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  1. You might have seen this guy on you tube before (Project Farm) but in case you haven't, he tests just about everything in side by side comparisons. He' done a few on this subject alone and goes deeper than 90% of everybody else. Heres one where he compares Sea Foam to Marvel Mystery Oil.
  2. Thanks, I've been intrigued and considering using ceramic at some point but didn't know of anybody who actually used it. I know it's glossy and hard but does it fill small surface scratches like a paste wax?
  3. There was some discussion a while back on this forum about seat inserts like that and it was summized that in hotter climate areas, like Arizona, it was not uncommon for dealers to do the seat treatments like that to new cars. It seems that it was easier to sell a car that didn't fry a customers a ss with vinyl in the Summer months. It does look like cut pile carpeting though.?
  4. gwri8

    1977 280z

    I stripped mine with Aircraft Stripper (that's the brand name). I also used a razor scraper and It took off 4 layers of paint with no problem. Mask , gloves,eye protection and long long sleeves are required. Just be sure to get all the stripper out of the seams.
  5. Would something like this work? You would need something like a Palnet fuel rail or similar to complete the setup. And I wish I had seen this earlier, but I have an extra heat shield from a 77'. https://zcardepot.com/collections/fuel-injection/products/fuel-injection-injector-adaptor-bung-efi-280z-280zx
  6. gwri8

    1977 280z

    I will echo what all the others have said so far. You are ambitious for certain!, and I'm not trying to dissuade you. But reality will let itself be known once you get started. Welding skills are a huge plus and will relieve some of what is ahead of you, but I think you can count on a lot of surprises, missing parts and delays. Just about every one on this forum has experienced all of those things and more. It's all part of the fun of bringing these cars back. The depth of knowledge here is amazing and this is absolutely the best group of folks to get honest help and advice about the Z. So prepare for a lot of pleasure/pain and enjoy the adventure.
  7. Mine suffered from the same problem and it looked like the paint underneath had a problem but it was the clear coat that had orange peeled. You might try sanding with 3000 grit and then buffing before you go digging into the paint. Just my opinion...
  8. Injector hoses were leaking so I installed new hoses and seals as well as a fuel rail and FPR from a 78' to reduce the weak links on the 77' rail.
  9. I don't know what a Timmies is...but I'll be watching my mailbox for one ?. Glad to see you're back on your car. Maybe you'll get a test drive in before the first snow?
  10. I use this for most black parts. It is not gloss or matte, but more of a sheen if that makes sense.
  11. After 5 yrs the vinyl wrap on my rear panels needed re-done. Vivid memories of wrestling old plastic panels and sheets of vinyl along with a hair dryer came rushing back so I decided paint would be much easier. Cleaning to old residue off was no fun but I'm happy with the results. Before and After.
  12. Reminds me of a long ago girlfriend in the shower, are we still talking about Z's?
  13. gwri8

    Jasper Ga

    Didn't you blow up a ICBM when you were there or something like that??
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