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GT-Q series Volume 2


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If you don't want to spend hours checking out a big glossy mag from Japan filled with amazing Z cars, engines, Z parts catalogs etc., don't plunk down $26 for this issue. S30-31, S130, Z31 & Z32's but mostly early Z's. Just got paid, checked the car mags at the local book store next to Marukai and there it was, wow. Published by Kotsu Times Sha Co., LTD. 130 pages. Don't know how long it will be in the mag rack, so .....

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Sorry, but I checked online, found plenty of places to order it but nothing in english. Only one used copy of vol 1 (Skylines) for about $75. Got my copy from Asahiya Bookstore in Torrance, (310) 375-3303. Could probably order from them. $26 is better. Or order from Japan if you read Japanese.

I decifered the katakana on the cover as Fairlady Z. Bought a katakana workbook to go with it. Katakana is used for foreign words like english, there are tons of it in the car mags; to me it's the easiest Japanese writing to read. The pictures are so cool it doesn't matter.

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