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  1. If you can avoid body or rust repair I think you will find owning and enjoy your car is reasonable. Shop time is always an expensive part of repairs. This forum offers repair manual online and many participants here are experts. Learning how to search the forum will help with most questions or just ask. You will probably get multiple responses. Pull up the members map and get to know the members near you and you may find hands on help. A 79 Fj is a classic
  2. Welcome to the group. It has been my experience that finding parts is not necessarily hard as there are many available from after market suppliers. If you are planning a restoration to originality there some that hard to find but not impossible. You can find a few truly OEM parts at places like Ebay and other auction sites including Japan. Used parts are readily available from multiple sources. This site will be helpful in researching correct and quality parts. We will all be looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your car.
  3. Hey David is this post from you? Or @Rising_sun_racing either way I am pretty familiar with Ephrata since I grew up in Quincy. Ephrata was the first time I saw a 240z in person. Been taken by them ever since. @Rising_sun_racingthe battery is nothing special just a Optima red top. Thanks for compliment on the car. don
  4. 7tooZ

    240z 1972

    I live about 10 miles from him if I can be of help.
  5. I agree from here it looks good. If you want one.
  6. Yes back on the road. New clutch, bearing, turned flywheel, and new main seal. Replaced the vent hose, cleaned up the exhaust mounts and installed the ceramic coated exhaust down tube.
  7. @CanTechZ Perfect that was exactly what I was looking for. Well done. That pretty much answers my second question about the critical size of the interior diameter of that vent hose. Carl Beck stated: “The Gas Tank has to be vented to allow air to escape as liquid gasoline is pumped in, otherwise an air pocket would form at the top of the tank and prevent the tank from filling completely. Note that the Filler Neck enters the tank well below the top of the tank. Air also has to be drawn into the tank as the fuel is pumped out to prevent a vacuum from forming in the tank.” So my thinking is that (approx) a 1/2” maybe the minimum size I.D. to allow the flow of fuel into the tank without shutting off the pump. The vacuum “forming in the tank”part I assume would require even less I.D. thanks everyone
  8. Thanks David. I appreciate your help.
  9. Have some on order, but looking more specific measurements. I spent a half day reading the past posts and other options for this issue. Anybody have a gas tank sitting on the floor and could get me accurate measurements.
  10. Hmmm, I thought the O.D. Of the metal tube is 5/8”? Wouldn’t that make the inside say 5/16” or 1/2”? Hate to drop the tank just get a micrometer on the inside when someone has a tank out already. Assuming the I.D. Is 5/8” then if the vent line is reduced to say 1/2” would the restriction cause an issue when filling the tank or would it just require a slower flow at the gas pump?
  11. Recently while I was reinstalling my exhaust I happened to notice my rear most vent hose (180 degree section) has collapsed. So After reading most of the prior posts I could locate, I have two basic questions: -what is the inside diameter of the upper rear vent tube on the tank? -is the inside diameter of the hose that connects to that tube “critical”? help is appreciated.
  12. @go z racer, go. Nice thanks for the pix.
  13. Nice view would you mind getting a front view and closeups
  14. I really like that one too. I have same front as yours thanks
  15. After rereading BRE statement about the two: “If on-track speed or a more elegant look are your priority, the newly designed spoiler is the way to go.“ I am intrigued about the newer wide shorter version and why it is more “Elegant? Is there anyone out there can send Photos of the front side and their experience.