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  1. bartsscooterservice

    My Datsun 240Z

    Thanks Chas Lot's of work that Mustang.. engine build isn't so easy as the Datsun... You gonna be @ JCS 2018 ? I think I will be there with the Datsun if they weather is nice.
  2. bartsscooterservice

    My Datsun 240Z

    Well time has moved fast, didn't have much time on my hands for the projects in between work, but got some things done. I hope the Mustang will make it's way back on the road this summer. I picked up the Cleveland engine 6 weeks ago, so far it's almost back together. I hope to put it in the car in the next 4 weeks. Had to get hardened push rods + taller valve covers because of the roller rockers, so that took a while to get here from the states. Not sure what the horespower numbers will be ( have to dyno it to know ), but somewhere between 500/600 at the crank. Also ordered an Autometer RPM gauge, looks cool as ****, and functional to The datto also got out of storage since last month. The brakes got stuck from sitting 6/7 months, but took care of that, also replaced breaker points. Also replaced the glass fuses ( FL headlight beam was bad, came out the be a fuse ) in the fuse box while @ it, heck they could be 30 years old. Waiting for better weather then will give it a new coat of wax and polish the crome again.
  3. bartsscooterservice

    Where to go with this rusthole

    Just wanted to check the forum in a while, and the first topic that comes up is rust repair haha... datsun Like JDM says I believe these are the fresh air channels ( you know that lever you pull inside to get cold air to your legs.. ) Pretty easy to see why they rust... ( air + moisture ).
  4. bartsscooterservice

    First drive in the z in 25 years.....impressions.

    This fume thing really seems a problem with the early z's, not sure if there are complains from 280Z owners ? I've replaced everything in mine and sometimes I still smell it.. with the windows closed no smell, but when windows down in the summer there's a light smell ( not Always ). It could come from anywhere I gave up searching, just accept the smell it's not that bad.
  5. bartsscooterservice

    Series I cars

    I came across that problem last time when one of my cylinders was stuck from sitting in the winter and was leaking fluid. I managed to get only a new cup seal ( few dollars ) and rebuild the unit, or else it would cost me that 200 + USD.. Thank god on these old cars everything is almost repairable, instead of the new cars where you just throw it away and buy a new one....$$$
  6. bartsscooterservice

    My Datsun 240Z

    Time for a little update.... First I got another cockatoo, the old one ( yuki ) got a little agressive and attacked me this one is really friendly his name is Buddy, he's a Galah... Second the Datsun.. it's currently in winter storage since last 2 weeks. I will start it occasionally, didn't have much time to drive it this summer...not much nice days ! I hope to drive it more next summer, and bring it to some classic car events... Lot's of polishing/cleaning work needs to be done on the car in spring ! Third: The Mustang I am still waiting for the engine to come back from the engine shop, had some problems with parts I had to send back to the US. I hope to get the engine and tranny in around Christmas.. or Januari. I allready re-painted the engine bay, and put an entire new steering assembly ( rebuild unit from the US ).
  7. bartsscooterservice

    Series I cars

    Changes occured throughout the production of the 240Z so you really can't call it series 1,2, or 3 etc... Mine is from a " transition period " it has many series 1 features, but also what guys call here a series 2 Z emblem on the side pillar instead of the 240z badge.
  8. bartsscooterservice

    My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    Like Mart says.. never the floors and if it's rusty wit the normal jack ( see picture ) it will FAIL
  9. bartsscooterservice

    Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Very nice work, lots of details... It's Always a pity it's going to fade away anyhow, when used outside on the road, or else you have to put it in a museum or only drive on dry sunny days But you can keep it nice for a long while, old fashioned elbow grease.
  10. bartsscooterservice

    E31 Head and Steering rack for sale

    Upping this. Parts still here. They don't have to go, but if anyone is interested.
  11. bartsscooterservice

    E31 Head and Steering rack for sale

    The head is back. So any interest PM me !
  12. bartsscooterservice

    Shell V Power Nitro+

    There's quite some videos on youtube on doing that, but untill there's a proper way, i'll stick with the expensive non ethanol gasoline..
  13. bartsscooterservice

    Shell V Power Nitro+

    It's called V Power here if I am correct. Fancy names. It's just regular gasoline ( octane a bit higher ) without ethanol in it. Ethanol reduces mpg and burns less clean than regular gasoline. I use it in the 240Z to, but that's just because the regular 95 contains about 5% ethanol, ( this will be upped to 10% in a few years time ) I just need regular gasoline without ethanol, so I don't **** up the carbs and everything.... The hobby is getting more expensive by the day ...
  14. bartsscooterservice

    Road tripping across Europe in a 280Z

    I love the mountain area of Austria and Bayern ( Southern Germany )... went there last year with the Mustang. Beautiful scenery to drive... I'm planning my next road trip through Switzerland and into Monaco, but it don't think it will be this year.

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