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  1. Nicely done Mart.. Windscreen seems a pain in the arse... You will get it sorted out soon. You should sell the 300zx tt and restore a 240 😲 I'm still not done with my cars either, will I ever be ?
  2. Mostly all aftermarket seals use modern blended synthetic rubber that are to stiff, not like the old Original ( naturel ) rubber that was used on the seals.
  3. A lot of aftermarket door seals for the Z are to thick, I found that problem to. I have a topic somewhere with the right kind of seal for it.
  4. It will be better to put some extra liquid sealant ( RTV of however you call it in english ? ) in place before you put it all in, because in the olds days the seals didn't do their job very well, hence all the rusted out pieces.. But let the window guy decide..
  5. That's a big problem for rust on these cars. 5 years ago an immitation front wind shield rubber was put into my 240Z at the paint shop. On some spots on the roof it's slowly letting some water through I can allready see on the paint almost microscopic bits. The original must have been better quality. Always a fight against rust with these Datsun's...πŸ˜ͺ
  6. @ Mart: good one Some pictures from yesterday with my mom's BMW Z3, fun car, but to small engine only 1.8. Paint and rims are not perfect on the Z3, but that's not my job to do πŸ˜‰ When I picked up the 240 from the paint shop he said the rear deck lid was starting to get bad and have to replace it within 2 years. So I ordered a replacement panel from the US. Maybe next year together with the floor pans πŸ˜…
  7. Only thing I see is cars getting heavier and fatter and more hp to counter that. Why not go '' back to basics '' 1000kg car, with a modern 2.4 liter N/A and a 6 speed manual ? It's not all about the horsepower.. It's cool going up in numbers but eventually you end op with a 9 liter displacement Z car ? But sadly that's not possible because of modern safety regulations 😞 , requiring all that safety and electronic crap adding weight to the car.
  8. Ah okay. That's what I thought so also. Let's assume that for now...
  9. So comparing that to the other 2 pictures in my first post. This seems to be a different clutch ? Where there 2 types, or are the other ones for a colder climate maybe ? Or not specific S30 ? Maybe someone can clear this out ?
  10. Even bare ( cast ) aluminium can have different finishes. A light coat of heat resistant mat paint from the factory would make sense. The inside of the cover obviously would be bare aluminium since the oil film wil protect it. And they wouldnt want to risk paint coming of on the inside would they But anyhow it's a good question..
  11. To bad its a design flaw would love to have the correct metal fan on.. Will try to source the clutch and have it balanced. Keep the plastic fan on then for now...
  12. You can see how long of a journey it is Mart... Lots of time and money but you will get there soon πŸ™‚ I Will come to take a visit when I have my summer holiday haha. When should visit some classic car shows and especially Japan classic sunday next year together with Both z's ...
  13. Rebuild Hood hinges are on! Finally it's good again very happy with the result πŸ™‚
  14. Okay. The red one could be a universal one for datsun maybe ?