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  1. gwri8

    918 Orange paint mix

    Did you have a paint code sticker by the radiator to identify it with? The reason I ask is that according to my monitor (calibrated) your color looks closer to 110 red. Both colors were available on the 240. I know there are a ton of variables (camera being the 1st one) when viewing on line. https://zcarguide.com/datsun-240z-stock-paint-and-interior-colors-us-and-canada/
  2. gwri8

    Hazard Switch not working - Blinkers OK

    We've had this discussion before. I had an automotive paint store look up and match the 1977 Datsun paint code 240. The color they produced pretty much matched the original color in my engine bay. One could argue how exact it is especially since it is base and clear vs a single stage, but I'm pleased with it. The shot of the Z badge in my icon is before the new paint in the pic in my signature. I can say, however, this particular color can look very much different on a sunny day to a cloudy day as well as indoor and outdoor. I know in your mixes you played with the shade and the amount of flake.
  3. gwri8

    Hazard Switch not working - Blinkers OK

    Thankyou . It's a 2 stage repaint but with original paint code 240.
  4. gwri8

    New boxes

    Unfortunately surfaces don't have to be flat to gather stuff in my shop. I tend to work with the "pile" theory of storage.......
  5. gwri8

    Hazard Switch not working - Blinkers OK

    Have you, by any chance, inspected the hazard switch itself? I don't know your cars maintenance history so it could just be a simple dirty 41 year old hazard switch or connection. I would suggest cleaning all of the electrical connections when you start to go through the wiring diagram to diagnose.
  6. gwri8

    Fast Idle Actuator, Compressor, mount and Idler Pulley

    I checked my stash and I do have those parts sans compressor. I also have a vacuum bottle. PM me if you are interested.
  7. gwri8

    Fast Idle Actuator, Compressor, mount and Idler Pulley

    I've got most of the things like magnet valves, idler pulley, mount and probably a Fast Idle Actuator a plus a few others but not a compressor. I'm headed out the door to the dentist right now but I can check when I get back.
  8. gwri8

    resurrecting a 1977 280Z

    I'm not familiar with that pump. What is it's pressure rating and why did you bypass the fuel dampener?
  9. gwri8

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    What are you scraping with Mark? I found that using a long handled razor blade scrapper worked best when I did mine.
  10. gwri8

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    There are full dash covers available for the 240Z like this one https://zcardepot.com/catalog/product/view/id/825/s/dash-cover-cap-full-overlay-interior-black-70-72-early-73.html/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwguDeBRDCARIsAGxuU8YfUynjMimWLobvU8IIPj9Ag2iznsa4ZZPGatC3DKft3aEHo0_xpHEaAqigEALw_wcB , but you would need to source a Glove Box and Glove Box door. I believe the box is still availabel but the door probably from eBay.
  11. gwri8

    resurrecting a 1977 280Z

    How did the sway bar give way? Was it already loose or how was it damaged?
  12. gwri8

    Ms. Zup, Zup, with CaptO and wal280z behind them.

    While not forgetting Zup and family, apparently Wayne @wal280z grew a Mullet while in ATL.....
  13. gwri8

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Jim 2 is @S30Driver
  14. You can download a 240 FSM here. http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html That will be your new bible for the car.
  15. Hence the request for more pictures of your AC. Under the dash, console controls and other side of the firewall to start. That will show more info than trying to explain everything. The folks on this forum are sharp and can pick out details that could solve your AC questions quickly.

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