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  1. I sold my 71 240Z to a guy in the UK. I have some stuff left if you are interested in any of it. Check out my Ebay sales. Let me know. jmark350z | eBay Thanks, Mark
  2. Car is Sold. I have the early darker shift knob if someone is interested in it.
  3. Car is posted for sale on Datsun Classifieds.
  4. My contact email is jmark_350z@bellsouth.net if you are interested in the 240Z or have questions about it. I am located in Greer SC 29651. Thanks.
  5. Some more shots of the 240Z for sale.
  6. Thanks Steve. More pics added today.
  7. Some new pics of my '71 240Z for sale.
  8. I plan to get some good current pics of the car this weekend and I'll put them up soon. There have been some good prices paid lately for solid 240Z's. I think this car easily falls into that category. The car has brand new tires on mint 15 x 7 Panasport rims and battery with new cable. I have added the ITG air cleaners with air horns, Nismo front strut brace and had the fuel tank sending unit replaced so the gas guage works now. The clock works but loses time over a long period. I found new front bumper trim pieces still in the Nissan wrapping for the bumper and bumper overriders. The rear bum
  9. Steve, Great to meet you too. Thanks for the compliments on my '71 240Z. It really is a time capsule. Let me know if you want to use my car to help reproduce some parts.
  10. Nix is coming to look at the dash tomorrow.
  11. There are differences per Carl Beck. I told nix2240z $1750 plus shipping. Nix and Travel'n Man can pick the dash up. I'd rather not have to ship and risk damaging the dash.Per Carl here is the parts # difference. http://zhome.com/Classic/Restore/70RestoFAQ.htm
  12. A pic of the dash box with Nissan Part #.
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