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  1. I just got a new Car and Driver mag, there's an article about driving a 2018 Alpine A110 (mid-engine, RWD, 2 passenger coupe) in the French Alps. A paragraph at the end caught my eye - see if you get the same chuckle as I did. " While the A110 almost certainly won't be sold in the U.S., we can at least fantasize that it could. Europe's crash and emissions standards are close enough to ours these days to mean a federally compliant version could be possible. Distribution would be more of a challenge, but Alpine is technically a separate brand from Renault. It could sell the A110 out of the back of a few well-chosen Nissan franchises - or just go ahead and put Z badges on it..."
  2. As to color of light unit, I'm also in the camp of same as the rear finisher. I believe the metal inserts in the lights are intended as a diffuser for the light and avoid a light "hot spot" on the license plate as well as diffuse some of the heat from the bulb away from the lens.
  3. Dan - Here's the update on the Molotow Chrome Pens: I thoroughly cleaned the lettering area at the top left with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, most of the silver Sharpie and any prior chrome came off. Used the 1mm pen to cover the text. Cleaned the rest of the plate - note the silver Sharpie did not come off the long lines. Finished the text at top right with the 1mm pen and the long lines with the 2mm pen. I'm well pleased with the outcome - a very shiny chrome finish. I highly recommend this product, will be using it to update other areas in my car! Jim
  4. That's a very nice looking car and looks to be an excellent value. The ZX series is very much under-appreciated.
  5. Yep - a nice collectable piece, will require a unique display to show off both sides. I noted that the back side pics were all badgeless cars, not so on the front.
  6. My recollection of the exhaust manifold on my car was no finish - just bare casting (that quickly rusted!). I have heat shields from both pre-heat riser and post-heat riser. They appear to be clear zinc finish.
  7. Since you are in Houston, check out the folks at SZRpro, formerly Houston Z Auto. They are very knowledgeable and well regarded on both platforms and can give you some real appreciation of what you might be facing with either choice. The S30 series is vastly more simple when compared to the sophistication and complexity of the Z32. Good luck with your education.
  8. If you are looking for a total replacement, check out John Taddonio on FB - he has a complete roof with windshield posts available for local pickup in NY.
  9. Thanks, Jim. I know the power goes in thru the white connector to the blue line with the fuse. The red/blue wire looks to tie in to the instruments per the wiring diagram. I presume it is idle for bench testing? The radio is grounded thru the body, correct? I have a working OE antenna from a 260Z to check out the antenna switch.
  10. Hi Dan, Here is the chrome pen set I ordered. I had heard about it previously and a buddy recently used one with very good results on his dash bezel. I'll post my results after I get it. Thanks, Jim https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074JJ1YMY/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Not my car but an item in my recent parts hoard purchase. Hoping for another unicorn find with this one. I cleaned it up yesterday and refreshed the faceplate with a silver Sharpie - not to worry, a chrome pen is on order to get an accurate look. Its missing the Hitachi model # sticker on the bottom but otherwise very complete and in great condition. Next up is setting up a test environment to check out the functionality. Where are @S30Driver and @Zup when I need them?
  12. OK - Its clear I need to clarify. I am looking for an image of the letter "Z" referred to as the Classic Z with the serifs and crossbar. Thanks Site - I looked at that one and decided it wasn't good enough!
  13. I'm looking for a Classic Z image in a JPEG or other graphic format, preferably not a PDF. Any help? Thanks!
  14. BTW - welcome to the group. Tell us a bit more about your car and your plans for it.
  15. That's not likely a dealer warranty tag. Most likely "Big Eddie" was a mechanic with a strong sense of complete disclosure who went to a lot of trouble to document an engine swap for the then current and all subsequent owners. Note that he installed the tag on the firewall over the factory stamping of the VIN and made no attempt to replicate the OE tag. Good job "Big Eddie"!!!
  16. Let me help a bit with your knowledge base. NOS = New Old Stock New = not used; Old Stock = not recently produced. A lot of NOS parts are also NLA = No Longer Available, as such are often valued to restorers who want high accuracy and won't accept used or reproduction parts. These grommets go in the firewall where your heater hoses pass thru from the engine bay to the heater core inside. The grommets I have are NOS but are still available from Nissan - see this link: https://www.courtesyparts.com/oem-parts/nissan-grommet-rubber-2724328500. I also gave you a link to aftermarket reproductions for $25/set plus shipping. The new Nissan ones will cost you at least $21.68 each plus tax, your local dealer can probably order them and you can likely pick them up there to avoid shipping costs. The set I have are $30, including postage. If still interested, PM me and we can complete the transaction. Jim
  17. Your tanks and frame are stock. The lower tank shows the radiator came out of an automatic transmission car. Your grommets are here: https://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4842851 And... I have a set of Nissan NOS grommets for $30 if you are interested.
  18. The body of the ashtray is clear zinc, the fittings are chrome.
  19. My car had the dealer-installed A/C when I bought it new, the original 2-row was in place. It did not hold up well and after several repairs I had it re-cored with a three row, still in the car today.
  20. CO - the most recent batch was about 25 lbs., both clear and yellow. Three of us went in together, the total cost was $200, no breakout on the color. The largest pieces were a fuel rail and a heat shield. For individuals like me, it is a cash-only (check) transaction - no credit cards. I'm sure they have billing for the commercial accounts. As to whether they would ship, that would be a question to raise in a contact with them. The company is Texas Precision Plating, http://www.texasprecision.net/ Speaking of ashtrays, this one just completed (soon to be listed for sale ):
  21. They don't separate the parts, all of the batch goes thru the bake cycle so everything is consistent in color whether its clear or yellow. Per the comments by @zspert above, this shop has tanks large enough to handle the long fuel/hydraulic lines. A buddy has his done and they came out awesome.
  22. We know you for the NOS partZ-junkie that you are! A 12-step program will not be successful.
  23. I get all my plating done locally - lucky to not have to deal with shipping. My philosophy is that the results will be no better than the prep so everything is thoroughly stripped of paint, rust, scale, grease, ...etc. prior to delivery. Get rid of scratches and rough edges. Yes... small bits can and will get lost so I secure those pieces per the pics below - problem solved! Anything with a spring, including spring steel, will need a bake cycle to drive out nitrogen (?) molecules. if not done, the piece will break.
  24. On Facebook, The 240Z Guild just posted of the sale of an original paint '71 for $72,500. The car is HLS30-19769, lots of photos on their page. https://www.facebook.com/The-240z-Guild-463701714192371/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARCljoUeqeBGQ1K7uZ2neg6DB9HjORaaR-Weabm097EOpZhh3sZrXmEAinbxzem4dFcBi6-9BvXpWkCK&hc_ref=ARQUvILE-92Kvd7_rXuN5FmPOUnue4r5_18ic1vZnANzNEbGc6qt-yKtKty5G26gFPA&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARCppRC-PW94KvzFkLnkWuhc6LbmxrucBakPHCxdLEfKurNJbsKCREFrXOYlltOLVrvkIhPkAYXZ8bJQI46i19c4mgsz1OQ27GgFIYK0ilxl_4npswRT8W-yunyXNbp1wntDwKTKaA_rM24WOCotSBxdX5EWbmIvtAcavkq-fOCUb6uq0l4e-IDhDlukomaezHMgtWXAYIwTmA4S-ye-vaWVEfFxuD7OLAxnEzCqCJ40NKj7RT5EAPRxMDEHIdvNJga8MuFl5wkokLIIHmaiVAaQZRY2nob2wKeJs5DvS9aYiyV1GIV0AMspbKhkErtm4Zmdi1hKRFXgjn6kgjiah9BPLJP8MX_SPhR8d63nR9f4jcEjxYuvv7I
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