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  1. My 1/77' car came to me with an armrest/lid. Judging by how bad in shape it was, I want to say it was original but I have no way of confirming since I trashed it when I rebuilt the interior. I recall that I did dis-assemble it, or rather, I took the pieces broken pieces apart and made the decision just to replace the whole thing. Like most of the interior parts, the arm rest is not overly complicated. Just a couple of screws on a long wire hinge make it function with the console itself. The release lever is one piece that pivots and a spring that makes it return to the latch position. I don't know about repairing the screw holes as I did not attempt it, but it seems possible. I do have a spare armrest from a parts car if you need pics. This pic from the PO is from when I picked my car up.
  2. Yep, mine is a little stretched but still good🙂
  3. If there is an early 77' with the sloped rear panels, I'm looking for the interior plastic rear finish panel, #47 in this picture. I'm also looking for #'s 25 & 26 (side sloped panels). Thanks!
  4. I never knew they shared a stage before! Obviously not in the same league though.😁 But sometimes you want you want something sugary and then sometimes you want to get stoned and lay back. And even then sometimes you want both!
  5. The HVAC finish panel has 2 plastic dog ear tabs that slide onto (2) 8mm bolts that are on the outside of the metal frame of the control box. What might have happened over time is someone has removed that stuff before and when reinstalling misaligned the finish panel with the right side tab on the inside (instead of outside) of that metal frame putting the left side further to the left. You'll need to remove the 4 black screw holding the big outer trim piece, then pull off the slider knobs. The two 8mm bolts on either side will need a small wrench to get in there. You just need to loosen the bolts, not remove them, and the HVAC panel should just pull out to reposition it. One thing to look out for is that often those plastic tabs are broken and may need to be repaired which is not too difficult.
  6. Yeah, I feel your pain. Sometimes it's kinda fun, other times not. Had a guy at a gas station walk up when I had the hood up. He looked at the engine like he knew what it was and then asked " Is that one of them rotary motors?" I just closed the hood and said gotta go!
  7. Is this what yours looks like? https://zcardepot.com/collections/sending-units/products/oil-pressure-sender-switch-sending-unit-77-83
  8. I wonder how a car like that winds up on coprat? Obviously it not wrecked or any where near totaled.🤔
  9. Yep, and we all have matching jackets, leather of course. Our slogan is "No air bags, we die like real men".
  10. Don't forget to inspect/clean the sockets while you are there.
  11. Nope, zip ties are too permanent for my style. I'm a velcro kind of guy. 😀
  12. Now I just feel dirty........a little.......not really! 😉 Now we're even for when you played with my clam?
  13. You must be in management CO, you made me crawl! 😁. Note to self, Don't eat pasta and then get under the dash.....
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