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  1. gwri8


    You can always self-medicate later when you get home 🤫
  2. gwri8


    Finished my second Phizer shot last week with no ill effects other than soreness after the first round. The last one was so quick that I'm not even sure the nurse looked when she stuck me. They even gave me a cool Captain America Bandaid to sport around.
  3. Do you have the cabin harness cover located in the passenger footwell (circled in red in the photo)? Also looking for a decent fuse cover from the passenger footwell also.
  4. And the icing on the cake is you've got another project waiting to begin 🤥
  5. Is yours a Factory AC car? Those two hoses probably go to the magnet valves on the passenger side by the fusible links. You can see the routing of those in the AC section of the FSM. This if from the 76' FSM but you should check the 75' to be sure.
  6. Bear in mind that electrical is definitely not my strong suit so I'll wait to see some better photos, but I'm going to guess that the EFI harness is not hooked up. I can't stress enough that you need to know where each wire connects to. Guessing can make HUGE mistakes and when you run into PO hacks, it makes it more difficult. Have you downloaded the FSM for you car yet? If not, it's under the resources tab on the header or click here. https://www.classiczcars.com/files/. You can also get the color wiring diagram for your 78' there, also along with the EFI Bible. These will give you a weal
  7. What is the current state of the battery connections? Can you take pic of that and the fuseible links? Maybe there is a fuel issue..The EFI harness powers off the battery with fusible links on the battery connections like these on the positive and negative cables. How are you checking fuel pressure? a lot of 280 owners put a fuel pressure gauge in line between the fuel filter and fuel rail just to keep an eye on fuel pressure every time the open the hood.
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