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  1. gwri8

    Perfectly legal pot

    Only grade 10? 😉
  2. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I'll be coming in tomorrow early afternoon. I filled up with a bad tank of gas earlier today and hope I can work it out before I leave. Where are all the CZCC hanging out?
  3. gwri8

    saturday night music thread

    I know it's not Saturday nite, but....
  4. Installed new Gates belts (fan and AC) and cleaned up around the alternator + replaced the AC pulley bearing even though my AC does not function yet. Glad I checked before I drive to Atlanta. Now to chase down intermittent headlights.....
  5. gwri8

    New 280Z Owner

    Add me to the welcome committee. Looks like you've got a good start!
  6. gwri8

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    Here is where and what the rear hanger is on my 77’.
  7. gwri8

    1977 dizzy internal part identification

    Check pages EE28 and 29 in the 77' FSM.
  8. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I don't think it matters too much as long as you brown bag it and besides, we'll still call it a coke anyway no matter what it is. But just to be safe, the local police have been alerted as to your intentions. 😁
  9. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Looks like I'll get to Zcon on Thursday thru Sat. Time to polish!
  10. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Any more secrets you wanna share before Zcon or are we just going to find out later? Like have you been nomontaed to the Supreme Court or something? 🙊
  11. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

  12. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Not to worry, CO is like MacGyver, He can fix anything with a garden hose, a stick of gum and a tampon!
  13. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Actually......I'm pretty good with photoshop but I'm not a miracle worker!
  14. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I'm in! but only for the last couple of days.😶 Looking forward to attaching faces to names!
  15. Ooof, that just brought back some fresh memories. At least your still have some connectors attached! Just remember that patience is a virtue.😱

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