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  1. The harness passes through the floor in the passenger side under/behind the seat...maybe worn and grounding at the pass through?
  2. FOr a look at what can be hidden under a couple of gallons of bondo and shiny paint...
  3. That is kind of the point...Charley has already found all of that out, and made a stronger rail that looks right. But to answer your question, the frame rails have harnes mounts, brake line mounts, Tension compression rod mounts, sway bar mounts, and more... and some of those mounts must be in the right location, or the car will have issues. I don't remember the gauge of steel in the factory or CHarleys version, but while his look right cosmetically, they are thicker and stronger.
  4. It can be done, but there are also mountings on the frame rails-you would need some good material, and a big heavy brake to bend it with and a jig to put(and hold) everything in the right place for welding-depending on what part of the rails you need to replace.. I didn't see the need to reinvent the whole nine yards I bought a set from Charley Osborne at Zed Findings and spent the time getting ready for them cleaning up what was there, working out how to put them in the right place and practicing my welding.. Those I bought are outwardly indistinguishable from factory parts. If you diy-be sure to post everything!
  5. With no part number update, the one piece version was probably another a get'er done answer.
  6. Looks like a Nardi Personal with an inexpensive after market lace on leather cover(the spokes are not tended to). It will take a 240Z specific hub adapter, to go on the column, and the wheel will bolt to that.. Should still be available from Nardi/dealer, but you might luck out on ebay...
  7. Don't worry, While pictures can change with age too I have a NOS one to judge by, and one that was wrapped within a week of being sold-between those two that have hardly seen the light of day in nearly 50 years, and identifying the resin used- I believe I the original color is pretty much locked down Look really closely at the "blond" in your wheel-it is the wood, not the resin... The wood might be a little lighter than original from sanding, but resin does three things with uv exposure and heat cycles ... give up its original chemistry, shrink, and darken.
  8. I am sewing up a move from Savannah to Saint Mary's, figuring out my garage and storage space, and have my white 'Vert in the air with her Auto on the floor and a 5 speed waiting to go in...probably 60-90 days...Prepping and painting the spokes and hub is about the same, the area with the real changes is the rim-and I go further than anyone I have seen on the horn connections-It will all be in there!
  9. An off the shelf solid wire Lawn mower throttle cable assembly(off the shelf) works and looks close, A sheath from a bicycle cable set will also work-if you want colors, but test the sheath for heat stability on the oven first...some are not capable of handling the heat... Once you know your chosen one will lubricate with Silicone grease(Super Lube) and run the cable.
  10. There is some pretty work in this thread! Really the kicker here is that the resin that was used darkens with age. While it is not too difficult to get a wheel to look much better, it is another thing entirely to get it to look as it did new. I have been working on that for quite a while, and I am closing in on it, when I get it completely sorted out, I will put together a full article/video on what I have found out about the wheel, and what I think will put it right.
  11. Thanks Guys! I REALLY appreciate the kind words! My health has been steadily improving, and I am getting back into the Z community! I am also sewing up a move, so while I am a lot more active, I have a good number of things on my plate-that said I am getting my garage ready for sewing up some stalled 240Z projects in addition to sewing up my Z32 'verts. I am already holding my schedule for Zcon next year-and hoping to lend a hand in it! I do miss the old crew, but I hope to meet all of you there and be a part of a new one, and explore your Zs! Every time I see a 240Z I have to fight the urge to bring it home...and to get elbow deep in it! or immersed in conversation about it! This weekend I'll be going through your pics here and getting to know your Z adventureZ!
  12. Waking up and older thread, but I wanted to say thanks guys! I really appreciate the kind words. I had some SERIOUS health issues that came to a head shortly after the 2011 convention and have been gaining steam since. The story of the coins is this, I asked Karen Roeder to design a logo that would work on a banner and a coin. I gave her minimal requests, and she knocked everything out of the park! I had 350 gold plated and engraved coins made for three Uses, 1) As a thank you and to show my appreciation for my local crew(coins 1-20) the next set was as part of the award for the Car Show,and the last set was made up with the model name of the cars(S30, 240Z 260Z, 280Z S130, 280ZX, Z31 300Z, Z32, 300zx...) to sell in the auction. I had extras after the convention, and I started selling off my 35 years of collected NOS parts, I thought, why not share them with enthusiasts, so when someone bought something indicative of a proper restoration I put one in the package...if I sold something oversees, I put one in the package...I still have a few left, and I have been considering what to replace them with as I ramp up to selling off the last of my parts, and a few surprise pieces... I kept 3 coins for me #1 and I had one made with HLS30, and one with Z32C for me. Yes, I am ZconSavannah GA on Facebook, and will be posting more here in the coming months!
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