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  1. s14280zx


    I just put a coat of primer and light blue spray paint to keep it from rusting. If I get a few warm days, I'll put a coat of icing on it and maybe a couple coats of paint.
  2. s14280zx


    I cut the hole in the door and made a square hole. Then I used the inside of my parts door to make patches for the door and fender, and welded both patches in. This picture is just with a coat of primer, I still need to put a coat of icing on it, but it's better than having holes. I still have a few other holes to patch, but it's coming along.
  3. s14280zx


    You can see a hole in the door, and at the rear of the fender.
  4. Thanks. It has a few holes that need patched, but it's not bad for a PA Datsun.
  5. Thanks, I have the whole bumper assembly including the side finishers off of the '82, so I would be using the whole thing off of the '82. The side pieces go all the way to the fenderwells, so I'm thinking it should work, but I'm not sure.
  6. Finally getting my new rocker panels welded in. I'd like to get all bodywork done and primed before fall. Sucks with just a carport.
  7. I have a '79 280zx, and it has the center "280zx" taillight panel on it, which I want to keep, and had the chrome bumpers which were in bad shape. I bought 2 parts cars , an '80 and an '82. One had a xenon airdam which I'm using,(you can see I have the front end on in my avatar) and I want to use the bumpers off of the '82. My questions are, will it look right with the license plate mounted on the plastic bumper? Are there any companies that make an aftermarket bumper that has a license plate mount? Thanks
  8. I had them on my 240sx's, and they worked great for a long time, then the one started sticking open for me. When I do a brake job now, when I'm done I just put a drop of oil in them, and it seems to keep them working good.
  9. I drew a version of a new z that I would like to see Datsun/ Nissan make something close to. I have it posted here in Photo/art forum. It is kind of a cross between an S15 chassis, and an origional z, hatchback and lengthened to fit an rb- 28dett straight 6 under the hood, and rwd, with the classic looks of the round scooped out headlights. I would call it a 280zs.
  10. This is what I think the next Z should resemble. I would call it the 280zs. It would be based on the S15 chassis, and would have a revised version of the rb26dett that would be 2.8L and rwd. They could offer turbo and non turbo versions so more people could afford one, and bring it back to the classic affordable Z it was in the 70's & 80's. This would be the perfect car to bring back the Datsun name, imho. I wish Nissan would see this and their lightbulb would come on.
  11. Thank You Very Much for making this great thread. I have the Weber book, and it confuses me because it covers different variations of the carb, that I don't need to know about. You have made it 150% easier for me to see what each part does and how the whole system functions, and I greatly appreciate it.
  12. Thanks for the link, Steve. Greatly appreciated.
  13. I am mainly concerned with having defrost and maybe heat so I can drive it without the windshield fogging up on inside. Is there any other parts I could swap from other z's that would give me defrost? Could someone explain how and when this valve opens and closes, and how it operates. Any info would help me greatly, and I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Jeff.
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