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  1. Thanks for dredging up this old topic, bluejon. Fairly recently I saw a guy on Facebook who went the 3 SU route, but this guy used flat tops (hitachi 73-74 eras) of all things.He said he did it essentially just to be different and freak people out. Not sure how his tuning efforts on that have been going. Maybe he is a member on here? I havent been on here much until recently again, so I'm not sure.
  2. hi. I'm hoping you/kmack see my post just on an old triple SUs thread.

    thanks. Jonathan

  3. OK, looks like I found out what was wrong. I pulled that bolt out, and this is what came out with it. I don't really know what this is, but i'm guessing this must be a a previous "helicoil" fix????
  4. It was one of the shorter bolts, I thought both of those were the same size? When I pulled the bolts out, I put them in an old pump, so I would know which holes they went back in. I will go out and check and see if the other short bolt goes in better. I did try the other old bolt again as well.
  5. Ok, hoping to get some more advice on my water pump replacement. Had no issues getting the bolts out, there were torqued on very lightly. Got everything back on today, put prestone in , and it started leaking right away. It was leaking from a bolt not tightened enough, one of short bolts, lower right as you face the pump from the front. Pulled the pulley off again (left the radiator in this time) and went to tighten the bolt further. It goes in a ways, but then just rotates, like the hole is stripped? Must have been this way before I pulled it out, cause I didnt strip it going in, or cross thread it. I tried loosening all the other bolts again,and moving the pump around, thinking I might not have it centered, but it appears to not be able to tighten it. I am using new bolts from Motorsport. What next?
  6. Thanks so much for all the great info, guys! I managed to track one of the good ones down locally, after a few call to parts stores. I'm gonna have to take the pressed steel one back to NAPA. Anyway just glad I was able to get the pump off yesterday without the bolts being stuck!
  7. Good to know these options. I'm gonna ask any vendor to confirm the forged impeller before I get one. Has anyone actually had bad experiences with the ones that look rather flimsy?
  8. This one looks like the good one, Im going to email and ask if its the forged impellar, anybody use these guys? http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/331807825182?item=331807825182&vectorid=229466&rmvSB=true
  9. I don't find any aisin pumps on amazon for 240Z . There is a cardone, with a picture of the good impeller, but Im not going to trust the picture. http://www.amazon.com/Cardone-Industries-57-1016-Engine-Water/dp/B008PEH07E/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1460072684&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=1971+datsun+240-Z+water+pump+Aisin
  10. Hey folks, I'm replacing my water pump in my 71 Z. Wow I have not been able to find a new pump with the old style "forged" impeller, vs the chinzier looking cut steel type. I can post pics if you don't know what I mean. I had parts guys here in Spokane try to find the older style, without luck. Ive seen pics of e forged ones on Ebay, but the sellers weren't if sure if that was the right pic. So the question, anyone know if they're still available anywhere OR Do you think it even matters?I know there has been debate over this in the past. I took the old pump off today, I'd like to get the new one on pretty quick, might just have to go with the steel one. Whaddaya a think? Oh also I have new bolts from motorsport Im gonna put on, what is the lubricant stuff to put on them so I can get them off ten years down the road? AND should I pout the gasketsealantsealent on both sides of the gasket? I It didn't really look like it was on both sides when I pulled old pump off, it was stuck to the pumpo, not the block.
  11. Zehead you rock, I tried that and it worked great! Got the fan and pulley off. Tried the first 10MM bolts on the pump with that same wrench, and they seem to be coming off OK! They were very lightly torqued luckily. I haven tried the bigger bolts on the pump yet. I doid spray PB blaster on the bolts 2 days ago.
  12. I need to replace a leaking water pump. I also took the radiator out for better access and to get it re-cored at this time. I havent yet gotten to the pump, hope the bolts there are easy to remove, but right now Im just trying to loosen the nuts that hold the fan and fan clutch to the pulley.You can see the nuts in the accompanying pic. The problem is the pulley rotates while I'm trying to get some traction on those nuts and it will just spin. I put the fan belt back , thinking that might slow it down a bit, but it really doesn't. Andy suggestions how to keep the pulley from rotating, or am I doing this wrong?
  13. I need to finally replace my old vent hoses on my 71. I am seeing pieces of what I believe to be aged rubber showing up in my clear fuel filters. I saw one of the old hoses back by my tail light, and it specifically said "Not for fuel use " on it! Duh. Do I need to purchase the kit of specific hoses for the 240Z, or can I just locate fuel approved hoses that are long enough to be able to fit. I have found one kit with all hoses online for 225 dollars. Seems a but steep for rubber fuel line. i seem to recall one of the hoses takes a few turns and the OEM part is most desirable, but can other cheaper hoses work? What diameter are these hoses anyway?
  14. Carl Beck might have an interest in this one. Carl I notice it's not on your database. I'm guessing you may know the owner! Jim from the Jaremko parts department? He has worked there since 1974....
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