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    Drove my 71 daily for 20 years. <br /><br /><br />
    The current 72 is a fair weather driver with minimal updates to improve the enjoyment. <br /><br />
    In 2017 added a R200 with a M-factory LSD(now sold) and an 83 close ratio 5 speed.<br /><br />
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  1. I recently saw a Z with what I think was a “European Air Dam”. I am curious if anyone has experience running one? Does anyone other than whitehead offer a similar style.
  2. The local club has most of it activity on FB Z car Club of Washington members. Hope we meet up sometime.
  3. Gorgeous Are keeping a log or hours invested?
  4. Is it running now? Sounds like you are using the stock configuration of points. So you are using the mark that is on the farthest to the left (passenger side of the car). There are two points of adjustment on the distributor. The 10 mm on the firewall side of the distributor (photo below). the other is on the opposite side closest to the front cover and is an 8 mm. Both give you some adjustment that will affect the timing. Remember rotating the distributor only changes the timing not TDC. I assume TDC is a point half way between when the piston stops rising and when it starts to fall. Mark each and then split the difference. Mark your balancer or move the pointer if you can. My timing is currently set at 6 degree BTDC
  5. My 71 had two adjustment screws that you can access from the front of the car.
  6. I am still undecided. I guess I just haven’t hit on one that I think will add anything to my eye. I just spent a day with ZCCW doing 450 miles on the back roads of Mt Rainier with TerrapinZ’s 70 (with his newly repair and new paint) behind me and these car are beautiful. Don’t want to muck it up or add any extra holes.
  7. I checked that the optical pickup on the Crane is right near the number one wire on the distributor cap, and have played with moving it a bit. It'll run horrible if I move it forwards or backwards, so I think it's correctly placed. Matt when you move the Crane optical pickup did you reset your timing? I think the oil is on the thick side. I use Mystery Oil for a setup almost identical to yours. I always start a tune up with a valve adjustment, and new plugs. when you says the coil is hot, is it like to hot to hold your hand on?
  8. Here a calculator that can help you see how each veritable can effect the actual speed of the car. Knowing your transmission gear ratios and final drive ratio is imperative. By hanging tire height you can see the difference in final speed. https://www.tremec.com/calculadora.php
  9. I just did the same. Rebuilt an old Nikki with parts from a new 510 Nikki. Pretty simple after you do the first one. Had a new GMB and opened it up. The check valves looked different so didn’t use them.
  10. One of they last place you want to save a dollar. I have been there and tried it. It didn’t take long to show a weakness.
  11. @Dave WM I had a similar type issue a few years ago. Looked for it for for a long time and that my passenger side tension rod was just loose enough to move only under same type of load. It was the two bolts holding it to the lower control bar. They were tight but not enough to keep it from a slight movement and a sound similar to what you described. Hope this helps.
  12. Can thr 350 mm one be acquired anywhere?
  13. My typo err. I meant the Z store (MSA) thanks for your information
  14. Do you know the diameters of those wheels? I have used a 20 year old Momo that I like for size and grip but would like to find something that is more respectful to the early Z. The original is restored and tucked away for another day. I see Zstory has replicas
  15. @HS30-H what can you tell about that steering wheel?
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