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  1. If you want repo send it to China and have a factory that does spark plug cables do them. Im sure they can do it.
  2. Fixed it! The problem was simply the battery terminals and to the block ( earth ). Not the terminal itself but the cable that is clamped to it ( Universal battery clamp ). Cleaned everything and some electro water resistant spray on it. Damn cold weather and moisture here 😭. Moisture is a big problem here even in summer...
  3. It's not the ignition switch. I did have some power back shortly. I do not hear a click anymore. Could it be this relay?
  4. Well Carl, the market in the US seems totally different for what people over the pond here are willing to pay for a 240z then
  5. I know it's been re-painted Mart, I just find it crazy someone is willing to pay 70k for something that isn't correct or close as it came from the factory. I never saw any car from that era with wheel wells and the whole underside painted in the body color. It does so on modern cars. I see a trend last years that people do that when restoring a classic, and I just think it looks ridiculous. It may be nice if you have a fetish for shiny underside parts.
  6. I can't imagine they came from the factory with the whole underside and wheel wells into the same color as the body ?
  7. That was my first thought to. I Will look into it tomorrow thanks
  8. Okay, so today I re-turned the ignition lock key a little to quick, and suddenly nothing anymore. I know this problem is posted before here. Battery is good. But nothing is working. Where lies the problem ? Fuses are all OK. Amp meter ? I don't know how the 240z is wired exactly, since its been a long time I have been doing anything electrical on it. Gr Bart
  9. I found this picture of my e31 head. Looks like a revised version of the spray bar ? I dont know, thought I could share a picture.. maybe you know ?
  10. 🤮🤮 Ethanol is the biggest joke in history, got nothing to do with the environment, it's only killing it. Same with electric cars. You know the first electric cars are from the early 1900s ?
  11. lol yeah, for a rat okay, but I would not put a roof rack on a restored z lol
  12. that roof rack is ridiculous though, who the hell puts that on a sportscar
  13. I send him some info. Cool never knew it was Amco lol
  14. Somewhere last year gas prices here in Germany have gone up a lot to thanks to leftist Politics coming into play sadly. The green guys make our hobbies very expensive
  15. In the second pic the hood is miss aligned.For such a new car in the time? Maybe accident repair allready. The front lower spoiler lip is also a thing of Euro cars I think? I don't see them on the US ones..
  16. Unleaded 95 ron. ( You can use higher Ron doesn't really matter this is only to prevent pre ignition ) Ethanol fuel is only for modern cars that are adapted to it. Ethanol eats rubber and corrodes metal in older cars.
  17. Oke guys, Kats will be looking out for some parts. It seems the Datsun Roadster early 5 speed used the same internals, the one in the picture attached. IF somebody here from the club has one for sale, or one with good parts, I am also interested.. gr bart
  18. You can tag weld a rolled plate in the roof. I did to with mine. Some bondo and you wont see a thing. Cutting the entire roof is risky for structural deformation and it needs to be super exact or the Windows wont fit. Good luck seems like a complete restoration
  19. I did find the synchros for the first 4 gears.. 5th is a different one and out of stock. Steel Synchro Ring For Datsun 411 Also 311 Roadster Also Direct Drive & Overdrive 5-Speeds 32611-14600 - VINTAGE DATSUN AND NISSAN PARTS (datnissparts.com) X Steel Synchronizer Ring For 5th Gear Datsun Roadster FS5C71A , F5C71B Direct Drive(4th gear) , FS5C71B Overdrives , & Some FS5W71B Overdrives 32361-20100 - VINTAGE DATSUN AND NISSAN PARTS (datnissparts.com) This will get bloody expensive.. Now the gear...🙄
  20. UK aswell I think ? I allread send Kats a message he will keep an eye out
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