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  1. Basically you remove anything that is not sheet metal. That means tail lights and panels, running lights, mirror(s), door handles, antenna, bumpers, headlights, badging, quarter windows, door window frames, probably not the grille. Are you going to paint door jambs and the hatch panel also? Then you might need to remove the hatch hardware and door hardware also and the metal (aluminum) step plates, but the paint shop could handle that with very little effort. The front and back glass is not hard to get out if you just cut it out with a razor knife. Just cut around the edges and have someone help you lift them out. Depending on how well the first refresh was done, there could be rust behind the rear taillight panels or under the front and back glass seals, if it was not handled before. Mine had to be rebuilt.😟
  2. I agree with removing parts yourself. That way you can clean/ polish/repair while the car's in paint jail. You might even discover more rust spots that way and help avoid any surprises of more rust spots. All of that stuff is pretty easy to remove, except for the door handles and those aren't too difficult, just awkward for my gorilla fingers....
  3. Yeah, I know that feeling also, but I also know the feeling of making something right again. It's worth it. I'm sure you know 🙌
  4. There seems to be a lot of doo doo in that song.....🤔
  5. Solved a couple of nagging issues with a new ignition switch and re-torqued the not so tight exhaust manifold. Starts fine and no more backfire between shifts.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2fPkzJsMU8
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