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Does someone know this kit from AutoACSolutions?


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It's an old style kit. The evaporator takes up a lot of the passenger footwear and isn't very efficient. The compressor mount blocks access to the mechanical fuel pump bolts and also limits access to the alternator.

The upside is that it will take less time to install than a Vintage Air kit.

Edit - I took another look. That kit wasn't the one I thought it was. It's a very generic kit. I suggest passing on it.

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I found the kit here, too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/182616926711

It is listed for less, too, and the ebay link has photos. The compressor mount is actually goes where the smog pump would be. That is better as long as you don't have vehicle inspections in Switzerland. 

I'm still wondering about the evaporator integration. 

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I bought this kit and so far, I'm very happy with it, although I cannot confirm or deny the efficiency, as of yet, because it's not fully installed (complete restoration). I bought the kit specifically for a 240z with integral controls (this allows you to use the existing dash controls).  My car originally had a dealer installed ARA system.  I had originally planned on converting it from R12 system to R134a but when i looked into it, it was going to be more money and work than just buying a different system. Plus, I think my heater core was shot since the previously had the heater hoses bypassed. I spent a lot of time both before and after purchasing this system discussing the particulars with the owner.  JW is the owner and has been in business 40+ years.  I like the fact that you can call them and a real person answers the phone and is willing to spend time with you to answer any concerns and questions.  You won't find better customer service anywhere.  JW is very patient and friendly.  I've talked to him so many times I told him he was probably sorry he sold me the system.  He's a great guy.  Just a few things to consider:  This is going to take you more than a few hours!  Don't even start it without removing the seats, dash and steering wheel.  The instruction are not great but JW has always been available to clarify things.  I varied from the instructions quit a bit so don't feel that the instructions are cast in stone.  If your considering this system I'd be happy to talk to you and pass on my expierences and suggestions.  But let's do it by phone, I talk much better than I type.  I'll keep you all posted as I proceed with the installation.  As I said this is a complete restoration so I can only do so much until the engine, radiator, condensor, etc. are back in. Here's the company info:  Auto AC Solutions.  www.autoacsolutions.com  (out of Texas) 1-877-542-8192 Owner: JW



Paul (z3beemer)



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Here are a few pics of this unit and what I've done so far.  1st pic, unit installed.  The unit is 11" wide.  I have it set 6" in on the trans hump so it extends into the passenger area about 5" leaving plenty of leg room. 2nd pic shows the bottom AC hose(High Press) connected to the evaporator, then routed thru the firewall (under the battery tray) then into the engine bay.  3rd pic shows that same hose routed under the battery tray and connecting to the filter/drier mounted on the right inner fender. With the trail fit of the dash it looks like I may need to cut a small section out of the glove box in the upper left hand corner.  I'll post more as I progress.




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I don't know if it matters, but you may want to look into if its ok mount the drier on an angle. I don't ever recall seeing anything other than straight up and down with that style, there may be a reason for that. 

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hey guys I am following this thread and checked older ones too. My situation is a little different, I have the original aftermarket dealer installer AC in my 71 240Z. It works for crap.

I'm looking for an EFFECTIVE AC conversion. I don't mind taking up some of the passenger foot compartment, the aftermarket already does. I often cruise alone anyway.

PS - I have an 83 turbo in the car and LIVE IN FLORIDA !!!!


d54 fixed.jpg

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Dave The location of the filter drier should not be a problem.  It's in the exact location as the old dealer installed ARA system.  In addition, the filter drier is on the High side of the system.  At the pressures R134 systems operate at , there will not be any problem with flow.

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