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Tires for Rota RB 16x7 +4 offset

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I am getting close to being ready for tires. I have been looking at several options:

1. Kuhmo Ecsta PS31 215/55 R16 about $136

2. Continental Extreme contact DWS06 Plus 215/55 R16 about $151

3. Toyo R1R 225/50 R16 $181 (not available in the 215)

As the title says, I am going to be running Rota RB's 16x7 with a +4 offset

I am running Eibachs and am planning on an airdam up front. So no stock valence. I was thinking the 215's aught to clear the rear wheel arches.

I really like the Toyo's but I am not sure they will clear and I don't want to deal with scrubbing right now. I might roll the fenders eventually but no time for it now.


Is anyone running the 215 on a similar setup? Does it clear?

Is the +4 enough to get the 225's to clear in the rear?

Any preference for which of these 3 people like and why?

Thanks, C

I did read some other threads but they were for other wheels and I decided to not muddy up those threads

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Rota Grid 16x8 +10. I run 225/50 ZR16

(my fenders are rolled (as in: the inner flange with no pull, and as much as you can roll the rear inner flange as it gets pretty "thick" near the exterior...) I have coilovers and camber plates but I run the rears nearly flat)

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