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  1. The 5 speed sure has a higher top speed, and higher final drive ratio, that I can tell.
  2. yes mart.. it revs to 7k sure, mine did also, but with the other cam now i notice it's not falling flat on it's face compared to the Original camshaft which doesn't do much after 5500 rpm ( you can also find this in test review from car and driver ) although you think so cause you are making a ton of rpm.. I can clearly notice the difference. '' With the help of two SUs and a 9.0-to-one compression ratio it generates 151 horsepower at 5600 rpm, and if you are so inclined you can turn it all the way to 7000 rpm before you hit the red line. We aren't inclined, however. Like all Datsuns, the torque curve is as flat as Nebraska and the engine noise is so unpleasant above 6500 that there is just no reason to ever go up there. '' '' The 240Z six is quiet and smooth at low engine speeds, as you would expect, but has an almost unpleasant rumbly growl when wound out. We found the power peak to be at about 5500 rpm rather than the 6000 quoted; there is certainly no value in going up to the 7000-rpm redline! '' I tried mine a few times and it tops out at around 200/205 so it's correct, but then I am maxing out my rpm and the car really doesn't like that at all. I can imagine why engines wore out so quick back in the days with those short gear box ratios.. lot's of rpm= more wear
  3. Yeah it's better to have a professional shop do to the body work, and the rest YOURSELF. I learned the hard way to.. EVEN now I still have that on-going problem with my mustang automatic transmission as you know.. not much skilled people left these days, where the hell am I paying for ? I've prob could have done it better myself with a good book and patience..
  4. Danny's Kaaiwerk haha You have been quite busy Mart ! Will be nice to see a finished 280ZX from 1979 !
  5. Must have been a 5 speed then ? Or not a stock engine... The 4 speed top speed is rated at 201 km/h. ( and that would be very optimistic in my eyes, since the Original camshaft isn't doing anything much after 5500 rpm.
  6. Haha, I was not scared of the speed, more of the old Z breaking apart LOL. The 5 speed does make a big difference in top end driving though... I just don't want to go much faster then 90 mph with the 4 speed in mine, way to much rpm. But it's a 50 year old car it's okay..
  7. One some parts that I agree. For instance I have replaced the speedo meter cable with a chinese knock off from Ebay. But for a splash plan, a replica is easy to spot.
  8. I hate putting replica stuff on classic cars, so that would be a no no
  9. Some google searches on " 240Z splash pan " come up with all kinds of things, but not a clear date or anything else. Some people asking 500 USD for this piece of metal LOL. I understand it's rare, but this is just ridiculous,
  10. I agree. Are people saying that ? I see it more like the USA was the biggest " market " for the 240Z..
  11. Well it would make sense the factory gave al S30 bodies these options for the factory " add ons/options ". Because adding them later would be madness offcourse. I think we see the same happening today. I just find it interesting that it seems many s30's seem to have the splash pan and many also don't have it.. Maybe somebody working for Nissan at the time can give the answer why that was done ?
  12. Okay. Well I hope we can find ( or Kats maybe ? ) some more info on these. Since nobody's doesn't really seem to know the answer to this exactly..
  13. See.. new information is coming out, glad I started this topic. My 240Z I checked the drilling holes for the splash pan, and they appear factory stock, not added later.. but I could be wrong here offcourse. Could it be that the Z's that went to midwest or east ( colder ) parts of the USA did got the splash pan, and Z's from the west coast dryer parts ( California etc ) didn't have one ?