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  1. Does anyone know these fender mirrors or knows what they are worth? Thanks in advance!
  2. I am probably going to buy this L26 because the price is good and it's not to far away.
  3. This reminds me a bit of this cartoon I used to watch as a kid called phineas and ferb were they would build crazy stuff and everybody asked "aren't you to jung to build (insert something crazy)?" and they would just reply with "yes..... yes we are" and continue building. As a Kid I never really spend much money on anything since the age of 5 to save up to someday buy a cool car. I also got some finencial help from my parents because they didnt want me to ride a motorcycle. And about the car yes it WAS really bad, lots of rust, bad suspension all around, bad wiring and so on....
  4. Here in Germany we can get 100 octane fuel at most gas stations, yes octane not RON!
  5. Thanks for the offer but I am not going to spent 1500€ on a cylinder head 😁 Do I really need new pistons? Until now I was planning on using L24 flattop pistons.
  6. Well I have 2 options using the E88 head from the l26 or using the E88 head from my l24 I heard that the l26 had bigger valves and that's why I wanted to go with this. The thing about the E31 heads is that they are extremely hard to find in Germany so I think machining down an E88 to get the same compression is the best option.
  7. Did you move the link over one spot on the sprocket or did you mean to say removed a link?
  8. I know but by saying in the calculator that the head gasket is 0mm thick it has the same affect as machining 1.25mm of the cylinder head.
  9. No I dont think we got the maxima here and i can get an l26 block+head for cheap I also have my original l24 to get the pistons from so I am pretty much set I just need to know if my frankenstein engine will work in the end 😅
  10. Thanks for the reply! could you tell me what you did to prevent the timing chain going slack?
  11. Hello, I am looking at buying an L26 engine for my 240z the plan is to use the l24 flat top pistons and a decked e88 cylinder head to get more compression. The ozdat calculator says that with a 1.25mm thinner head gasket and the l24 pistons I will get a compression ratio of 10.5/1 is this equivelent to machining 1.25mm of the cylinder head and using the stock head gasket? Is it even possible to remove that much material?
  12. Thank you for all of the replies! I think I have finally found the color. Its called 'Aurora flare blue pearl' it came on the nissan r35 gtr and i love it!
  13. Hello, I am going to get my 240z projekt painted in the near future but I just cant distinguish and choose between the differnt shades of blue. I know that I want a dark blue and I also have some examples of cars that I think look good, it would be great if you could help me identify some of these colors. Greetings from germany Elias I think i like this first color the most:
  14. I get your point and maybe I should have cleared this up before but I am not trying to get information to use my 240 for street racing. I just really enjoy the old japanese car culture and would like to learn more about it. aswell as that I know of a few highway (wangan) racing Z's from around that period and I would just like to collect a few cool old school street racing pictures from japan 😉
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