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  1. Waking up and older thread, but I wanted to say thanks guys! I really appreciate the kind words. I had some SERIOUS health issues that came to a head shortly after the 2011 convention and have been gaining steam since. The story of the coins is this, I asked Karen Roeder to design a logo that would work on a banner and a coin. I gave her minimal requests, and she knocked everything out of the park! I had 350 gold plated and engraved coins made for three Uses, 1) As a thank you and to show my appreciation for my local crew(coins 1-20) the next set was as part of the award for the Car Show,and the last set was made up with the model name of the cars(S30, 240Z 260Z, 280Z S130, 280ZX, Z31 300Z, Z32, 300zx...) to sell in the auction. I had extras after the convention, and I started selling off my 35 years of collected NOS parts, I thought, why not share them with enthusiasts, so when someone bought something indicative of a proper restoration I put one in the package...if I sold something oversees, I put one in the package...I still have a few left, and I have been considering what to replace them with as I ramp up to selling off the last of my parts, and a few surprise pieces... I kept 3 coins for me #1 and I had one made with HLS30, and one with Z32C for me. Yes, I am ZconSavannah GA on Facebook, and will be posting more here in the coming months!
  2. What, no ClassicZClub wear...can't have a lack of representing here! Hard to believe that boy is now 11, and 5'7" he'll be Taking My keys when he is 16! If it is cold, my leather bomber jacket or my ZCON 2011 jacket or
  3. Some of the major surgery done in the 4Bar garage!
  4. hls30.com

    Z Nationals 2013

    All the S30z/ S130S at the Z Nationals 2013
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    2013 Z Nationals
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    2013 Z Nationals
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    2013 Z Nationals
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    2013 Z Nationals
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    2013 Z Nationals
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    2013 Z Nationals
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    2013 Z Nationals
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    2013 Z Nationals
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