionate about the cars. He has spent many hours researching them and presenting the information for people to freely read and share. I'm thankful people like Carl are around and freely share their knowledge. I also appreciate people answering my questions here, you are all a lot more knowledgeable about the subject than I am.
  4. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    Thanks for that NVZEE, Carl has done a great job on his site. Slowly working my way through it but hadn't found the book section until now.
  5. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    Just been wading through lots of old posts here. Kats had mentioned Eaglemoss FairladyZ magazines and model, that no longer seem available. There looks to be lots of historic photos in the magazine scans he posted, is the information accurate and a good reference?
  6. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    The internet seems populated by armchair experts, hence my question is there a definitive book. Normally they don't write books but it never hurts to ask, especially when I'm not familiar with the Z world or the characters within it. I find recollections from the people that were there more enlightening hence my interest in the Uemura book. Did any of the other/designer/engineers/managers write anything about the cars. Is there a reference book on the works race cars at all, they interest me greatly....especially the Z432R.
  7. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    Uemura booked ordered and on its way. Should make for good holiday reading. Now who's done the definitive book on Nissan factory Z race cars?
  8. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    Excellent, I will search for them and start reading.
  9. Having just recently got involved with the 240Z I'm looking for the definitive book on the Nissan Z cars from 1969 to end of production of the 240Z. Seem to be lots of armchair experts on forums but is there a definitive book that covers them in depth. It would have to include the factory race cars and their role in developing the Z. Additionally is their a website or magazine that has covered the history accurately? Any help much appreciated. The 1969 Z launch, Nissan's homologation special Z on display.
  10. SpeedRoo

    Tired of taking advice

    Thanks for the history Namerow. I had just seen them on some period racing photos of 240Z and liked the look of them. The slotted mag design is a classic.
  11. Pardon the pun but I need some tire advice. My '73 240Z came with Appliance mesh 6" by 14" wheels. Just picked up a set of 7" by 14" mesh wheels (racers seemed to use them back in the day) that came off another 240Z. Looking at wider tires but wanted to keep the same diameter. A 215/65 14 seems right according to Matthew's chart in this thread: Has anyone used the Federal SS657 in that size on their car? Impressions or feedback from actual users would be appreciated. They are a H speed rated tire good up to 130mph. https://www.tires-easy.com/tires/federal-tires/215-65-14
  12. SpeedRoo

    918 Orange paint mix

    Thanks Matthew, did just the same search as you suggested and still wasn't any closer to an answer. Will see what the paint shop comes back with. I think my cheapy camera phone isn't great at colours. Will dig out a decent camera and see what I get. Had a similar problem with another of my cars. The original factory formula for yellow (Giallo Modena) was nothing like what was on the car. Had to custom match to get it right. It looks pretty good now. Roo
  13. SpeedRoo

    918 Orange paint mix

    The silver sticker says 918. Pretty sure it's original. Here's a shot of the engine bay which looks more orange than the other shot.
  14. SpeedRoo

    918 Orange paint mix

    Just got back from Sherwin Williams. Left them the original inspection hatch to match too, will be interesting to see what they come up with. One of the problems is the original paint had lead and other pigments in it which seem to be outlawed today. I want to retain as much of the interior paint as possible so hopefully it will be a good match.
  15. SpeedRoo

    918 Orange paint mix

    I did order some touch-up paint from a PPG supplier and it was not even close to the original on my car, hence the question.

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