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  1. Never had the pleasure of meeting E, though we spoke on the phone fairly often. As is the case with everyone else here, the love of our cars brought us together. Years ago now, I'd posted a pic of the aftermarket floormats that came in my zx; there was something in the coloring of carpet that caught E's attention, and he pm'd me about taking them off my hands even though they weren't for sale. As I wasn't using them, I shipped them off to WA and he put them to use in his beloved roadster. Who knew such a simple thing-sharing a photo-would start a friendship that spanned years and timezones.
  2. And a few more... the last two are obviously not of a Z car, but as it was a BRE design that predated the Z car, I thought it would be appreciated.
  3. Was going through an old box of stuff and came across these; just thought I'd share.
  4. You could always go down to the DMV yourself and request a title search, or get the applicable forms for the website listed below and do the same through the Springfield office. http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/vehicles/faq.html Motor Vehicle Records Division How do I request information on vehicle titles and registrations? Complete a Secretary of State Information Request Form or contact: Secretary of State Record Inquiry Section 501 S. Second St., Rm. 408 Springfield, IL 62756 217-785-3000 How much does vehicle information cost? Title search - $5 Registration search - $5 Title & Registration - $10 Certified for Court $10.
  5. Blue plus yellow does equal green, but I doubt your gas has a green tint to it from residual sealant...assuming the sealant was applied correctly and allowed to dry/cure. How does the gasoline appear when pumped (or allowed to drain) from the tank, without going through your lines? If it's greenish straight from the tank, I'd say you've got part of it figured out. If not, then you should be able to reasonably assume the issue is in the hard lines from tank to filter.
  6. My humble addition to the list is a can of Fix-A-Flat. Sure, you've got a spare, but... Also, whenever I take a long drive, I pour a can of Seafoam into the tank before the initial fill up. Figure I might as well let it do it's magic on a steady drive. Two other things I try to do: When the fuel tank is getting close to half full, I start looking for a station-especially if I know I'm approaching an extended length of nothingness. Make yourself stop every few hours at a rest stop (or gas station) and get yourself walking around for 10-15 minutes. It may seem counter productive to do so, if time is on your mind, but it really does help stave off fatigue.
  7. I wonder if it'd be simpler/better to have the shift map stamped in metal. No worries about it breaking, could be painted to owner's taste, and topped with the watch bevel or a clear filler. http://www.universalmarking.com/dies.html http://www.pryormarking.com/marking-products/engraved-dies/embossing-a-debossing-dies.html
  8. And then sometimes the police get involved, but not in the manner you might expect... http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/02/n-j-troopers-charged-after-leading-exotic-car-caravan-on-garden-state-parkway/
  9. Glad someone finally got it. FrankenZ, if you end up keeping the car, what are your thoughts/plans for it?
  10. I thought there might be some here that would like the Mad Manga car. I wasn't overly keen on the original colors (obviously).
  11. When I first got my '79 ZX, I did so with the full intention of having it as a small project/weekend car-alas, life has odd ways of changing things, and the car ended up being my sole means of transport for several years. I had no issues driving about 350 miles a week (commuting to/from school and work) in all seasons. The key (as with ANY vehicle) is maintenance. Starting with a solid vehicle is equally important, though if you've gotten a fixer-upper, you shouldn't have any issues as long as you fix whatever issues you encounter, and work from a pro-active mindset.
  12. Could you perhaps post a pic of the magazine cover, and type out the USBN number (should be in the scan plate) Having your version's dedicated number should make it easier to find.
  13. First off, I must state I've not been to a car show (judged or otherwise) in a very long time, and the class I'm going to suggest may very well already exist: I think it'd be fun (and educational) to see cars grouped and judged against their peers from a Cost When New perspective. It seems to me that in an open marque show, having cars separated by their nation of origin, or simply domestic and import, is inherently unfair. As our cars would fall in the Import category, we'd be up against high dollar Ferraris, Jaguars, etc. Not saying that our marque shouldn't go against the exotics, but I think it'd be interesting to see our cars go head to head with price point comparable cars of the same age-never mind the country of origin.
  14. Re post 349: In all fairness, the v8 in the car I posted about has obviously had much work done to it. Even if it had been built with covers, I doubt they'd be usable for such a modified engine. Re post 350: No idea if those inside mounted louvers are available at all, or if they were homemade. This is the first time I've seen such a thing. Pretty neat idea...functional, and seemingly removable.
  15. Interesting.... not everyone feels the need to cover their v8 engine with bright plastic covers, though in this particular case, they did feel the need to leave the Thunderbird emblems on the tail light trim. However, the person who re-imagined this car did place a re-manufacturing plate in place of the original door jamb data plate. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1974-DATSUN-260Z-COMPLETE-CUSTOM-SUPERCHARGED-350-V8-535-HORSEPOWER-NITROUS-/280944102398?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item416992cbfe
  16. I think most would agree that the sunroof addition is simply an abomination, but what about the hatch window treatment? At first, I thought someone had simply rigged up a venetian blind but the second photo seems to show a specially made unit. (pics from this ebay listing) http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1970-240Z-4-SPD-ORIGINAL-CALIFORNIA-OWNER-CAR-ALL-RECORDS-SINCE-NEW-FAC-AC-/180958137174?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item2a21f20b56
  17. I like and appreciate most of the cars on that list but I'm not exactly drawn to them (even the mopar-though I wouldn't consider it beautiful). If I were able to add one car, it'd be the Auburn Speedster. That's one I could admire at all day... There are a few newer cars I'd nominate as well, but as this list seems to be more reflective of the vintage side of design, I'll not.
  18. I can't answer the second part of your question, but should be able to get away with mounting the plate to the parts car bumper. You might find it looks better if you get a frame for the plate. However, the dimensions of the molded plastic "arms" are different dimensions than those of the original. Additionally, the crease along the steel bumper is in a different location from the original, so you won't be able to swap out the old for the better condition unit.
  19. It isn't not a billboard, so it is a billboard... Those covers do have an additional, real purpose besides hiding cables, wires, etc. My I30 has one emblazoned with the Infiniti design over the forward head of the v-6. At first I thought it was just there for looks, but I found it's quite handy in preventing one from accidentally placing hand on hot engine... Some designers may go more for the utilitarian look, trying to integrate that piece of plastic, while others use it as something pretty to look at; something to get your attention.
  20. As an added thought (though this doesn't qualify as a true "while I'm at it" thing), I'd suggest replacing all the bolts that hold the injectors in the head. Several of mine became galled when I removed them (not too badly), but I wish I'd sourced hex head bolts to use. I've seen others have done so, and it just looks better (IMO).
  21. Modifying, replacing, or upgrading wearable items with a more durable version makes sense to me, and doesn't have an overall negative effect on the car. While I don't particularly care for billet aluminum for some things (steering wheels come to mind), replacing door latch components or links that hold on the accessories (even the fuel rail) is fine by me. Many members have upgraded their alternators from externally regulated to internally. While some have done so for the added juice, others have simply done so to remove a common fault area. It's a logical change that betters the performance of the car, without changing the overall nature of the car. Same notion can be applied when it comes to switching from a points distributor to the later model.
  22. What's wrong with yours? Rather than trying to source a new/used one, you might be able to repair yours. If not, start looking at junkyards and various Z car vendors.
  23. An ex-coworker thought it was too bad that I didn't get a rotary equipped ZX. When I told him that Nissan didn't equip their cars with Wankels, he became far too insistent that he was right, and I was not... I reminded him that it was Mazda that installed rotary engines in the RX line of cars, to which he agreed...and then said "yeah, and in their datsun line too" I just shook my head and walked away...
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