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  1. S20 engine is really cool also, unique sound to it
  2. That's why I opened up a topic on taxation values. How the hell to they justify these prices? So basically because its not restored and family owned it's worth big bucks?
  3. Haha, well im not getting it.. prices in the US seem to do other things then here, maybe it's because Datsun is not well known like Mustangs here or so ? Market is smaller also. But I could not buy a replacement for 35k πŸ™„
  4. Well according to my observation, it's worth more in the US ?
  5. Guys, I have a question about taxation.. My 71 was last appraised 3 years ago for 35k EURO which is around 39k USD. Market values have been rising, and my 240Z is restored although in 2016, since then some new things where done to it, like rebuild hood hinges, and driveshafts and diff mount and straps. She is in good original condition. Everything that can be replaced has been replaced. I e-mailed the company that does my taxations, and they said it very depends, the market in the USA is different, and prices are based on emotions ? But I find it odd, it should be a least on average 66k USD according to hagerty? And when I compare other 240Z on websites like bring a trailer, I come to the conclusion that between 55/65 USD would be fair. I have the complete incl first owner history to it, and the first dealership where it was sold. Whats your opinion on the value? Is it really different here in EUROPE? GR Bart
  6. I like the grille much more on this one..
  7. Offcourse it can be repaired, but it wheel take new wheel arches or maybe a whole rear quarters?
  8. Nice work Mart ! Engine is looking good...πŸ‘Œ Yep, prices are going up, its a good thing, we get something back on our investement πŸ˜…
  9. hahah really... someone must want a quick retirement πŸ˜„
  10. not bad ! the other one above has a laminated print or something not bad either, but this one is real wood
  11. yeah i saw this one, it's not bad for 75 bucks. I have the original 4 speed knob, if i can replace the insert then it's okay as well
  12. the insert on the top is a replica. the knob is oem nissan. I allread have that knob but with the 4 speed insert, mabye I can find a 5 speed insert ?
  13. Because of the diff re-location to the back. Didnt even think about this, I knew about the diff but the driveshaft offcourse has to be longer to. 5+ The 2+2 driveshafts are also longer right
  14. THanks Mart, yes I suspected it to be all white lettering. The guy from ebay responded to: Unfortunately This knob is a replica item. The knob is nissan genuine parts/ The shift pattern mark made by Bprojects. Endo
  15. Guys... Question. What knob comes closest to the oem 5 speed one? Im thinking that one from Japan add with the red R ? The other one looks a bit to fake
  16. Just clean it ( or blast if you have ) then a little zink weld trhough primer. Then clamp it together and spot weld it. Should work. Another option is just look for another gas cap lid....
  17. Such a waste, in the future parts will be hard to find. Theres many good parts on that Z that could be used on a restoration still.
  18. So far I have found 2. This topic for now can be considered closed
  19. in the video the fuel tank is almost empty, lol greedy car dealers😝
  20. I don't know, the hayness manual only says 240z non us. and Nils ( from jdmjunkies ) looked it up: the partnumber didn’t reveal any other useage in the e-fast system where you can lookup cross references. Cheers - Nils
  21. if anyone has a lead, pm me. it's for the early a type 5 speed 240z with the 3,90 diff. only thing i am missing is the driveshaft ( i'm not talking about the half shafts ! ). its bolted on 2 sides with the slide piece in the middle. Bart
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