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  1. I did told myself this is the last thing I will be spending out. Everything else I will do myself, even if it takes a learning book on it, I could prob do a better job.
  2. True. Bought it seems I bought from a scam shop in the US.. cause there was my first one from. Paid them 2.2k for the AOD alone. There are good shops out there, but they seem hard to find. Everybody is out for a quick buck...
  3. Nice find by the way ! Keep it stock and just enjoy it. Don't go modding it !
  4. I thought the 3rd synchro going out was a common problem.. I don't think some mysterty oil is going to fix it. He better might have it rebuild, there in the US there are plenty of shops who can do that easily. Not so easy to find here.. " uh it's old and when don't have experience with this japanese thing let alone parts "
  5. Tried that also, but I clearly SAW a lot of play in the hinges when pushing down on the hood, before the accident that wasn't the case, So I guess the " hit " made the hood pull the hinges up, wrecking the pivot points and geometry.. I will look for hinges hopes this makes it much better ?
  6. The Mustang is driving me crazy.. the shop here in The Netherlands who build the AOD, forgot to modify other things like the input shaft and transgo shift kit. He only put in the clutch pack. Even the converter was wrong. So it shifted way to early in kickdown and also the converter grabbed way to quick ! He has been re-doing it, I hope to pick it up end of this week or begin next week, and then have it back under the Mustang before winter kicks in. I will further drive and tune it then in spring.. Hope it can handle the horsepower and torque of the 351C now.. It seems there are few shops with experienced people left who can build a decent automatic tranmission when it comes to performance ? ...
  7. I tried that, it got a little better but still not good.
  8. Anybody here might have a good set laying around willing to sell? By that I mean with no " play " in the pivot points of the hinges.. Since my car was hit in the front a few years ago, and after the damage repair by the body shop, the hood was still to high up in the front, and the shop couldn't repair it they said.. I went looking for the problem last week, and found when I push the hood down with my hand, there is alot of play in the hinge, so I guess that when my car was hit, the bonnet was pushed up a little and this stretched the hinges out... ( before the hit the hood was aligning fine.. Bart
  9. So this still leaves us with no answer then... @kats i have the us export model
  10. I did read the info you guys gave me. Some say they came from the factory with it and many say they don't and it was just a dealer option ? And the 240Z and later 260/280Z have different splash pans ? I just want to know if they came from the factory with that splash pan ( 240Z ) ? if not, then I don't want it either...
  11. For 240Z.. I don't know the english name for it. I'm looking for one for my 71
  12. I think you have to ask the ZX sub forum here..
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