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  1. When im going down a road (mostly highway) ive noticed that the roads tend to angle abit (to drain water i guess?) But ive noticed when i am on these angled sections i have to hold the wheel abit to the left in order to go straight when the road angles down to the right and vice versa if it angles the other way.
  2. Can road angle cause the alignment to feel off?
  3. How would I go about having a car shipped and inspected?
  4. I can not seem to find a good z in my area (OKC)... any hints?
  5. any place to buy them? looking at building a replica
  6. Anybody ever thought of doing something like this and customizing a locost or similar chassis to fit it?
  7. I don't care if they are torn or anything just need something to cover the bare metal
  8. Thats more expensive than i thought...looks like ebay or MSA will be my friend
  9. Has anyone ever tried to make their own? Looks like they are just hardboard covered in vinyl.
  10. anybody know where to get them cheaply?
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