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  1. I didn't mod mine in the end because I switched to an aluminum radiator instead.
  2. Yup. Story has been out there for a while on this one. Cool find for the owner.
  3. ZeddFindings rails are very good. I have installed a set on my car. However, they do not incorporate the slight bow near the radiator and this did cause some small mods to be made. See the pic of what area I'm talking about.
  4. I have a new CAS from OneSix on its way. We are testing a theory that the one I have may be a dud.
  5. Got so much done today!! ... cleaning that is. Half the shop done!
  6. The original prop valve is very close to where my brakes are proportioned. I have the AZC trak pak of huge Wilwood’s front and rear. Paired with the 15/16” Master, the Wilwood prop valve is only for fine tuning. Most people have told me it isn’t necessary and I have it set wide open for the moment. I’ll adjust as needed.
  7. I just bolted mine over the stock safety valve.
  8. wheee!

    C’mon! Own up ...

    Ex Dodge Polara owner myself. Seats 12 comfortably.....
  9. Did you shake it with the washers and nuts?
  10. No, you need to do the pressure wash last, after everything has been loosened up. Read my thread link above and see all the steps I did for the finished result.
  11. Take a hot pressure washer to the inside of that tank.... makes a huge difference! https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/50908-1976-280z-restoration-project/?do=findComment&comment=537912
  12. But don’t red kote the sending unit!
  13. Hung Vu is the guy. He makes the replacement dashes and is an awesome guy and supplier.
  14. The black mesh in my photo was intentional diffuser material. It was a gutter foam I think.
  15. No problem. Message me with any specific questions.
  16. I hate to repeat everything I’ve already posted, so look in my build thread and search Gen II and you will see all the steps I took to install the system. I have the defroster type too, so two more vents on top behind the other three.
  17. The fresh air vent on the cowl is not used as the Gen II system uses the condenser to remove condensation from the recirculated air in the cabin.
  18. I did use that vent for the centre stack on the 280. Works perfect.
  19. wheee!

    1977 280z

    I'm glad i used a media blaster for mine.... the few parts (flat panels) that received paint stripper were a real chore...
  20. Fuel rail pressure is right on the money. I tested the newly rebuilt injectors and they all pulse properly with 9v applied. I have a new tune to load when I get back to the car. The tuner changed a few settings. TDC might have changed when I moved reluctor pickups in the CAS. My timing light still shows 10 degrees BTDC at the current setting though...
  21. Thanks Zed. I checked the injector harness with my brand new Noid light kit. They are all pulsing. I also checked the injectors previously. I am set up for 310cc volume on these too. It sounds like 5 cylinders to me too.
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