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  1. cool to see the smog pump still on there that's a pretty low vin he found..
  2. Okay.. different markets offcourse. I don't know what was the RON rating of regular gasoline back in the day in the US ? I thought I saw somewhere the L24 required minimal of 95 RON ? The fuel RON rating offcourse affects timing also..
  3. 😑…. jeez The shop that did mine made also created a little damage to the steering wheel ( deep scratch ). And some other minor things I fixed later on.
  4. It's pretty clear the carpets don't fit Mart. I hope they solve it and send the good ones back to you without charge. ( only you pay NL tax ) Welcome to my world… i've ordered ALOT from, the states, and many mistakes to, cost me alot of money sadly. I find it sad these days ( also here in NL ) most companies only want to MAKE money, but when there is a problem, it takes AGES to solve, or worse it will not be solved AT ALL. Where is customer service gone to ? With my company I still stand with these old values, but it seems almost none are to be found anymore these days that really care about their customers. Just want to get rich quickly.
  5. 5 BTDC is laughable though. 12 to 15C initial gives way better performance.
  6. Talking about BAT.. This one does have the right hubcaps it seems lol
  7. It was done by enthusiast's to distinguish them from one and another. There is no such thing. S30 is the series. ( chassis style ). The Z car is not unique in this, mostly all cars from that era had changes ( improvements ) occuring throughout the months/years.
  8. It is definitely NOT. S30 = SERIES ( chassis )
  9. Yes . Like I said if you look at it in that way, offcourse the L24 us specs will be lame as **** on the track.
  10. As I see it..series 1,2 3 etc doesn't exist. I could come from Carl like you said, I don't know but someybody gave that term to it. In those years, not with the S30 alone, but with many car manufacturers developments and new changes where adopted constantly into the design. So changes ( improvements ), occured along the way with no specific date.
  11. He's talking about factory rated crankshaft output, NOT gear ratios, diff ratio's and track times that affect this By the way the L24 is rated 110kw and the S20 119kw
  12. Well then if he wasn't so important for Nissan or the S30 succes in the US according to you, explain this then: So your saying all these sources are lying ?
  13. I have to say it's alot of money offcourse. But like said earlier a whole new generation withs lots of cash is coming to this world... Must say I saw this coming years ago allready, when there was a sudden value rise in the average 240Z.. knowing it can only go up more once these things get older and rarer. It's the same with the muscle cars… not so much, but try to buy a decent 71 chevelle ss 454 ? You will pay big bucks...