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  1. gwri8

    New New Stock

    I believe this is what you are looking for. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978
  2. A little cake, a little carburetor , what else can a man ask for? Hope it was a good one @Zup!
  3. Congrats on the milestone! Your Z disease is now irreversible and it shows. 🙌
  4. Any chance of removing the wheel and taking another picture of your completed/ installed strut assembly? I know you posted one before but it's kinda shaky a little. That would help us inspect for any obvious stuff.
  5. Rotated for you CO.
  6. No power steering might be a game changer for Ms Jeff taking the keys. It's not a problem when driving but turning from a full stop requires some upper body strength. Combine that with a hot day and no A/C and you've got a free gym membership. It always surprises people. 😀💪
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hom0fYd5uX4
  8. Yes, that one. It's not obvious visually, but it has easy access to it. It lives in a high heat area and can often turn hard and split like your valve cover hose did.
  9. Don't forget to check the PCV valve and hose also. The one under the intake manifold.
  10. I gotta agree with 240260280, this is going to be your favorite car. The sound and the torque are intoxicating, better start doing some neck exercises!
  11. Car design has to evolve to stay relevant in the market place simply because of what people want to buy. But in some cases the original instantly becomes a classic recognizable shape and nothing after that compares favorably. Sports Cars like Mustangs, Cameros, Challengers, Z's, etc, etc are good examples and have all gone through some pretty rough abominations. Mustang and Camero stand out the most for me for some reason. Like @Captain Obvious, I want to say I see the original lines in the later Z models, but really I don't. Kind of like knowing some brothers and/or sisters. You know they're related but they don't look the same (excluding twins of course). I think American manufacturers can play the nostalga/retro design with some success, but I don't that is something the Japanese manufacturers would do, in my opinion.
  12. Nada on the vinyl. I think it's angle of reflectance with the dark background showing in the roof. In all honesty, it's more than likely a fake ad created just for that commercial. Copyright stuff and all. Maybe someone associated with production owns that car and put their dream price on it along with "low miles" as an inside joke? I would have....🤡
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