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  1. Let it be said the Z car has always been inspirational to so many!
  2. My Matsuo-san story dates back to the 2015 ZCON in Memphis, my first such convention. It was the wash day morning and Matsuo was strolling around the parking lot observing all the cars getting cleaned. He stopped by my car as I was desperately trying to get it dried before water spots could take a set. He began sharing the story of the origins of the hatch strut. He said they took the concept from the canopy strut of the elegant French Mirage aircarft but it was a relatively expensive piece to build. As a designer they had to fight the accountants to move forward with the part. When they suggested the car would benefit from two struts, the bean counters made it clear they would make do with one! He also spoke briefly about the inclusion of carpets for the US market, stating that although they might be able get away with rubber mats in Japan that would not be the case for the US-bound cars and even then they had to settle for less costly looped-style carpet over a higher cost cut pile product. He chuckled about the ongoing battles with the bean counters throughout the entire design and build process. He was indeed a wonderful and entertaining personality and we are all so very fortunate to have had him in our Z car history.
  3. Your car is a '72 model so buy parts accordingly.
  4. Joseph, the fuel supply and return lines are routed to the right side of the engine bay - the return is a direct connect to the fuel rail. There is a vapor line from the tank that routes to the left side of the engine bay and connects to the flow guide valve mounted just below the ballast resistor (under the coil).
  5. Interesting observation regarding the headlight opening as a potential conduit for overspray. Given the broad and intense coverage and specific areas of coverage on my left side, this could not be explained by casual overspray thru the headlight opening. There is no doubt in my mind that this degree of coverage is a result of intentional spray directed thru the fender arch. It is likely a fellow painter on the right side was less intense on his approach. That suggests to me that these are all cut-in areas roughly applied prior to the higher quality exterior coat. The same could be said for the rear wheel wells with very intense and thorough coverage on top of some kind of protective layer to absorb impacts from road debris. BTW - the car had 92k miles when these pics were taken.
  6. I've been refurbing some of these and used the metallic A/C tape with success. I removed and sanded the reflector smooth, applied the tape, then buffed it shiney with jeweler's rouge. I also cleaned and painted the interior of the housings. PM me if you have any questions on the details.
  7. The person who requested my info had the MSA unit, said it was smaller and did not fit well.
  8. I know the 1970 and 1971 240Z's came with a vinyl wrap around the bundle of wires at the right side of the console, perhaps the later models did as well. Recently I was requested to measure and photograph my OE wiring wrap so that a friend could have it reproduced. These photos and measurements may be of benefit to others to also get a wrap made. Note that the center of the wrap is wider than the top or bottom to accomodate the bulge of connectors in the middle of the wiring bundle. There are two darts cut into the fabric edge on each side to form the "curve".
  9. Looks like a lot of needs might soon be satisfied: https://www.facebook.com/datsunworld.eu/?__tn__=%2CdkCH-R-R&eid=ARBAoO8RWd31Pe-unfTDMXBsFzlHWcttEluluVDP8y_TYOeKk4UNjAD5gRZdvrmK6seUqwnNlcXrPGn2&hc_ref=ARTDL-i29SetqVO8moJzGMaUEYfRR-Gov0818HiuX6MHRg5jH0gfzoG8E9LOB_TtagY&fref=nf&hc_location=group
  10. Welcome to the group! That looks to be an exceptionally nice car - and you certainly picked the right color. 😍 You are in the right place for tips and techniques for all of your mechanical and cosmetic issues. Add the VIN and build date to your signature line as it always helps to clarify any advice that might be presented.
  11. Here's a couple of additional reference pics after the car was cleaned. Different/inconsistent treatment of left and right.
  12. An update from Vintage Glass: Doug said, “Tell your friends we only have a few windshields remaining for the 240Z that don’t have a blue shade band and we’re not getting any more.”
  13. Consider locating a OE radiator and having it recored with a copper 3-row core. Most radiator shops throw on a coat of cheap black paint to cover the bare metal after the vatting. I've always requested no paint so I can strip the radiator and do my own paint.
  14. I have a mix of braided and smooth hoses in my engine bay. As to respect, there were no negative comments when my car was judged at ZCON 2015 in Memphis. My car was awarded Best Engine at that event. Its not always WHAT you do but rather HOW WELL you do it. If you elect to enter the ZCCA Stock Class, you will be expected to have every hose correct as OE.
  15. The folks at Vintage Glass have the correct windshield WITHOUT the blue tint. I think a couple of members in Arkansas have used them and two more buddies in my immediate area are in the process of ordering. Check with VG regarding a drop-ship to a glass dealer in your area to reduce shipping costs. https://www.vintageglass.com/
  16. I've got the correct bolt and washers, will be giving it to him this afternoon.
  17. I have a set of Trico arms from a parts car - the pot metal spindle mounts are not perfect in appearance but can be cleaned up. Everything good otherwise. They are marked: M622 LD87L and Y408 55R. PM me if you have an interest. Thanks, Jim
  18. I don't think he is referring to the blades but rather the unique left and right arms. Not sure about the mention of plastic - none on the arms anywhere on my car with the OE arms.
  19. I'm pretty sure the entire underside had a coat of primer that was followed by a "casual" application of body color. Certainly nothing as intense as we see today with rotisserie repairs and paint.
  20. @RetSarge - Back to your original post about a restoration. Your costs can vary widely depending on your approach. Returning the car to as it rolled out of the factory, i.e. stock, wil be very costly. Many of the Nissan OE parts are NLA and when found they are often "a king's ransom" in price. Another option is a very mild resto-mod where reproduction and aftermarket parts are used for the NLA parts but the ones selected are not readily visible or retain the original appearance of stock. I can send you my build sheet from 10 years ago via PM to give you some idea of the breadth of parts involved in a resto. Jim
  21. Here are a couple of before and after dirt removal pics on my one-owner car - please excuse the color tint on the second pic. Always a Dallas area car, no undercoat or other protectant applied. As you can see, body color all the way.
  22. Unfortunately, Dave's harness does not work with the '73 model.
  23. Exactly, and the park function is spot-on.
  24. Wrapped up the Honda Wiper Motor Upgrade today. I picked up a new aftermarket Civic motor off ebay and ordered Dave Irwin's magic wiring harness. It all came together nicely and works perfectly!
  25. View Advert 240Z Turn Signals Refurbished set of 240Z turn signals. The units were disassembled and cleaned, lenses polished – no cracks, scratches or chips. The internal reflectors are pristine and look brand new! Valance mounting brackets were stripped and professionally replated, new flange nuts and washers installed. Rubber seals are fresh, no weathering. Harnesses with bulbs included. The set is $295, including standard domestic shipping, international shipping available at actual cost. Payment via Paypal, PM if interested. Thanks. Advertiser jfa.series1 Date 06/07/2020 Price $295.00 Category Parts for Sale