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  1. The front end and from a side view looks way off, it had some front end damage I think
  2. That's not correct then. The acc pedal only controles the butterfly valve, nothing more. So basically you control the " air valve ". The throttle valve is vacuum operated.
  3. Yeah I had a 71 mach 1, but that thing was so rusted, I sold it, and bought a 70
  4. 1973 Datsun Z-Series | eBay Doesnt look bad at all minor rust, good for restoration ?
  5. What the hell where they thinking with those bumpers lol, interesting time in history for sure...😴
  6. Maybe they did it because of fuel economy bragging ? Or just did not bother to give americans a 5 speed
  7. I like the long ratio of the US 4 speed, but it really is lacking an extra gear, to drive at higher speeds without going high in rpms ( more engine wear ) or the reach a higher top speed. At the time in the US it would have been enough. At least it's a long ratio 4 speed with low gearing diff, so 120/140km/h it's still acceptable on the motorway to come along with modern traffic. I hate that it doesn't have a 5 speed, but then again I'm thinking to myself just keep it original US spec, i;m fine with it.
  8. yes.. i dont know either if the replica pumps have the correct geometry even with the spacer !? I agree lots of junk these days with all those immitation china parts
  9. If you don't have the correct spacer, the mechanical fuel pump will destroy itself. There should not be any problem with mechanical fuel pumps
  10. Bought this for a friend. 67 chevelle 383 stroker. 15k. It's currently in the port of new york
  11. Bought a 67 chevelle 383 stroker for a friend of mine ,from Michigan, Jackson, it's going to be shipped coming weeks. He wanted 18k but reserve was not met on Ebay ( 13 ), I offered him 15k, eventually he came around. Hope it all works out, it remains risky transfering alot of money overseas, without meeting the actual person. I asked as much information as I could, and let him sign the bill of sale and a copy of the title, and their adress checked etc, called a few times also.
  12. I found this with google not sure if it's correct: The E30 did in fact come on certain models of the L20A. They have a closed combustion chamber just like the E31, so they allow you to have higher compress just like the E31, and use small ports and valves. They are built on the same basic casting as an E31, so the ports can be hogged out just as far as the E31's, and they can also be machined to accomondate bigger valves. Z man of Washington www.zspecialties.com
  13. I once went to Schut in Soest , the netherlands. He had some original datsun engines laying around. You could give them a call. industrieweg 29, soest. tel +31 (0) 35 6010668
  14. I would throw that carbs in the bin, they don't belong on a japanese car 😑
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