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    a 73 240z imported from the states in bad shape and just about running but getting restored.
  1. Thanks but I still don't know if this would work with my l24 block and cylinder head because everyone else is using the l28 block and I think that clearance might be an issue on my l24 block in terms of fitting the l28 or ld28 cranks.
  2. Hello, since I am currently restoring my 1973 240z and the l24 engine will get pulled out I am considering doing some performance mods. I have found that installing a crank with a higher stroke is a common way to get some extra power but i am not sure if it would be smarter to use a regular l28 crank (like the l26 did i believe) or the diesel ld28 crank and if this would even fit/work? Thanks for the help in advance. Greetings from Germany.
  3. Hello guys, First of all sorry for my english im just a 16 year old kid from germany. A few months back I was Lucky enough to buy a 73 Datsun 240z to restore for my first car. I bought it non running and pretty badly rusted, the car is now almost completly stripped and at a welding shop to get the rust dealt with. The owner of the shop was nice enough to let me use the lift so that I can work on the Suspension (you can tell just by bouncing on the car that the shocks are blown out and need new oil). Im pretty sure The 240 has got the original struts so I want to rebuild them I have Pictures of the manual that tells you how to do it and how much oil to add (290cc) and what oil to use (nesseki damper oil) I cant find the oil anywhere and to be honest I would like some newer higher weight oil for firmer damping can anybody help me on what type of oil and weight to use? Also all 4 dampers have something that looks like adjusters withe flat spots ground into them does anyone recognize what this is?
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