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  1. Yes.. The later diff was placed back due to vibrations problems, as I read. So if you look at below picture you can clearly see the later mount holes showing that, If I have them placed correctly now, which I assume. If not somebody correct me.
  2. Are you sure, because my early one, the front of the car is as I pointed in my picture above with the arrow. This drawing also shows that. So with the later one, which side is pointed towards the FRONT of the car ?
  3. So above the black one is the later 72 model, the blasted one the early one. Anyone knows which side of the later mount is towards the front of the car ?
  4. I ordered a new strap with the later 72 and up mount. Will see if I can modify it to fit like the early one
  5. Looks like it only needs the new rails on the right side ( engine Bay and floor) and some battery tray area new sheet metal. But don't be fooled. There Will be a lot of work on the car. Everything is 50 years old..
  6. I was hoping someone might have one left here as a spare or something willing to sell? Really want to keep it original with a new strap. At least the straps are still sold.. I now welded the old mount together but this will give vibrations. It's just temporary to keep the diff nose in place. If I can't find the early mount then i will have to look for a solution to insulate the early type mount another way. 🤔
  7. Anyone know where to get one ? https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic22d04/10-2251 the early one not the later 72 and up
  8. Ah you mean the splash pan ? M5 could be yes. I thought you meant the radiator
  9. Looks like a 350 mile Z to me. Never knew they came with such a heavy rough black undercoating ? You have the picture of the barn find. Just have it cleaned professionally, give it a good tune up and put it on barret jackson or something lol. Worth big bucks for collectors
  10. Yesterday I went to Mart to look @ the 280ZX. He let me drive it a bit, thanks Mart 😜 He has some things left to do, but overall it drives really nice ! Restoration looks really nice.
  11. Looks great Mart, I will see it in person later on. I always wax and do the chrome once a year also, but didn't have the chance to do it this year so far, weather has not been steady. But w'll see.. I like the 280ZX.. it's got that's 80's feel and look to it.
  12. I still had to replace the steering box on the mustang, so finished this last couple of days. In an earlier stage I allready replaced the rest of the steering assembly. I thought this would solve the left to right play in the steering wheel from inside the car, now everything is replaced but it is still there, maybe I need to adjust something, somewhere, I did email the guy who sold it to me, so waiting for his reply/advice. Now wait for the transmission to be back early september
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