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  1. The Silvermine Motors site. Complete kit for the car is available. I documented the initial install in my thread. Edan [mention=27610]silverminemotors[/mention] will set you up with all you need. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/61463-silvermine-motors-electric-power-steering-system/
  2. Plus she's been studying famous race cheating methods...
  3. Even us northern interlopers! [emoji1]
  4. Besides, totally wrong colour scheme going on there... [emoji23]
  5. Outshone in my own thread... don’t make me play “Keeping up with the Jones’!...
  6. I will be going down to Calgary next week to visit Kent’s shop again. And to pick up the roadster! This COP bracket is two piece aluminum and a much more intricate piece than I first envisioned. I will let Kent speak to its construction if he wants...
  7. Well the cats out of the bag as they say! Some refinement to come and two tone powder coat etc. This is some fantastic work by Kent!
  8. What’s this? A teaser pic from ConverTT??
  9. A whole lot of nope sitting there for me....
  10. .... and nope. Just not quite good enough. I’ll start with a new clean pan.
  11. It’s a close custom mix. More metallic and a tad lighter.
  12. Remember that the vehicle has to retain 50% of the stock metal or more to be considered the same car....
  13. Bad internet triplicate post! Three layer cake... mmmm
  14. These were Fairlady’s first, and only became known as Roadsters in North America. The Fairlady badging was removed for NA and just Datsun 1600 was left.
  15. Well, considering the 280 gets the Lionesses share of my time, the 370 was only driven a handful of times last year... now she sees a new threat to her attention! PS: My daughter named the 370 "RoZy" ('cause she is coloured black rose) and my grandson named the 280 "SASSZ" after Sally in Cars. He just couldn't pronounce it... I wonder what the Roadster should be nicknamed? How about "R Lady"? As in Roadster Fairlady...!
  16. Here's a link to a page in the thread detailing the process... JB Weld powder coating
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