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  1. gwri8

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Whaat? You don't have enough to do?
  2. gwri8

    280z dies randomly while driving..

    What he said.... head off any future electrical problems and it will get you more familiar with your car.
  3. gwri8

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    I've been on my car for 5 years now and I still remember/find little things to correct, sometimes 2 or three times but the benefit is that by the third time I'm pretty good at it 🙌.
  4. Captain O kind of explains that check valve in post #11 here.
  5. gwri8

    Demand for the 280z on the rise?

    Yes the series 1 240's are more desirable for plenty of reasons and always will be. Yes they made more 280's, but if you ask me they rusted or got trashed just the same as a 240's so one could argue about which is harder to get. When I was looking to scratch my Z itch, I actually preferred a 280 over the 240 just for the refinements and dependability (I've owned a 240 long ago). Since I got mine 5 years ago, I've seen prices go up at least double on average for restorable 280's. Throw in "restored" cars and the prices have climbed higher. I see asking prices of 8-30K for 280's on a regular basis. I'll add that prices can swing pretty wide from west coast to east coast with the higher prices being in the east so also toss in the regional factor. I've ruminated on value for a while, and wether you've brought back a 240 or 280 from the brink, I think one would be lucky to break even cost wise but the enjoyment factor is priceless, any yes, I know it's a disease. My wife occasionally asks how much more to finish the Z and I always tell her it's a never ending story but it's worth a lot more than what I paid for it 😉.
  6. gwri8

    Ugliest Z ever?

    For some folks it's more about the show, not the go.....I think this is one of those.
  7. gwri8

    Hello w a 280Z (YouTuber)

    Well, this isn't Hybrid Z but welcome anyway! I don't think you will find a more knowledgeable and friendly group of people any where. This site (Classic Z Cars) is a treasure trove of essential info on rebuilding or maintaining your Z. We love pictures. Sometimes they tell us more than words do, so start by posting pics of your new pride and joy!
  8. gwri8

    Door mirror ideas

    Is the Glass held on with adhesive? Would a heat gun and a mild solvent like zippo lighter fluid release the mirror enough to pry it out? Just thinking out loud.
  9. gwri8

    77 at Copart

    That doesn't sound too far off from a lot of the members cars when they started their projects, mine included.
  10. gwri8

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Thanks for taking that "bad toupee " off the dash. The repair is much, much better.
  11. gwri8

    77 at Copart

    That's a good donor car for sure. I'm amazed at the parts I was able to pull off this one (all in boxes now) . It's saved me a ton of money and anguish.

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