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1993 - Chino Hills CA to Clinton MA.  The top 240Z wasn't running at the time (and still isn't ...) - the hauler was parked at the bottom of the hill I lived on, and I was able to coast down the hill with enough momentum to get it onto the first ramp.  From there, the driver worked it with hydraulics and ramp tilts to get it above the cab.  Aside from some minor dings on the tail end of the Corvette, the cars arrived unscathed.


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15 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

I need a new "wiper bag" mine's sagging after 50 years. And the rear clunk when changing gears is just as it sounds, I've changed gears and have a clunk. Maybe a new rubber mount would work? but going through TSA would be a bitch.

With age, properly functioning emission controls and vapor recovery become more important.  😎

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