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    Drove my 71 daily for 20 years. <br /><br /><br />
    The current 72 is a fair weather driver with minimal updates to improve the enjoyment. <br /><br />
    In 2017 added a R200 with a M-factory LSD(now sold) and an 83 close ratio 5 speed.<br /><br />
    Added an R180 CLSD 3.90 in 2018

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  1. 7tooZ

    Red seats

    Not mine but maybe worth checking them out if you need some https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pts/d/tacoma-datsun-240z-red-seats/7134819249.html html
  2. I have run my SUs without a tube attached for 15+ years. Do not plug them.
  3. For sure get the windshield and hatch rubber directly from Nissan. You will pay more but happy in the long run.
  4. 7tooZ

    Clutch Issue

    It would be helpful if you would provide a history of work completed since last in working order. Did you replace your clutch?
  5. Speaking of door panels, I am going to try to salvage the ones I have, but I saw the $419 set on ZCarDepot yesterday. Pricey. Has anyone had experience with those? I have a set of Zcar Depot panels and was very impressed. One of the better thing I purchase for this car. PM me if you want more information
  6. "What I discovered after looking on their website is that they show the parts available but when you call they tell you otherwise. " I have had good luck with the local dealer. But I have to give them the part number because their current system does not look up the part number for older cars.
  7. Can’t answer question but a 100 is so cheap you should bye able to get all or most back if you decide you don’t like them.
  8. Back when I first got my first Z it had an issue with a few tears and broken down bolsters. I took it to a shop who removed the covers and did small repairs plus built up the bolsters. Made a big difference. It maybe another option for you. love the White/red colors don
  9. Finally got back to your posts. I am interested in seeing how you handle how the header fits with your SU’s. I had to abandon mine after seeing how close the header fit to the hose on the bottom of the rear SU..
  10. I have the MSA front and rear sway bar coupled with Tokico lowering springs along Ilumina shocks. I run my shocks on the softest setting. I think it rides good but does not like pot holes or speed bumps.
  11. 7tooZ

    Radio knobs

    Shoot me your address and I will get them in the mail.
  12. I would not buy carbs on eBay or any other Unknown source
  13. 7tooZ

    Radio knobs

    Ha, love the funny guys. @Dferr17 here is a shot of some of the knobs I have. I also have some of the chrome parts too.
  14. 7tooZ

    Radio knobs

    Can you add some photos. I have a collection of (nibs) knobs and might have what you need.
  15. Interesting. Now it is beginning to come back. Last dyno run we did as a club I was running lean on WOT and someone said to try these. when we made it richer at WOT it was to rich at low speeds. Maybe I will wait till we can get to the dyno again and run both. thanks