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  1. The only place you can accurately measure the air-to-fuel ratio of what goes into the cylinders is to put a sensor into the intake manifold. Even more precisely, is to have a sensor near each intake port. Having an o-2 sensor (whatever "0-2" means) only measures o-2 in that particular spot.
  2. I stand by my original statement that there is npo such thing as a sensor that measures the air-to-fuel ratio, in the intake manifold.
  3. Is the AFM even connected? The connection is underneath..It might need to be cleaned with DEOXIT, not WD-40. Make sure the throttle linkage is connected and functioning as well. You can operate the throttle by hand.
  4. Oxygen sensors measure oxygen. How does the oxygen measure the fuel mixture in the intake manifold?
  5. There's no such thing as an air/fuel sensor. How does that gause operate?
  6. Personally, I'm happy that there is still enthusiasm for these cars. Most people I know have ditched their S30 for a Nissan or infinity, or some other new model, because you just putin newq parts if something fails.
  7. Sorry, I don't smoke. 😉 He offered to do for free, which is why I let him try it. So it wasn't a good deal, even for free.
  8. I'd expect an 'expert' to know the difference, especially since kept mention 'idle air motor' and he also called the ECU a 'computer.'
  9. OH- Sorry mate. I had my car in a shop to have the "datsun expert" check for vacuum leaks, and the first thing the guy told me when I went back was that the ECU w3as not original (It was) and the "idle air motor" was missing. The L28 does not have an idle air motor, whatever that is, nor would it be connected to the ECU.
  10. Right, the ECU does not controll the Aux air valve. It's connected to the thermotime switch and coolant system.
  11. I woulden't let that crazy guy stand in my driveway.
  12. I use aftermarket (JY) seats that are recovered, and have foam added for bolstering, but it's not enough when you go to autocross or any other performance-type event. That's the problem. to attach something to the back of a cloth seat that doesn't ruin the custom work, looks like it belongs, or won't fall off if you accidentally tug on it, and has a slot to put the strap through or in. BTW - this is also called a Torso Strap. G-Force sells them, and it's just a strap made from Nylon webbing with a big plastic pinch clip. They just sell them, and don't tell you how it's used or inst
  13. The duct tape would be fine if tyou had vinyl seats, but my seats are cloth, so I would need something that will not tear or mar the fabric or fall off.
  14. Thanks a lot. I just haven't seen one under there, and I've been under there a lot. In section EF (Engine Fuel) it connects to pins 9 & 12. The sensors don't use a common +12V, so the ECU is supplying the 12V on one pin.
  15. There are several vacuum hoses; one to the brake booster, one to the heater controls, and one to the distributor.
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