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  1. I agree 100% The Z has to remain a stand alone in the Nissan stable. If there is one positive esthetically, the grill is better proportioned in the concept SUV due to its higher stance. Here's a review: https://www.hagerty.com/media/opinion/z-sus-is-just-alright-with-me/ The 240 had an attractive (although useless) bumper that occluded the view of the lower half of the grill. Here's hoping the 400 grill height can be reduced by a 1/3rd to approximate Ante's law of proportions. In the alternative, divide the grill horizontally with a band of chrome or brushed metal. Cheers, George
  2. Much better....The 'rectangle' grill detracts from the sexy 'curves'.
  3. Lights look great, the grill not so
  4. Here's one: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a33942473/nissan-z-teaser-details/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_cdb&utm_medium=email&date=090820&utm_campaign=nl21384592
  5. Disappointing Update: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/news/nissan-400z-to-be-revealed-late-2022-on-sale-in-2023-report/ar-BB18sBlC?li=AAggNb9#image=BB18sBlw|2
  6. Thanks, Jeff Without providing a proper reference and simply from a failing memory, Nissan sold ~180,000 240Z's in four years (1970 -1973). Also, not to forget, that was from a standing start. With the same mix of product, price and presentation, my hope is Nissan will do it again. Cheers, George
  7. What if Nissan were to invite the members of its Z car family (that being ourselves) to submit personal vision(s) of what we would like to see incorporated in the 400 Z design ? I hope to be positively in awe, much like I was 50 years ago and similar to today's GM response to its new Vette. Just thinking out loud George
  8. What if Nissan were to invite the members of its Z car family (that being ourselves) to submit personal vision(s) of what we would like to see incorporated in the 400 Z design ? I hope to be positively in awe, much like I was 50 years ago and similar to today's GM response to its new Vette. Just thinking out loud George
  9. A March 23rd update: It's been reported in a major Canadian national newspaper(National Post) that Nissan has just filed to registrar trade protection for a 2021 400Z with retro styling: https://driving.ca/nissan/auto-news/news/nissan-files-retro-looking-trademark-for-400z-suggesting-cars-return Here's the dream: To own a 1971 and a 2021......WaHoo!!
  10. It was, 'Valspar Plastic White'. The project was worthwhile doing as the lenses don't show any regression.
  11. The appropriate OEM Nissan thermostat is available online. My suggestion: Try one.
  12. Hi, FYI here's another 1/71 Series I build (VIN: 18,859). A one owner bought new on May 13th, 1971 in Kitimat,BC,Canada. Total refurbishment(~6 year) started in 2007....Thanks to, 'Blue'
  13. grannyknot et al: FYI, here is a copy/paste extracted from a Stern response (October, 2012): " 1) Recommended wiring harness and relays - with instructions Can use a relay kit RIK-2, $49. The RIK is not a harness, but a _parts kit_ containing all relays, brackets, terminal blocks, terminals, plugs, sockets, fuses and fuseholders. You supply your own wire (or your mechanic does) and use the parts from the kit to build up your own wiring harness to take the workload off the switches and bring full power to the lamps. Specific instructions are provided, and the concept is explained at http://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/relays/relays.html . Parts are specially made premium-grade items (e.g. ceramic headlamp sockets) that accept large-gauge wire; this is not the "consumer grade" junk you can find at the parts store. Or, I can have my harness builder custom build you a ready-to-install harness assembly using the same components. Cost for this option is $143 (including parts and labour - you pick _either_ one relay kit _or_ one custom-built harness to do the entire job. It costs more than the $40 to $90 cheapy prefab harnesses because it is not a cheapy prefab harness). Installation is simple: you run the marked wires to battery positive and to battery negative, snap the harness plug onto one of the vehicle's original headlamp sockets, snap the harness sockets onto the headlamps, and secure the cable runs and relays neatly out of harm's way. The in-car switches continue working normally, and you will not need to cut or otherwise disturb any of the vehicle's original wires. > 2) Two Cibie 7" H4 The Cibie headlamps are available either plain ($77.95/ea) or for $1 more with a built-in parking lamp ($78.95/ea). This is a small 5w bulb ($4.24/ea) that sticks through the lamp's reflector into the lamp itself, a couple of inches away from the main headlight bulb, via a socket and grommet. "City light" is a common casual term for this. The official European/international term is "front position lamp". North American terminology calls them "parking lamps". It is _only_ a parking lamp, not capable of producing an effective or legal daytime running light or turn signal function no matter what bulb is installed. Electrical connection is by two standard 1/4" spade terminals. Ground one, and run the other to the vehicle's parking lamp feed. The city light illuminates the whole headlamp in a "pilot light" sort of fashion; this makes for large-area parking lamps, and if a headlight bulb ever burns out, oncoming traffic still sees you as a double-track vehicle. Outside North America, parking lamps must emit white light, the North American style amber ones are not allowed. In North America, parking lamps may emit white or amber light, and these white ones built into the headlamp are a legal form of parking lamp in the USA and Canada. > 3) Two quality bulbs (moderate watts) Osram 70/65w, $22/ea." For what it's worth, I purchased/installed the Osram 70/65w bulbs, and they're more than adequate even for irresponsible night time driving.
  14. Hi, Cibie lights with H4's are terrific. Contact Stern; he knows bulbs. George
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