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  1. I just spoke to Eastside Nissan our Club sponsor and ordered: Head Bolts Turbo L28T 82ZXT 9 ea 11056-P7600 short 5 ea 11059-P7600 long 14 ea 11058-2100 washers quoted price of $91.92 (supposed to be 10% over dealer cost to club members). Should be here on Monday or Tuesday. MSA = $140 California Datsun $130
  2. Just wanted to check the forum in a while, and the first topic that comes up is rust repair haha... datsun Like JDM says I believe these are the fresh air channels ( you know that lever you pull inside to get cold air to your legs.. ) Pretty easy to see why they rust... ( air + moisture ).
  3. I have a crazy idea! When the gas gauge gets close to E, put more gas in the tank. Don't worry about the light that tells you the same thing. Sorry, couldn't resist. Now that I've had my fun at your expense, maybe there is a sender with that part in my collection. Somewhere.....
  4. Yeah, it works great. I found a set at the salvage yard that look new for $7. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  5. Great morning! F1 practice in Baku and new video from Jeff!
  6. This week I have chosen to have a big swing at getting the bodywork on the Z finished.
  7. Following! A fellow Canuck. I'm in Vancouver... Looks great man Sent from my SM-N950W using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks Kats, I will send you a PM with access to the spreadsheet I'm collecting information in, where possible I've denoted Japanese market cars also, as it helps plug gaps in HS30 number sequences. I've shared it with Alan previously also, it's a bit of a pet project of mine. The mount is custom yes, but I don't have any photos of the original transmission mount. Next time I am with the car (it's in Melbourne, not Sydney with me) I will try and take a photo for you, it's definitely unique and would suit the 71 gearbox. When I bought my 72 240z (HS30 10552) it had the L28 installed with 240K gearbox, I later went back to the previous owners house to collect the original L24 engine, and the owner asked if I wanted the 71A gearbox - I said no.. Regretfully I should have taken it, but didn't think it was used in my car, because at the time I thought it was only in early 70 models. (I learnt later about the box being used till late 71).
  9. Lots of good info and pics in wheee!'s rebuild thread!
  10. About he ZG bumper, this gap is necessary for proving it is genuine part. Some of you may think it is not right , but it is right. After market “fake” ZG bumpers appeared perfect, without any gap between the head light case and the bumper, for us , that is uneasy, just does not look right. Here is my spare ZG NOS bumper, please note the fresh color and it’s shape. You can feel the soft material, it is flexible. No fighting to fitting into the body. Kats
  11. Thank you everyone, I can say the red ZG is the rarest one of all . There were approximately 2000 units (we guess ) for total ZGs . With that in mind, this car has an unfavorable automatic transmission (maybe less than 10%? ) and, an admirable air conditioning system but expensive ( maybe less than 10%?) and, a 110 red (maybe less than 10%?) and, with an unfavorable vinyl top (maybe less than 1%? ) . I think this car would be the only one in this style delivered to a customer. The first owner would have payed nearly equal to Z432 for this car. Kats
  12. Looks good thanks for the pictures Sent from my SM-N950W using Tapatalk
  13. I took that pocket reinforcement a little farther with mine as I've always felt the front shock towers are a bit under supported.
  14. The vinyl roof style may come from their first attempt to save the 1500 from Nader and stricter safety rules in the USA by adding a Coupe roof. SP310 with Fitted Hard Top, August 1966
  15. Hi Kats! Thanks for the pictures. I like the red HS30-H but I am not a fan of the vinyl top.
  16. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/d/71-datsun-240z/6570792795.html
  17. 1 point
  18. Too late! I went back to chrome. I’m so fickle...
  19. So I pulled the plugs after work Pig rich and 1 & 4 are wet. Oil wet I believe. We cleaned them good and put them back in. Ran it at idle for 15 minutes or more. Never really warmed up. so I sent him around the block. He overheated in less than a mile turned around and got home. We still haven't looked to see how low it is. Looking for a pressure tester now...

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