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  1. Problem solved. A long while back I had replaced all the dash lights with LED's. There was an LED instead of an incandescent bulb in the fuel warning indicator and as explained by @captainobvious in another thread explaining how the fuel warning light worked here: I figured since the LED requires a lot less energy to light up compared to an OEM bulb and with a constant draw from the warning light on the fuel sensor, it would always be "on". I changed it back to a regular incandescent bulb and now it's off with the tank full. I'll just have to run out a full tank of gas to check that it lights up close to empty. If it works, and I think it will, I'll have two extra 77-78 fuel senders.
  2. Well I received the fuel sender today and got it installed. I'm impressed with the build quality of it and there are only couple of minor differences from an OEM one. They are the same size and length, has the correct bends, the alignment notch is correct, sweeps up quicker than before and it fits just fine. It even comes with a new gasket. The only problem I have is that where the low fuel light never worked before, now it's on all the time, even with a full tank. I don't think the sender is the cause just yet so I've got some exploring to do.
  3. I know what I'll be dreaming of tonight....
  4. Gotta love a fresh paint job, especially this color! I predict you're gonna dote over this for at least a year!
  5. gwri8


    If Charles doesn't I think I do. Just let me know.
  6. yeah, they look like the original, shape wise at least, and worth the effort IMO. I don't imagine Z Car Depot selling anything knowing it's a bad product.
  7. I just ordered one and will compare it to an original. I'd be excited if my low fuel light worked with this one.
  8. This is from a 77' which should be the same. Just match tab on the tank with the notch on the sender.
  9. gwri8


    Given all the bans of public gatherings and events plus the shutdown of some business's, it looks like some of us might get some more quality time with our Z's.
  10. I was typing this as Patcon responed😀. One more thing to consider is the check valve between the magnet valves and the vacuum canister. 45 years is a lot to ask from a plastic part and they do go bad. With your heat on and the engine running, pull the vacuum line on the back side of the check valve and put your finger on the hose, you should feel some suction. If you have suction there , put the hose back on and pull the vacuum hose on the other side of it. You should feel suction from the valve there also. If not, the check valve is bad. Bay and Amazon sell them, 1/8" is the nipple size.
  11. Hmmm, I can kind of relate to this.......
  12. If you are considering stickers, there are plenty of online printers like this one. I'm not saying this one is the best or worst choice but a google search for similars would give you a price range that might be acceptable.